Peerless Genius System

Chapter 56 Burning Up

“Ding, congratulations to the host on his soccer talent! ”

Sholo ignored the tone of the system in his head, his eyes coldly stared at Du Pengfei, his face was shady and scary. The temperature on the field seemed to have dropped several degrees. Everyone's body couldn't help beating a chill.

“You like to play soccer, don't you? Okay, I'm with you! ”

Brutally licked his lips, shaking his body, came close to another soccer ball, punched his feet, and made a move without dragging the mud.

The soccer ball roared, bringing a roaring wind, high speed spinning tear space, quickly pulling a distance of twenty to thirty meters, hard impact on a sportsman's forehead, strong hegemonic force continued, the sportsman's healthy body directly rolled over like an uncontrolled car and flew out, falling three or four meters outside.

His head buzzed, his brain was stirred into a slurry by a blender, he tried to get up, but like he had lost his cerebellum, he could not maintain the balance of his body at all, like a few steps drunk and fall again.

Sholo kicked another ball before everyone could react.

“Boom! Boom!”

Four athletes were knocked over by this fierce, beastly soccer ball.


What kind of technology and power is it that people on the field flutter with cool air and stare at people with soccer balls? Is it true that this guy is a giant Vajra?

Chu Yue and Baiyi were completely stunned and looked at Sholo incredibly. They thought the guy was highly unpredictable and unimaginably powerful.

In a stunner, Sholox made an incredible kicking gesture with no expression on his face. Lie down on your torso, face almost touching the football, and lift your right foot back and high to support you with your left foot alone.

Oh, my God, does that keep the balance?

Everyone who saw the scene couldn't help but open their eyes.

The sports teacher was also stunned on the spot. Such a kicking posture was unheard of, but he could clearly feel its dominance and power, which concentrated his whole body on his right foot, and raised his right foot during the fall can magnify this power to the extreme, ordinary kicking method is strong enough, if the ball kicks out and hits people, isn't this... dead people?

With that in mind, there was a cold sweat all over his body.

“Stop, hurry... stop! ”

He shouted out loud and rushed over to Sholoh at all costs, vowing to stop Sholoh from playing this ball.

But late, Sholo's right foot had been pumped.


Football growled like a beast, and its trajectory was no longer a parabola, but a straight line that the naked eye seemed to follow closely to the ground, howling toward the three remaining companions of Du Peng.

All three of them 'eyes were about to burst out of their orbits, and this fast-spinning soccer ball grew bigger and bigger in their eyes, and suddenly they seemed to hallucinate, because the soccer ball that flew towards them turned into a fireball, and the flames burned on its surface.

Blinked and blinked, the three of them immediately frightened the dead soul, which is their hallucination, this is obviously true, that the football really burned, like a comet dragging the tail of a red flame, to sweep the sweeping impact of everything!

“Help... Help! ”

The three closed their eyes and lost sight of the shock. At this moment, they truly experienced the feeling of death, despair and fear, and their hearts were overwhelmed by heat.

“Boom ~”

Burning soccer balls burst into flames as they were about to hit them, spreading as countless hot flames. In the air, there was a stinging burning smell, and the black smoke rose.


The whole football field died in silence, everyone opened their eyes and watched the scattered sporadic spark, the back of the back of the spine freezing cold, the sweat all over the body at this moment upside down uncontrolled roots.

“Football... actually burned...” a student said with a trembling voice.

Another classmate answered with a gaze: “Turns out everything in the movie is true, when the speed of the football reaches a certain degree, and the air rubs so hard that it can really burn and turn into a fire-breathing football. ”

And the three companions of Du Pengfei, like a ghost door closed, pale face, can no longer hold standing position, sitting on the ground like soft mud, big mouth gasping, cold sweat, body couldn't help shaking, one of the pants wet, but was scared to piss incontinence.

Chu Yue and Baiyi clasped their tongues. I can't imagine that this is all true. That Sholo, in a moment, made this soccer field a place as frightening as a battlefield, horrible, horrible!

Instead, the sports teacher quietly relieved herself, so that after the football burned, it exploded at a critical moment, causing no substantial harm to the three students, otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable.

At this moment, Du Pengfei's face was dirty, his tongue was stuck, he couldn't say a word, and his nine companions fell down, or they were proud to throw him over the football. It was unimaginable, he panicked, he couldn't even breathe a breath, his heart beat straight, his legs were shaking.

“Your turn! ”

When Shorona's cold, emotionless words rang.

Du Pengfei shuddered. After returning to God, he turned around and ran like a wolf outside the field. Running at all costs, he had to stay as far away from the beast as possible.

“You ever run football? ”

The corner of Sholo's mouth revealed a smile and slowly walked closer to a football.

No, he's gonna do it again!

Physical education teacher's face changed dramatically.

“Stop messing around! ”

Drink loud, help run a short distance, slip upside down, and break the football under Sholoh's foot, a beautiful shovel with the obvious aim of cutting Sholoh's football off.

Sholo glanced at him slightly, hooked his foot, took the football with him, easily avoided his shovel, while his back lashed, the football slowly pulled up, then drew a rainbow arc in the air, bypassed one person, and rushed off to Dupeng quickly, as if there was life at the time of the sprint.

“What do I see? Beckham's arc ball? ”

The sports teacher was shocked and forgot for a moment that Sholo was hitting people with soccer.

Others are also stunned and very shocked.

Running Doo Pengfei felt the soccer coming from behind him, and he subconsciously wanted to escape.

But it's too late!

“Boom ~”

Football hit him hard on his back, the horrible force on it directly knocked him over, Du Pengfei people rolled out four or five meters away with the ball, how many wolves to have, finally like a dead dog on the grass to gasp, several grass on his mouth he kept blowing.

The whole raven was silent, and everyone's mind couldn't swing that burning soccer ball for long, and that last track of the curve in the air was like a long rainbow!

The sports teacher was relieved because it was clear that Sholo had not killed him, otherwise all of these people would be seriously injured and could even die.

Sholo walked to Du Pengfei step by step and looked down at him: “Tell the people who scattered the club, especially Song Jian 'an, that my patience is limited. If he doesn't know how to converge, I will personally find the door to scrap his hand. All of you must follow him, I will do it! ”

Arrogance, bullying, madness!

Whoever hears it here feels a chestnut coming from his soul.