Peerless Genius System

Chapter 51: Behind the Mountains

The sky is clear, the clouds are spotless, the mountains are full of dai, and the wind is warm...

“Comfortable, I just realized that we have such a beautiful view of the mountains behind our school. ”

Chu Yue and Baiyi strolled in the back mountains of Huano like a golf course, feeling incredibly comfortable, broad view, green grass, and the lake in the middle surrounded by hurried woods. From a distance, the lake surface was smooth as a mirror, spotless, such a beautiful painting roll made the two of them very happy.

“Yeah, it's beautiful and the air's fresh. ”

White took a deep breath of air, and she looked around and suddenly decided to look somewhere and scream, "Hey, Sholo! ”

“Where is he? ”

Chu Yuehua lost his complexion and immediately looked in the direction of Baiyi. He did see a boy, but not Sholo. He glared at Baiyi with a breath. “Baiyi, are you naughty? ”

“Who makes you so nervous, deserve it, hip-hop...”

White hip-hop laughed, a happy look, staring at the fullness of Moon's chest, suddenly reached out and grabbed a hand, then immediately jumped away laughing.

“Okay, you white bastard, don't you dare tease me, don't run! ”

Chu Yue's face instantly turned red, chasing Baiyan in the vast rear mountain, and soon ran into the woods. Fortunately, there are few people here now, otherwise the two beautiful women's joy does not know how many boys' souls will be snatched.


A man with a bunch of red roses in his hand suddenly jumped out of the forest while the two women were chasing each other.

He was wearing a blue hat and a casual athletic suit. Although he was young, he looked old. He had three distinct forehead prints. The five officers were not particularly positive, and his eyes were wider than the average person's.

“Are you?” asked Chu Yue.

The man's face was a little panicked: “My name is Ma Zhengfeng and I am… your seeker. ”

His eyes, anxious to look around, he had been lurking for three full days, until this moment, he waited for a wonderful opportunity. Two close bodyguards of Chuyue were standing at the trail entrance of the back mountain, there was still a good distance from here, he was sure to catch Chuyue and take him away before they reacted, and the only thing he was worried about was the horrible guy with his hands that night.

Chu Yue looked up and down at Ma Zhengfeng and went straight: “I'm sorry, you're not my dish, but go after someone else. ”

As a publicly elected school flower at the Huano Forum, her aspirants can line up from the front door of Huano to the back door. Whoever she is, she refuses directly, not because there are no good and handsome boys, but because she feels that dating in college is a pure waste of time and emotion and will not have any good results.

Baiqiao chuckled: “Yes, Master Chu will not fall in love in college. Besides, where is it still popular to send roses, old man? ”

“Ha-ha-ha... is that right? Then I'll give you something else. ”

Ma Zhengfeng was about to faint the girls again, but suddenly a cold hum broke out in the woods.

“Ma Zhengfeng, you owe me money, it's time to pay it back! ”

A standby figure burst out of the dense tree crown, bursting into front of the horse wind, his left foot stamped the earth, using it as an axis, his torso spinning, his right leg swept out with the horrible force of the forward stroke.

“Boom ~”

Suddenly, his right leg swinging wildly hit Ma Zhengfeng's lower abdomen. His body trembled tremendously, his face was pale, his saliva filled with blood gushing from the sky, and his tall body threw directly out.

“Sholo!? ”

Bai Xiao opened his eyes and looked incredibly suddenly at Sholo.

Chu Yue was even more chilly: “What are you doing here, pretending to be a criminal? Are you... are you really following me? ”

“Who followed you, I'm here to chase debts. ”

Sholo turned his head and replied with no breath, then immediately rushed towards the horse wind, his palms turned into claws, and the strong wind whistled with a layer of chill.

Ma Zhengfeng's face was horrified. At this moment, there was nothing to think about. Running away was crucial, twisting his footsteps and fleeing to the depths of the forest. Sholo followed closely, and the speed incremented sequentially.

“Ma'am, what happened? ”

Heard movement from Gaoyang and Jiangjian, rushed over at the fastest possible speed.

“Go get the pretender. He's been following me. I suspect he's trying to hurt me. ”

Chu Yue's nerves became nervous, and these days of anxiety, coupled with her encounter with Sholo at this moment, she concluded that Sholo was following herself.

“Pretending to be a pervert? ”

I don't know who Chu Yue refers to when he faces Gaoyang and Gao Jian.

“It's Sholo from our class, the guy who just chased a guy into the woods.” Chu Yue pointed to the forest in the distance.

To Gaoyang and to Gao Jian suddenly realized, it is impossible to say that Sholo is not good for the lady, but since Sholo has made a move, it must be the “demon” Ma Zhengfeng has appeared again.

“You protect the lady, I'll look in the woods!” Standing up to Gaoyang, rush toward Gaoyang to drink.

Then he turned to the woods.

Lin Zhong...

Ma Zhengfeng made the ultimate stride with his hands and feet, twisting his body like a mad dance, fast as a ghost. However, no matter how he moves in the forest, Sholo behind him is constantly approaching him.

“Stay here! ”

Sholoh's body bounced out violently, preying like a falcon, his feet hurrying like a drill bit, straight behind the horse's wind.

The roaring wind behind him changed Ma Zhengfeng's face dramatically, twisting his footsteps and twisting his torso, but Sholo came too fast and too hard, despite his full escape, Sholo's toe still fell on his shoulder.

“Cuckoo ~”

With a few crisp bone cracks, Ma Zhengfeng's torso suddenly went out of control, almost spinning and being bombarded out, the skin ball hit the ground more than a dozen times to stop the shape.


A shock came from Ma Zhengfeng, a little cute girl with a brush in her hand, standing in front of the drawing board and looking at him with blood all over her face.

Ma Zhengfeng slipped up and snapped the girl's throat, holding her in his hand and howling at Sholo: “Don't come near me or I'll kill her! ”

The girl was totally stunned and unresponsive for a while. What the hell happened? She painted this painting on her own. What's the matter? Who the hell is this bloody guy? How could there be such a person in school?

Eyes forward, eyes fixed, torso violently trembled: "Lo... Lo god? ”

She saw Sholo.

Sholo also saw her face clearly at this time, frowned and had a headache, because the girl was not someone else, she was just happy.

Surprised, however, his footsteps still remained unstoppable and his sharp paws whistled and swayed.

“I'm sorry, I don't accept threats. ”

“Fuck you! ”

Horse Zhengfeng shouted and grabbed Anhuai's arm and slammed toward Sholo.