Peerless Genius System

Chapter 73 Exercise

- What? - What?

Is… is that him?

Qiu Liang shuddered for a while. If he only heard Sholo's name, he would not have any memory traces in his mind. But if he heard the three words "scatter club", he could immediately recall the events that occurred in Huano the other day. He said that there was a guy in the school who singled out more than a hundred members of the club and not only won, but also abolished the president of scatter club Song Jianan's hand.

And at this moment, the guy who created the whole Huano incident with his own hands actually stood right in front of him. Shit, he even insulted each other with rat shit and garbage!

“Grunting ~”

Qiu Liang swallowed a hard sip of spit. She just felt that hundreds of millions of pores were sweating from the outside. She truly felt a fear. God, what bad luck she had taken. How could she get into this fierce person if she wanted to play cool in front of such a girl?

At this time, Huang Ruran stood up and said to Qiu Liang and Zhao Shijie: “Although I would like to improve the level of our class chorus, I can't accept your attitude.” Look directly at Qiu Liang, "singing is really your strength, but it doesn't mean that you can accuse us arbitrarily. We are a class group. You insult any of us with disrespect, we won't allow it, so you can leave, we can sing rotten and no longer need your guidance. ”

Eh, what if he turns to Los Angeles?

The girls were shocked for a while, who didn't know that this was a couple of wrongdoers. Conflict friction was about to occur when they met. Huang Rulang turned to Sholo, it was incredible.

Sholo also raised his eyebrows, some unexpectedly glancing at Huang Rulian.

“Come on, let's go. You don't have any eyesight. Logo can curse you too. ”

Zhu Xiaofei issued an eviction order. As Shaolo's faithful brain powder, he had turned his face when Qiu Liang scolded the rat shit.


Qiu Liang's face swept away, very angry, biting his teeth, “You'll regret it when the game counts first! ”

Prepare to leave with a harsh word.

“Wait a minute! ”

Sholo took a step and his eyes were slightly cold.

Zhao Shijie's body trembled. Afraid that Sholo would be in trouble, he stacked a smile. “Brother Sholo, I apologize for him. He didn't mean to insult you. Don't worry about it. ”

“You misunderstand, I don't want to get into trouble with him. It's just that there's a good saying, Buddha fighting for incense, people fighting for breath. He just said that our big chorus will definitely come first. I just wanted to ask him, if we get a better name than your class, what should we do? ”

When Anhuan and other girls stood up to speak for him, Shorone's heart burst with a warm current, which was a long-delayed sense of collective honor. He always felt that he was not a real student and could be completely outside the student's activities, but at this moment, this sense of collective honor made him choose to stand up.

The English majors were stunned on the spot. The level of the major chorus "Yellow River" in the measurement and control majors was witnessed. The singing was not just good, but great and special. It was neat and bright. It sang the fearless atmosphere of the elders of the revolution who attacked the enemy. Their English majors can't even sing this song properly right now. What is the comparison?

“He's just joking. It can't be true. ”

Zhao Shijie laughed embarrassingly. He greeted Qiu Liang's eighteenth ancestors all over his heart. He knew that he was a fierce man, and he chewed his tongue. That's great. Sholo and them were totally fucked.

“I didn't ask you, I asked him.” Sholo looked at Qiu Liang.

Qiu Liang, don't mention how bored he is. If he were another person, he would have yelled already. But now he is the fierce man Sholo, how dare he yell?

“Speak, what if our Bennet is better than you? ”

Sholo's tone was aggressive. He was not a great saint. He was already upset to practice the chorus. As a result, this Qiu Liang made him even more upset. Others made him upset. He also had to make others upset.

Qiu Liang went out and bit his teeth: “If you get a better name than us, I will strip naked and run around the school naked. ”

He wasn't really afraid of Schollo's deterrence, because he didn't believe that he could get a good place in the English profession.

“That's what you said, as evidenced by the recording. ”

Sholo took out his phone and played the recorded audio file, exactly what Qiu Liang had just said.

Los Angeles is serious!?

The English women face each other, don't they know how many kilos or two they have, how can they win the test and control profession?

“I hope you won't break your word by then.” Sholo smiled, turning around and walking back to his English professional position.

“If you lose, there should be punishment. That's only fair.” Qiu Liang mustered courage.

Zhao Shijie tried to kick this guy's ass. He grabbed his collar and scolded: “What are you doing? ”

Negotiating with Sholo, are you going to go to the hospital like Song Jian An for a few days?

“Since it's a bet, of course both sides have to pay the price, otherwise it's not a bet! ”

Qiu Liang stared dead at Sholo, and seeing Sholo wasn't as unreasonable as he thought, but he wasn't that scared anymore. He's even wondering now if he would immediately become a celebrity of the school if the school told him about the board with Sholo.

“Exactly. ”

Shololi stepped back and turned around, “If we lose, I'm like you, naked, running around the campus naked, what do you think? ”


An English professional girl shouted and imagined Sholo running naked, her face burning red.

“Deal.” Qiu Liang got excited. If he could make Sholo run naked, he would definitely become a wind cloud figure in Huano.

“Deal! ”

Schollo laughed, “But I said ugly things ahead, and if we win and you keep your word, I'll put you in the hospital for a few days. ”

Hearing this, Zhao Shijie struck a chill, and Sholo's smile looked like the devil's smile.

Qiu Liangxin's heart also chirped, but when he thought of the difference between his class's standard of chorus and his English major, his heart was certain: “I would never eat a word, and I hope you don't eat a word. ”

“Of course!”

Sholo smiled very smoothly and calmly.

After Zhao Shijie and Qiu Liang left, English-speaking girls flocked up.

“Are we singing better than them? Don't you have any points? You're naked running naked to tell you.” Chu Yuedao.

“Lo, I don't want you running naked. Your body and your people belong to me. I don't want you to be seen by other girls.” An Huanhuan deeply loving style.

The other girls also thought Sholo was irrational. Isn't that what you're looking for?

“Sholo, you have a way, right?” Huang Ruo suddenly asked.

Everyone calmed down and stared at Sholo.

“The way is, I'll practice you.” Sholo has spent 500 points redeeming a musical talent at the moment.

“Practice? ”

Zhu Xiaofei's face showed an obscene smile, “Yes, yes, let Logo practice us well, hahahaha...”

The pronunciation of the word 'practice' was deliberately very bitten and self-evident.

English majors are all angry.

“Zhu Xiaofei, look for a fight! ”

Chu Yue kicked up directly. The other girls had samples, and rushing up was a rampage.

“Logo, Kai, help me...” Zhu Xiaofei held his head and cried out for help.

Sholo looked away, just pretending he didn't see it.

“You deserve it, who makes you talk.” Dinkay also spit out a complete disregard.