Peerless Genius System

Chapter 53: I Will

Sholoh had questions in his mind, and he asked, "System, does this ability to be the king of mercenaries affect my mind? ”

“Ding, the King of Mercenaries' Physique is the ability to give hosts the ability to rapidly possess the King of Mercenaries, including physical strength, combat experience, reaction ability, knowledge of firearms, and nature of mind. Once exchanged, hosts are the strongest mercenaries with a cold-blooded side.” Cold and hard female system voice response.

“So that's it! ”

Sholo exhaled gently, shaking his neck, and just now he thought he had a split personality.

At this point, Anhuan, curious, snuck up, found Sholo, and immediately ran up with the drawing board: "Lo, were you cleaning up the bad guys? ”


Sholo nodded, then thought that this performance of joy was too calm, and dared to come up. The average girl should have scared the six godless already, asked, "You just got strangled by him. Aren't you afraid? ”

“I was scared, but I wasn't scared at all as soon as I saw Los Angeles. When you hugged me to the ground, I felt like we were the male and female protagonists in Kung Fu. It was so romantic.” Anhui laughed and hipped.

Sholo's face came down a black line, he was really impressed. At such a dangerous moment, Anhuan could still think of the movie scene, but when he remembered, the moment he caught Anhuan's fall, he did look a bit like the star and dumb woman.

“Lord Lo, I see Princess Moon and Princess White. The bad guy is Princess Meridian, right?” Anhuan suddenly said.

As Sholo was about to deny it, Anhuan rejoiced: “You're here for Princess Moon, and you're here to protect her. ”

“Anhuan, your brain hole is a little big.” Sholo frowned.

“Los Angeles, admit it. I just heard you talking to the bad guy, and you broke his finger. You're Princess Moon's bodyguard.” Anhuan is pointing in the direction of Sholo.

I was trying to make a fool of myself, but now I can't.

Sholo sighed and said positively: "Keep it a secret for me, will you? ”

“Yes, but promise me two things. ”

Anhuan joyously came up, spit on the incense orchid, and his eyes filled with anticipation.

Sholo knew it would turn out like this, and he said, "Which two? ”

“This is the first thing you're going to teach me, and I want to be able to fight like you. ”

“Learning kung fu? ”

Sholo was stunned, and then thought that when he could use Teaching An Huanhuan Kung Fu, he deliberately let An Huanhuan suffer greatly, and immediately answered with joy, “This request is not excessive, I can accept it. ”

“Second thing, date me.” Anjoy winks and discharges power to Sholo.

A date?

Sholo fought a cold war all over his body and then categorically refused: "No! ”

He dated an Anhuan college girl with a wool thread, and the offer was also made with the woman who walked into society.

“Why not? ”

Anhuan muttered his little mouth, anxiously stamping his feet in place.

“If you're going to fall in love with the wrong person, I really don't fit you, and you know it now, I'm just a bodyguard of Chu Yue, not a student at all, you and I are from both worlds. ”

“But I just like you. ”

Anhuan Huanhuan embraced Sholo's arm, “Lo God, I've never been so serious about Anhuan Huanhuan. When I first saw you, I thought you had a special temperament to attract me. Later, you and the fierce debate made me fall in love with you. In my eyes, you are my male god. ”

Sholo pushed her away gently and said seriously: "Believe me, when you graduate from college, you will find yourself behaving very childish. ”

“I don't care, if you don't agree, I'll tell people you're Princess Moon's bodyguard.” Anhuan played Laipi.

Sholo was not so easy to compromise, especially with girls, and immediately changed his face, coldly saying: "I hate threats. ”

After that, turn around and go.

As soon as Sholo was angry, Anhuan panicked. He chased after him and stopped Sholo: "Okay, I won't threaten you. Don't be angry with him. ”

Chang Xiaoluo took a long breath and shook his head helplessly: “Anhuan, are you so fond of a man you don't know much about, you're not afraid to lose? ”

“Losing money? What can I eat? What can I do for you?” Anjoy blinked, unknown, so.

Sholo was speechless and blunt: "What else could it be? Your girl's most precious is not your body. ”

When he heard this, an instant red tide appeared on Anhuan's face: “Oh, Lord Luo, you... hello... that...”

“Who am I? ”

Sholo was depressed, and he didn't say some nasty words, so why is that so bad?

At this time, Anhuan lowered his head and was shy: “Lo, if you want, wait... when we feel steady, I... I will...” After that, he turned his back to Sholo and blushed with shyness.

Will you?

Sholo opened his eyes and the whole person shrugged. He said, "What do you want? Yes, I just asked you a question about whether you want to or not? Is that how you understand my teachings?

He doesn't want to talk anymore. Step out of here.

Ang Huan shouted at him, the louder he shouted, the faster he walked, and he felt it was necessary to distance himself from Ang Huan's problem girl.

* * * * * *

It's almost the weekend, and Zhang Dashan called and said he was meeting with Sholo on Saturday night.

When I learned that Sholo was at Huano University, his cellphone was barely broken by his loud voice.

“What, are you at Huano University? Cousin, why don't you get a job and fly to Huano University?” Zhang Dashan has a tone of hatred for steel.

“When we met on Saturday, we couldn't make a single sentence or two clear on the phone.” Sholoway.

“Well, then I arrived in Huano around 7: 00 p.m. Saturday. ”

After this sentence, the wind changed and became obscene, “By the way, do you have any pretty girls, bring one or two out, we'll find a chance to intoxicate them, then take them to the hotel and output them wildly, hey...”

“Are you trying to put the bottom of the prison through?” Sholo rolled his white eyes.

“Blind chicken bullshit, I have 200 percent confidence to make that girl fall in love with me when she's done sleeping. ”

“Just you? ”

“Just me, 18 centimetres in battle, I've shown you before? ”

“Get out!”

Sholo returned only one word, hung up and returned to the dormitory from the roof.

“Brother Luo, Song Jian 'an sent the challenge to the school forum, saying that Saturday night the ring is set and waiting for you at the club.” Dinkay put the phone screen in front of Sholo.

Sholo didn't even look at it and lay down in bed: "Leave him alone, I don't have time to play with him. ”

“In addition to Song Jian 'an's Challenge Book, Luogo, you kicked Zhao Xing and his grandchildren in the canteen the other day and the handsome photographs were passed on in the forum. You are famous in Huano, Taekwondo Association, Karate Association, Martial Arts Society... all associations and associations related to martial arts say that you kicked Zhao Xing and that foot is a fake, they sat Saturday night waiting for you to be abused by Song Jian to become prosperous!” Zhu Xiaofei also said something after a rough tour of the school forum.

Schollo can't help but think it's funny. What's wrong with college students now? I don't know how hard I have to work without reading. This kind of chicken and garlic skin thing is extraordinary. It's upside down. It's upside down!