Peerless Genius System

Chapter 76 Killer Assault

Silver-haired youth and Fong Sook Lan also felt it, but they did not believe that Sholo was capable of this, let alone that Sholo dared to kill them.

“Son of a bitch, don't scare people. These eight are not the same shit security guards in Villa Garrett. If they're gonna kill you, it's as simple as crushing a bug.” Fang Shulan drank loudly for himself.


Sholo Yin and Yin smiled. The next second, his figure disappeared in place and turned into a black lightning bolt. In a moment, he came to the front of Fang Shulan. A big hand, like a steel plier, strangled Fang Shulan's white neck.

Strong choking sensation poured into the brain, Fong Shulan's feet were almost empty, intense pain swept all over her body, looking close to her, faceless Sholo, she felt a genuine fear.

Silver-haired youth were shocked. The eight black bodyguards were also shocked. Sholo was so fast, he almost caught Fang Shulan in a blink of an eye that they didn't even have time to react.

“Let go... let go of my sister!” Silver-haired youth drink nervously.

Sholo ignored it completely. He just raised his head and stared at Fang Shulan coldly: “I just need to push gently, your throat will be crushed by me, you can't even control your life now, and you want to kill me? ”

Fang Shulan was like a lamb bitten by a hungry wolf around his neck. He struggled with despair. His face also rose red to pig liver color. He could not speak. Only a strong fear appeared in his eyes.

Her brother, Silverhead, was in a hurry and yelled at eight black bodyguards: "Why are you still standing there, killing that son of a bitch, killing him! ”

Eight bodyguards returned to God at this time, Qi Qi jumped at Sholo, extremely fast.

Just at the onset of the conflict, a red three-series BMW flew in, stuck in the center of both parties' horses, accompanied by a thrilling brake sound, dragged several black tire tracks on the ground and stopped steadily.

The door opened and Chu Moon came down with an embroidered white shirt and a cool green veil dress underneath.

The black hair formed a playful little braid with a few strands of hair that swayed gently in front of her forehead like a white jade, appearing clear and unruly.

“Stop, all of you!” Chu Yue shouted.

“Yo, Miss Chu is here too.” Sholo's smile was ironic.

Chu Yue shouted to him: "... Sholo, let Shulan go. ”

“Why, because of you, Miss Chu?” Sholo Cold Channel.

Fang Shulan is a friend of Chu Yue. Today, Sholo naturally counts as the head of Chu Yue. It is only with such a bad attitude towards Chu Yue that he will be so bad.

“Are you really going to make a scene? Sholo, let her go. I'm begging you.” At this moment, Chu Moon changed the usual image of the big lady with a smile on her face.

At this time, a car quickly drove over, stopping here, and two strong men walked out of the car, toward Gaoyang and toward Gaoyuan.

“What a day! ”

Sholo glanced slightly, "Now that you've all put down your posture and begged me, I'll give you a face. ”

In the talking room, throw Fang Shulan on the ground next to him like garbage.

Fang Shulan, whose neck was liberated, coughed violently, breathing air greedily, and a strangled bruise appeared on his neck.

Chu Yue ran over and lifted her up. Her eyes resented her with tremendous resentment: “If I hadn't told you, I would have been blinded by you. Why didn't you listen to me? Why should you be looking for Sholo's trouble? ”


Fang Shulan couldn't speak at once, she really couldn't swallow that disgust.

“Needless to say, the friendship between you and me is over. ”

Chu Yue had said before that whoever was looking for Sholo's trouble would not recognize him as a friend. She made a promise. She raised her head and glanced at the silver-haired youth. The eyes of the apricot were full of blame. This glare frightened the silver-haired youth, and she was overwhelmed.

“Fang Chongqiang, Shulan told you to bring bodyguards to teach people, you really brought bodyguards to teach people. Do you think you can do whatever you want with a few bodyguards around? Shall I have my bodyguards come and fight you?” Chu Yue scolded.

“Moon, this...”

“Don't call me Moon, I can tell you now, no matter how much your father paid behind his back, I would never get engaged to you.” Chu Yue interrupted.

Fang Zhongqiang shut his mouth.

Xiao Luo was slightly surprised, I didn't think Chu Yue still had such a thunderous side, but thought that she was Chu Yunxiong's daughter was also released. Chu Yunxiong was the dragon of the people, as his daughter, Chu Yue also had some dragon temper, not to mention phoenix, but at least it wasn't that kind of incident panic, only know the screaming Lord, this was evident long ago when she and Baiyi first met the hunter Ma Zhengfeng.


At this point, a strong sense of danger swept down.

“Phew ~”

Almost at the same moment, two shooting bullets accompanied the tearing through space, no suspension holes penetrated the body of Gaoyang and the sword, the scarlet blood sprayed out, good for the two vigilant, rapid reaction, the sudden deflection of the body, so that they risked avoiding the critical areas.

“Pfft ~”

The bullet passed through the body, and the huge impact not only smashed the shoulder blades of the two men, but also lifted their bodies up and hit them hard on the car behind them, “banging”, the windshield broke apart and the alarm sounded.

Sniper bullets?

Sholo's mind shook, who is this person, can actually bring sniper guns into China, suddenly recall Ma Zhengfeng said about Blackwater company, mercenary, this is a mercenary against Chuyue, the first hand actually seriously injured the two special guards around Chuyue.


At last, the reaction of Fang Shulan shouted and screamed, the floral face was discolored, and he looked horribly at the blood coming out to Gaoyang and to Gao Sword.

The eight black bodyguards were not vegetarian, and immediately protected the silver-haired youth and Fang Shulan in the middle, forming a human wall with their bodies to ensure their safety.

Chu Yue also panicked, which was the first time she had been hit by a bullet, tearing up the air and making her scalp feel numb.

“Lady, let's go. Get down. Let's go! ”

Gaoyang couldn't help it, sighed and urged Chu Yue to get out of here. The other side had sniper guns. This is definitely not a single person, it must be a well-organized group, they are now afraid of being surrounded.

Hearing this, the eight black bodyguards woke up as if they were dreaming. They immediately escorted the foolish Fang Zhongzheng and Fang Shulan away and boarded the car at an extremely fast speed.

“Moon, come here! ”

Fang Chongqiang was still very fond of Chu Yue, and didn't forget to ask Chu Yue to leave together.

As for Fang Shulan, he was scared to death. His body shivered with strength. His brain was blank, as if he could not control his body.