Peerless Genius System

Chapter 60: Move It

Sholo and Zhang Dashan were eating hot pot, while the old driver drove to talk about the scene. They laughed, and the scene didn't seem to mention how harmonious it was. But it all seemed to Huang Ruran that Sholo was making fun of her, just as one person always suspected that another was whispering his bad words.

“When Sholo gets back, he'll definitely tell everyone in his class about me being a waitress here. ”

Huang Ruan's eyebrows were almost twisted together. She had a strong personality. She didn't want anyone to see her bow to her knees as a waitress. But Tian Gong was not beautiful. Sholo met her. The day after tomorrow, everyone would know that she was a waitress in a hot pot shop, and she would lose all the dignity of the class leader.

Sholo didn't think much more than she did.

Eating meat, drinking soup, life is perfect for him.

“Shit, why didn't you see me in the first place? Is it unfair to deny me everything just because my face is big? ”

After eating a half full meal, Zhang Dashan started complaining. His mouth refers to Xiao Ruyi, Sholo's sister, abbreviated as Luo Sister. “What is better than mine, fine skin and meat, a whole white face, following him has no sense of security, how can Luo Sister see him? I really can't think of this brother. ”

“Who can blame this? I created an opportunity for you, and you dragged me into a fight with her all night, and my sister complained to me that you were an idiot.” Sholo put down the chopsticks to reprimand, don't say it's okay, he's also angry when he talks about it.

Zhang Dashan's face is green: “Don't be such a good memory. Besides, you didn't give me the idea of fighting the landlord. You don't know, I can't stop when I touch poker cards. ”

Sholo was too lazy to be poor with him to pour a large plate of beef pills directly into the pan.

At this time, a group of people sat at the table behind them, four men and two women, with tattoos on their bodies, men's open arms, gold chains and bandits; women were wearing exposed, black nail polish and a strong perfume on their bodies. They just finished their dishes and talked loudly in their seats. They spoke loudly, as if they had contracted out the entire hotpot shop.

Of course, they wouldn't mind talking loudly, but Zhang Dashan couldn't stand the fact that the stool sitting under the butt of the man behind him seriously took up his space, don't say stand up, even turn around very hard. When the man was having a good chat, he would shake the stool back and forth, and the stool's back kept squeezing Zhang Dashan.

At the end of the day, Zhang Dashan was unbearable and patted the man on the shoulder: “Hey, man, can you move your stool back? I feel uncomfortable squeezing you like this, thanks! ”

The man turned his head and glanced at him without hesitation, then turned back and continued to exaggerate with others, as if he had not heard Zhang Dashan's words.

Oh, shit!

Zhang Dashan shouted in depression.

“What's the matter?” Sholo stopped and asked.

“What's the matter, cousin? Didn't you see I was about to get squeezed into a pile? ”

Zhang Dashan was extremely upset. At this time, he saw Huang Rulang adding water to the customer at another table. He waved immediately and shouted, "Beauty, this way, please come here for a moment. ”

Huang Ruran walked over reluctantly and didn't go to see Sholo. "Do you want some water too? ”

“Beauty, would you look at all the water in our pot, like someone who wants to add water? ”

Zhang Dashan pointed to the boiling hot pot and then pointed to the space around him. “This should be more than just a tiny bit of space you guys left your hot pot store for your guests. I'm uncomfortable sitting here right now, and I'm not even in the mood to eat the hot pot. What do you say? ”

At first glance, Huang Ruran, because the man behind him moved the stool to the queen, seriously occupied the space that belonged to Zhang Dashan. The space reserved for Zhang Dashan was just enough to accommodate this person. Let alone eat and eat. Sitting there is already very uncomfortable.

She turned her head slightly and then walked over to the man, asking politely, "Sir, would you please move the stool forward a little bit? ”

The man raised his head and said in disgrace: "Why would I move the stool forward? I like to sit like this. Comfortable. What's wrong? ”

Huang Ruran: “Excuse me, sir, you have invaded the space of other guests, allowing them to..."

“Got a line here? Or just a little bit of my position, and I'm not allowed to move the stool back?” Men have quite a temper.

Huang Ruran did not expect this man to be so unreasonable, but she is also an arrogant person, the guest is so rude, she immediately put up her face, the tone became harder: “I'm sorry sir, please move the stool forward a little! ”

As soon as the words came out, the men's companions laughed and looked at the noisy and fearless expression.

“Yamako, since all the beautiful women have said, you can move. ”

“Ha ha... yeah, give a pretty girl a face. ”

“Didn't that bitch want to break up with you? This beauty is nice. Don't let anyone get along with her. Wow. ”

Several people laughed and said, one of them in front of so many people, touching the woman next to him up and down his hand everywhere, and the woman not only didn't mind at all, but also enjoyed her face and snuggled on him.

The man named Mountain had a harsh face. When he heard his companion say this, he laughed and his eyes became dirty. He said to Huang Ruan: "If you want me to move the bench, come on, give me a kiss on my face. Don't move forward a little, just ask me to move the seat away without any problems. ”

His companion burst into laughter and shouted: “Beauty, kiss him, kiss him, hahahaha..."

Obviously a hooligan!

Huang Ruanqi bit her teeth. Although she worked here for almost a year, she had never encountered such a situation and did not know how to handle it for a while.

“Brother, I asked her to ask you to move the stool. If you have the guts to come at me, you can't fool a woman.” Zhang Dashan sandwiched a piece of meat into his mouth and chewed it smelly, crossing his head.

Sholo also sat in his seat eating, not slowly, with a light smile on his face.

The man named Mountain put the glass down, stood up, turned around and looked at Zhang Dashan with evil look: "I just didn't want to talk to you. Are you fucking in the face? ”

He moved the stool towards Zhang Dashan for more than ten centimeters. The back of the stool squeezed Zhang Dashan's arm directly, and then he stepped on the stool, pointing to the ground and said viciously: “I put the stool here, you want me to move it again? ”