Peerless Genius System

Chapter 74 Coaching the Grand Chorus

A few minutes later, Zhu Xiaofei was beaten by all the English professional girls, his hair was fluttered, his clothes were unclean, he lived off a realistic version of Rhinoceros, and he stood back to his position without tears.

Sholo redeemed a musical talent, and the senses changed dramatically.

“Ding, musical talent allows hosts to quickly have a high standard of singing, including, but not limited to, proficiency in various instruments, ability to compose songs, ability to direct band choruses, etc.” There was a systematic tone in my head.

Sholo now has some regrets about taking Chu Yunhong's mission. If he knew that the genius system was so perverted, he would not have to come to Huano at all, nor would he have to take any more boring classes. For this musical talent, he could earn money by writing songs.

But now that he's agreed, he'll do his job!

“Sholo, do you really have a way to improve the level of chorus in our class? ”

Huang Ruyan asked calmly, since Sholo had rescued her from several rogues before, she no longer hated Sholo. On the contrary, she had an unknown fondness for Sholo. Whatever Sholo did or said, she could easily see it.

“I'll do my best, you let everyone sing again.” Sholo stood out.

Huang Rulang nodded and then said to the people: “Everybody stand up and let's sing" The Yellow River "again. ”

Now coached by Sholoh, everyone is incredibly cooperative, although they don't know where Sholoh comes from to train them, but Sholoh is just as confident in the Grand Chorus as being born to inspire anticipation and hope.

Sholo closed his eyes and listened with his ears, and when everyone had finished singing, he opened his eyes and corrected them immediately: “Zhu, your voice is bright, this is your advantage, keep going, but you have the wrong song, ‘The wind is roaring’ is clean, and you dragged a sound at the end. ”

Everyone was stunned for a while. Everyone just sang together. How did Sholo distinguish Zhu Xiaofei's voice from so many songs, and also find out Zhu Xiaofei's mistakes?

Sholo glanced at him and said, “Kay, there are free beats in the middle of the four ‘guards', and you didn't stop there, so you were a little faster than everyone else when you sang there, which affected the integrity of the big chorus. ”

Everyone was shocked and picked out Dinky's mistake again?

Without waiting for everyone to return to God, Sholo's gaze turned to Chu Moon, and said seriously: “Chu Moon, the roar of the ‘Yellow River in the roar’ is different from the previous roar, higher than once, with a sense of falling and falling. ”

Speaking of Chu Moon's singing, Sholo did not make any stagnation and looked at Bai Xiao: “Bai Xiao, ‘in the mountains' you are wrong, the voice of this place should be stronger and stronger, not a flat tone of the past. ”

“Anhuan, the phrase 'armed with a dirt gun’, the speed of singing here is suddenly accelerating, you are not keeping pace, so you are here to influence integrity. ”

“Wang Lingling, you sang the wrong song here in" Hexi Mountain Gang Wanzhang Gao ". ”


When Sholo pointed out the problems in the class singing, everyone looked at him as if they were aliens, listened to them singing again, Sholo could find out the problems of two people, but now what's the situation? Sholo actually found out the problems of all of them, and he talked about the idea, how the hell did this guy do that?

“The song" Yellow River "celebrates the war spirit of the revolutionary ancestors with the use of the Yellow River. The big chorus must sing the feeling of wave rolling. To create this feeling, it must be created by the strong collision of treble and bass. Now the queue mixes treble and bass, so the queue needs to be readjusted. ”

Sholo is like a famous teacher, carefully guided, divided the soprano girls represented by Chu Yue into two columns, and the bass represented by Dinkay into two columns.

“Okay, now sing it again, and when you sing it, pay attention to correcting the problem I just pointed out to you.” Sholo returned to the front of the queue with a glimpse of God.

Everyone nodded unconsciously, waving under his hand, singing again.

The effect is very obvious, this chorus is more neat than any of their choruses, and there is a real, though not obvious, feeling of fluctuations and fluctuations.

Huang Ruanzhan gazed, I can't believe Sholo still has such a hand. If Sholo had coached them earlier, their English major chorus would not have been as effective as practicing for so long.

Chu Yue's small mouth looked at Sholo incredibly. At this moment, she had a new understanding of Sholo, who she had never obeyed. Sholo was the first boy to impress and compromise her heart.

“Brother Logo, my good Brother Logo, you are a genius! Guided by you, our big chorus level suddenly improved by a grade. Looks like that Qiu Liang ran naked and decided naked. Ha ha...” Zhu Xiaofei laughed.

“Will you stop kissing Logo's ass! ”

Ding Kai-yi said, “Is Logo a genius? Of course not. Logo is no genius. ”

Just when you don't understand why Dinkai despised Sholo, Dinkai immediately came to a divine turn, Dayi Rin said: “Logo is a divine man, whatever, can trust his hand. Only by this name can he be worthy of Logo. ”

Your sister!

He was cursed in the heart of all English majors.

Zhu Xiaofei was directly angry: “Fuck off, you said I kissed my ass. You didn't even bring a draft to kiss my ass. I can't call you Kai anymore. I have to call you Ding Ma Jing. ”

“Phew ~”

The girls were laughed at and couldn't help laughing.

Huang Ruran clapped his hands, indicating that everyone was quiet: “All right, all right, let's not make a scene. Listen carefully to Sholo. ”

The class leader was dignified and everyone quieted down quickly.

Sholoh organized a language and said: “Singing neatly is only the first part, and there is the second part, which is the rotation. We start directly with the four guards singing together, ‘The wind is roaring’ and the rotation is about to take place. It's simple, the back row is always a bar later than the front row. Let's try it now. ”

Oh, my God. How come Los Angeles has so many tricks?

The girls looked at Sholo with a completely admirable look.

After trying the rotation, Sholoh was quite satisfied: "A big chorus requires a conductor, and the Yellow River should have a reader in addition to a conductor. ”

“Los Angeles, what is a reciter?” Anhuan asked curiously.

“is to recite a monologue before the grand chorus so that the audience can better understand the song Yellow River. ”

Sholo said, "Well, I made a decision. Huang Ruran was in command. She was born with the power of controlling the field. It would be perfect to direct this role. As for the reciter, let Chu Yue take over the role. The recitation requires that kind of enthusiastic and exciting rendering power, which is characteristic of her voice. ”