Peerless Genius System

Chapter 52 Take Down

Anhuan Huanhe had encountered this situation before. He was caught in the wind by Ma Zhengfeng. He could only scream while spinning in the sky.

Sholo frowned and stretched his hand to hold the dancing joy, spinning in place, steadily letting go of the screaming joy.

“Los Angeles...”

Ang Huanhuan's eyes glanced away at the man close by, a heart “pounding" kept beating, not knowing whether it was frightened or held in his arms by the man he liked.

“It's not safe here. Get out of here! ”

Sholo dropped a cold and icy sentence, releasing Anhuan and Joy, his body curled slightly, and the leopard shoots in the direction of the horse's running wind.

Anhuan shook his torso in place. After half a day, his enlarged pupil slowly contracted. He swallowed a hard spit: “Light... light work? ”


“Ten moves, very good. See how long you can hold on. ”

Deep in the dense forest, Sholo's fist hit the horse Zhengfeng's hedging fist with no suspense. It was not his opponent's horse Zhengfeng who threw up blood again and flew out.

“Again! ”

Sholo's eyes fluctuated, and two consecutive combined shocks accurately and harshly acted on Ma Zhengfeng's chest and abdomen.

Horse Zhengfeng, already helpless, was struck like a train head, slammed on a tree, his feet lasted for a few seconds, then slowly slipped like the beach mud, knocked on his knees, blood gushed out of his mouth as his chest fluctuated, his eyes looked at Sholo in horror.

He has carried out hundreds of missions and has never encountered such a situation, let alone such a terrible opponent.

Though it was thought that the five million reward could easily be obtained, it never occurred to me that there was such a terrible monster hidden beside Chuyue, leaving him no room for even a little resistance.

Sholo slowly came to him and looked down at him: "Ask you a question, is there any other hunter besides you who would be detrimental to Chu Yue? ”

Ma Zhengfeng stunned, then hummed softly: “No comment! ”

He thought Sholo was funny and funny, and all those questions were asked, were they ironic as hunters?

“I wouldn't have answered that if I were you.” Sholo smiled softly.

The next second, the face was cold and the right foot lifted, then pressed firmly against the palm of the ground against the horse's wind.

“Ka ~ ka ~ ka ~"

In a string of crisp broken bones, the screaming was followed by the whole forest.

Ten fingers connected, intense pain current swept across his body, horse Zhengfeng struggled intensely, but Sholo died choking his neck, enormous power made his face purple, a few desires faint.

“If you keep struggling, the other five fingers, I'll break them for you!” Sholo's chilling voice rang in Ma Zhengfeng's ear, slowing him down a little, enduring fear and pain, and stopping the struggle.

“Nice. That's it! ”

Sholo smiled satisfied and loosened his neck.

“You... who the hell are you? Chu Yunhong's bodyguard is definitely missing you! ”

Ma Zhengfeng's voice was a little trembling. His body and hands in front of him were completely beyond his comprehension. He was like a god, but he was also a cruel evil god. He broke his finger without blinking his eyes. He could see how hard his heart was.

“You don't seem to know what's going on, and now I'm asking you, not you. ”

Sholo removed his foot from the back of Ma Zhengfeng's hand. Ma Zhengfeng's five fingers had been completely broken. He lay on the ground irregularly. The broken fingers pierced the flesh. Ma Zhengfeng's left hand appeared to be somewhat fleshy.

“I repeat, are there any other hunters besides you? ”

“This… I…”

Ma Zhengfeng was difficult, although no one else would know, but he had his dignity and pride as a hunter. If he was captured and answered the other person's questions honestly, he feared that he would have a shadow all his life.

Sholoh was impatient, with a slight discomfort on his face and his left foot pressed against Ma Zhengfeng's right hand.


Awesome screaming sounded thoroughly forest, horse wind like dehydrated live fish, difficult to speak pain raised his eyes, even whole body bones are moving.

“If you don't want to be a complete loser, you better answer my question before I lose my patience.” Sholo spoke softly.

“I said... I said...” Ma Zhengfeng growled in horror.

Sholo's smile was like the devil's smile, completely knocking down his psychological fortress, breaking ten fingers, and the intense pain made his tears gush out.

Sholo leaned gently against a tree next to him, reaching for a green leaf and playing with it.

Ma Zhengfeng looked pale, his body trembled uncontrollably, and he dared not slack any more. The guy in front of him was the devil with a smile on his face, and he was extremely spicy.

“I… I don't know if there are any other hunters, the employer contacted us unilaterally, or… perhaps the news of my failure reached the employer and he would send someone else. ”

“You sound like you're talking nonsense and have no substantive use at all!” Sholo stagnated and frowned.

Ma Zhengfeng shook his whole body, scared that Sholo would do it again, his brain quickly remembered, see what useful information could make this person pay attention to his own people, under the effect of fear, he really remembered one thing.

“Yes… yes, when I left the employer's office, I heard that he seemed to be contacting Blackwater. ”

“Blackwater Corporation? ”

Sholo frowned even tighter, "What do you do? ”

“An organization specializing in the cultivation and coordination of mercenaries in the performance of their tasks, 'Blackwater, Heaven and Earth', is the slogan of their company.” Ma Zhengfeng told the truth.

“Blackwater, swallowing heaven and earth? What a bullshit slogan.” Sholo spit a sentence.

Ma Zhengfeng squeezed a bitter smile on his face. Blackwater is the largest mercenary company in the world. None of the people in it are perverts. Only this monster dares to underestimate Blackwater.

At this point, he came here to Gaoyang and shouted at Sholo: "Mr. Shaw! ”

Sholo returned to God from his contemplation and left the trunk behind: "You came just in time, he left it to you to deal with. ”

This is definitely the most comforting word in the world to hear in Ma Zhengfeng. If he stays with Sholo, he doesn't know what kind of abuse he will suffer. He is truly afraid of Sholo and deeply afraid from his soul.


He nodded to Gaoyang, and when he turned his head to see the situation of the horse's wind, the whole person was stunned.

His face was covered in blood, his ten fingers were scrapped, there was a clear scratch on his neck, his ribs seemed broken one or two, his chest slightly recessed... such a miserable horse wind, his specially trained professional bodyguard could not help but beat a chill, his whole body suddenly got a layer of goose bumps.

Looking at the back of Sholo's departure, he mumbled in his heart and said, "How harsh! ”

And Sholo was also wondering when he had become so fierce. You know, he used to get numb on the scalp when he saw people bleeding a lot. Now he puts out blood, and he steps on the other person's ten fingers, and he doesn't feel any discomfort at all. Instead, he has a special excitement.

What's wrong with me?