Peerless Genius System

Chapter 68: Demons

“Your power is fine, but it's still too light for me. To hurt me, you need to do more. ”

Sholo shook his head, his strength was enough to crush Song Jian 'an. The only reason why he had just made such a mess was to see how much harm he was able to carry now so that he could have a more accurate understanding of his body.

Song Jian 'an's mouth punched, his fist clattered, Sholo so slightly understated attitude was a great insult to him.

“You shut up!!! ”

After compressing to the extreme, the whole body burst into flames, accompanied by a shocking roar, the body like a barbarian cow, rushing towards Sholo.

Pedaling, the distance of two or three meters blinked, the left foot stamped, the whole ring was slightly trembling for it, the extreme to static momentary transition brought unimaginable impact, the torso spinning, swinging right leg by virtue of just raging inertia to sweep Sholo's neck.

Everyone around them opened their eyes and looked far away to clearly feel the fierce force caught in Song Jian 'an's foot. If he swept Sholo, Sholo would probably fall out again.

But what made them horrified was that Sholo seemed to move a little, but it seemed to stand still, but that Song Jian 'an seemed to have been hit by a train head, the body of the forward stroke stopped, the whole person quickly flew out backwards, and hit the protection rope of the ring, and it took a few strokes to stabilize the shape of the rope.

Happened... What happened?

What the hell just happened?

In the hearts and minds of everyone, without exception, there was a thrilling emotion, and Schollo definitely did it, but why didn't they see how he did it? Is this a ghost, or is Shore going too fast?

Song Jian 'an also developed a cold sweat, because he also didn't see how Sholo did it, but he clearly took a heavy blow to the chest, the whole chest was hot and painful, the blood fluttered violently, giving him a strong sense of discomfort.

He gasped heavily and asked, "What did you just do? ”

“I didn't do anything, I just kicked your ass.” The corner of Sholo's mouth curls up.

“Impossible, kicking is so obvious, I can't see clearly, you're lying, you're lying, uh-huh.”

Song Jian 'an has always had confidence in his own force, and since he came to Jiangcheng, he felt that he was a tiger who released the cage. Let alone Huano University, even if he looked at Jiangcheng as a whole, could never compete with him. He was angry and ashamed, and he even lost his mind, such as a mad black bear, staring red eyes and shouting at Sholo again.

Approaching Sholo more than a meter away, his right foot stomped on the ground, the ground of the ring was actually creaked by his foot, like it was going to split, then his whole body of strength poured over the tight right fist, swinging the right fist like a meteorite to break through the void, wrapped in a power of shock and horror, whistling to Sholo.


As if there was a roar of wild beasts in a huge training ground.

The people in the room opened their eyes in horror, and the girls closed their eyes unconsciously, because in their imagination, the next scene must be a splash of blood.

Members of the scattering club stare at each other or have numb scalp.

Is that what their Angel is capable of?

Their inner emotions are so complex, so refreshing? Excited? Scared? Or shocked?

Maybe only one, maybe all of them.

Song Jian 'an's fists were like wild beasts howling, teeth dancing claws, pounding wildly, passing by, with a whirring wind.

One big hand suddenly probed, silent, yet fast as electricity, five fingers, precisely intercepted him, the power of the wild wind and surge of power instantly belonged to the nothingness, this big hand without any aggressiveness, but seemed to have infinite power, instantly suppressed Song Jian An's fierce fist.

Song Jian 'an looked shocked at the owner of this big hand, Sholo, he increased his strength, but Sholo's hand was like a robot, dead grabbed his fist, no matter how hard he tried, his fist could not move any further.

“Song Jian 'an, I am now fulfilling my previous commitments! ”

Sholoh's eyes were swept, his fangs swept away, like a furious wolf king, raging and fanatical.

Next second, wrist hard, 90 degrees flip.

“Cuckoo ~”

Only to hear the crisp bone splitting sound, Song Jian 'an's right wrist suddenly folded back in the "V” shape, the prickly bones penetrated the flesh and spurted out, the blood shot, the bloody scene shocked the girl present.

Song Jian 'an looked at his broken right hand, his brain was blank, the whole world was suddenly silent, even the feeling of pain was temporarily forgotten.

It's broken?

Is this your hand?

After a brief standstill, intense pain and an unspeakable tide of terror swept across the body.


The scream sounded abruptly. After Sholo let go of him, he lay down on the ground and grabbed his right hand with his left hand. The only thing in his eyes was a strong fright, and his strong body trembled violently on the ground.

The whole scene was filled with fear. Who can believe that Sholo really got rid of Song Jian An's hand? How could he? How could he dare?

The members of the scattering club were all ashamed and trembling with their bodies. Sholoh was a demon. How could they have provoked such a terrible demon?

Sholoh's harsh breath made the whole training ground feel a chill. No one dared to speak, no one dared to breathe vigorously, and he alone deterred all associations.

“This demon...”

Wu Yunlong, the president of the Taekwondo Association, was sweating in cold blood and his face was long gone.

At that time, a noisy footstep sounded.

Seventy-eight security guards from the English professional counselor Qin Nan Yu and the school security department arrived here at the same time when they saw the scene in the training field, especially when they saw Song Jian 'an lying on the stage screaming painfully, as stiff as a sculpture.

“Teacher Qin, you're here. ”

Shorotai slipped off the stage with pride, as if he had done something insignificant.

That's when Qin Nanyu returned to God. He almost screamed with a howling voice: "Take Song Jian An to the hospital, quickly! ”

Two security guards from the school security department also recovered from the shock and moved to take Song Jian An away, leaving several others to examine injuries to members of the scattering society lying on the ground.

“Sholo, this... you did all this?” Qin Nanyu looked at this guy in front of him.

“You caught a square, and I said you wouldn't believe it if you didn't.” Sholo laughed.

Several security guards of the school security department were listening to this. They all took a breath of air, and one person beat more than a hundred people of the scattered society to the teeth. Where did this guy come from?

Moreover, they knew Song Jian 'an well in advance. Although he was a student, the value of force could be countered against the five members of their school security department. A solid humanoid beast. Now, that humanoid beast was actually broken by one hand. Even if it was taken back, it would leave serious after-effects.

Terrible, really horrible!

They looked at Schollo in horror, standing tall as a pine tree, causing a panic from the river to fall.