Peerless Genius System

Chapter 72: Two Stunning

Sholo in front, Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai in the back, the three slowly walked over.

Sholo the Fierce?

Zhao Shijie and the men in the test and surveillance professional class instantly discolored their faces. In Huano, Sholo's fame is greater than that of Chuyue at school. They may not know Chuyue, but they must know Sholo. It is a monster who beats all the people of the scattering club to prosperity by himself.

Qiu Liang glanced at Sholo and asked the English majors, "Are these the three late rat shit in your class? ”


Zhao Shijie and the students in the test and surveillance major class heard this saying, and immediately took a breath of air, his face was green, and he called the fierce man Sholo rat shit, damn it, is this going to heaven?

The English majors also looked at Qiu Liang like fools. Chu Yue's lips flickered gently and smiled cunningly. “Hey, don't you know the guy who walked in the front? ”

“No, I don't!” Qiu Liang shook his head.

“His name is Sholo.” Chu Yue's smile became playful.

“Sholo? ”

Qiu Liang frowned for a moment and thought, “Is he good at singing or reading? Why should I know him? ”

“Don't you ever browse school forums?” Baiyi couldn't help talking.

“I was so busy writing songs that I dreamed of becoming a singer like Xu Song. I didn't have time to browse the school forums. ”

Qiu Liang snorted, in fact, a wave of superiority of the disguised show, so that the English professional girl knew that he was doing something tall, so that she could look at him differently, and then turned around and rushed away and shouted in a reprehensible tone, “What are you three still doing in a slow fashion, hurry up, because you three, the great chorus level of the English major has never been raised, you seriously dragged the back legs of everyone, you know! ”

What is the coolest and most straightforward way to play in front of a girl? Of course, it is a trainer. Qiu Liang now feels so happy. In his eyes, the English profession girls are looking at him with an admirable look.

“Qiu Liang, cut it out! ”

Zhao Shijie hurriedly called this two stunners and whispered in his ear, “The one at the front is Sholo...”

“I don't give a shit about Zhang Romaro. I'm the one who trains now. Everybody listens to me.” Qiu Liang waved to interrupt, and Dayi Rin said, he wanted to keep his disguised path going, so that these girls could worship him wildly.

By then, Sholo, Zhu Xiaofei and Dinkai had come.

Zhu Xiaofei dug his nostrils and asked Huang Ruran: "Sergeant, who is this man? Why is he giving us orders? ”

“His name is Qiu Liang, and he is my mentor who invited me to raise the level of our Benda chorus.” Huang Ruran introduced.

“So it's foreign aid, if you'll excuse me, my name is Zhu Xiaofei, thank you very much.” Zhu Xiaofei came up to shake Qiu Liang's hand warmly.

Qiu Liang, of course, will not grip. At this time, he should be in a cold-blooded position. Otherwise, the good image created in front of him will be worthless. He said: “Don't smile hippie face. Big chorus is a very serious thing. If you are late, you will be punished to sing it five times. ”

“Ah? Come on, it's embarrassing to be watched by so many people.” Zhu Xiaofei looked around.

Dinkay also said, "Make it easy. We've come as fast as we can. We didn't mean to be late. ”

“No, if you are late, you will be punished. The three of you stand in front of us, singing loud to all the girls five times, not less than once!” Qiu Liang raised his head and spoke righteously.

Sholo smiled softly and bluntly said, "Sorry, I'm not singing! ”

Not to mention that he didn't have the heart to participate in this big chorus competition, which is that Qiu Liang's demands are quite excessive. Let the three of them sing "Yellow River" in front of the English professional girls. Do they put them in front of the show as clowns or do they think they look like national treasures and need to be featured in the front?

Sholo certainly couldn't have said yes if he was humiliating them.

Qiu Liang said: "If you are late, you should be punished. If everyone is as late as you are, then what kind of chorus do you practice? Tell the school you can abstain. ”

Sholo was too lazy to take care of him and walk back to his place.

Looking at Sholo who sees himself as the air, Qiu Liang feels that the majesty he has built up so easily has been struck. Some of his frustration has turned into anger, and he stares at Sholo and yells: “Mouse shit, you are a rat shit, English professional a pot of soup, you have spoiled it! ”


Zhao Shijie and the students of the test and control major class took another sip of cool air and kneaded deeply for Qiu Liang.

Anyuan Huanhuan couldn't help but insult Sholo. At this moment, he stood up and was angry. Qiu Liang: “Have you scolded me enough? We haven't said anything yet. What's your hurry for another class? The Emperor is not in a hurry. Are you a prince? ”

She took the lead, and the girls who had just held their stomach were also talking.

“That is, you are here to help us improve the level of chorus, not to insult people. ”

“We sing poorly, but we're trying, can you please respect us while we teach? ”

“If you can't move, train and curse. What do you think of us? ”

Huang Ruiang did not stop everyone this time, she also felt that Qiu Liang was a bit excessive, insulted the men in their class in front of them. If they were not angry at all, then the class would certainly have no cohesion, and obviously their English major was not.

Qiu Liang didn't expect to arouse so many objections. He took out the killer and shouted, “Do you want to sing Yellow River?" ”

As soon as that word came out, all the voices instantly disappeared.

Everyone wants to sing the big chorus right now, and Qiu Liang has real talent in front of them. Only if he teaches them can they take the big chorus to a higher level.

Seeing as it deterred the English profession, Qiu Liangwan was so proud that his mouth rose. "Looks like you guys still want to sing" Yellow River "well. If you want to sing well, listen to me. If you don't want to sing well, I can leave now, let you guys..."

“Then go, you're not needed here!” A faint voice sounded.

The crowd turned their heads and looked stunned at the talking Sholo. Although he hated Qiu Liang very much, he really drove him away. What should they do with their grand chorus?

Qiu Liang was slightly stunned, and then his eyes glanced: “Your class leader didn't speak. What are you, a professional English speaker? ”

Zhao Shijie was so anxious to get out of his heart, he came up and knocked a note on Qiu Liang's head. He was angry: “Qiu Liang, you are a brute. He is Sholo, Sholo. The other day, he beat up all the people of the scattering club. If you really don't know or not, can you talk to him properly? ”

He was so angry, he knew this guy was stunned, he said nothing to help the English profession improve the level of chorus.

Well, instead of establishing a good relationship between the two professions, he also let this second-in-command convict the fierce man Sholoh. If Sholoh comes to his temper and punches them in the test and control class like he did with the scattering club, then he's full of shit.