Peerless Genius System

Chapter 77: Abandoned by the World

Chu Yue overwhelmed the fear in her heart and ran towards Zhongzheng's side. However, she did not run for a few steps. A sniper bullet broke through the void and bombarded the road in front of her without exception. A loud "bang” sounded. The solid cement road was struck out of a large pit, and the sand and dust suddenly spread, and countless pieces of cement sludge flew, scaring her to sit on the ground.

“The moon! ”

Fang Chongqiang tried to rush out of the car to save Chuyue, but was stopped by a black bodyguard.

“The target of the other party is Miss Chu, Young Master Fang runs out very dangerous!” The head of the bodyguard took it seriously. His task was to ensure the safety of Fang Shulan and the safety of the others was not among his considerations.

“But…” Fang Chongqing fell into a dilemma.

At this point, the white-faced Fangshu Langhisti screamed out: "Drive, get out of here, get out of here! ”

All she wants to do now is get out of this place right away. As for Chu Yue's life and death, she can't care less.

The black bodyguard commanded, waved his hand, and the driver immediately drove away in three black sedans, without a shadow in the blink of an eye. They had not been attacked by clandestine mercenaries, and the other party had clearly targeted the moon.

“Fang Chongqing, Fang Shulan, you...”

Chu Yue couldn't believe that they would abandon themselves to flee. You know, Fang Zhongzheng's father and her father were very close friends. Her two bodyguards had been seriously injured and left her alone. This simply ignored her life and death.

Looking back, Sholo disappeared.

This time, despair instantly fills the mind and feels abandoned by the world.

“Sholo, aren't you great? Why did you run away? ”

Somehow, being abandoned by Sholo was far more painful than being abandoned by the two brothers and sisters of Fang Chongqing. She was scolded with grudges, and that stunning beauty slipped down and rolled tears.

“Are you waiting to get shot? ”

A hard speech sounded, and it was obvious that a foreigner spoke Chinese.

Three tall western men came out of the forest, armed with a rifle and wearing unknown field uniforms.

Drawing a self-defense pistol from the waist to Gaoyang and to Gaoyang to prepare a counterattack, the black man put a black hole in Chuyue's head, the cold, no emotional sound sounded: “Drop the gun if you don't want your lady to die! ”

This is a group of bloody fatalities scattered all over their bodies, set on the spot to Gaoyang and to Gao Jian, and put the pistol on the ground with obedience.

“You know how to lift! ”

The other strong man smiled and walked away. He struck the two heads with a gun butt and suddenly the blood splattered. The two fell into the bloodstream, and their consciousness became unclear, and their gaze blurred.

“Tsk, this chick is so much prettier than in the picture! ”

Black man grabbed Chu Yue's chin, ignored her teething expression, whispered hey hey smile, “Especially this little mouth, it's fantastic. ”

As she spoke, her hands grabbed her hair, constantly letting her pretty face touch her crotch.

“Bastard! ”

Yelling at Gaoyang two people, such as two wounded lions, did not wait for them to climb out of the bloodstream, their feet kicked in their abdomen, huge impact made them bend over like prawns, painful, all five officials twisted, their throats completely uncontrolled to emit a burst of grunt.

Had they not been wounded by bullets, they would not have been so desperate and had no room for resistance, but had fallen into the hands of the enemy, what could they have done but regret?

The black man took out his walkie-talkie and spoke to his partner: "Scorpion Head, this is Blacktail. Target has been captured, target has been captured! ”

“Well, we meet two kilometers southwest, and the eagle's picking you up, and you're coming to me fast.” There was a dull sound on the walkie-talkie.

“Roger that!”

The black man replied, turning off the walkie-talkie, but his face was full of drama, “The boss is really just grabbing a chick, do you need to be so entertained? ”

“We should be careful not to be careless. That horse Zhengfeng failed because he made this mistake. Let us not repeat his mistake.” The skinny man said.

“True, Chu Yunhong is a business tycoon. He knows that his daughter is not safe these days. He can never just send two bodyguards to protect him. There must be others hiding around.” Another man was also vocal in his peace.

The nigger snorted, “If anyone else had come out already, you wouldn't think the kid who just ran away was her bodyguard, would you? ”

Two thinner men looked at each other and raised their eyebrows, apparently thinking it was a joke.

Negroes are talking about Sholo, their snipers were able to kill everyone easily, only that their mission was not to kill, but to kidnap, so they didn't mess up the killer, and Sholo, who looks so weak, can't get into their eyes, which is a zero threat, they wholeheartedly denied the possibility of being Chuyue's bodyguard.

“Come on, connect with the eagle! ”

Black people grabbed a desperate Chu Moon and walked deep into the dense forest. As mercenaries, their exit route would naturally not be an ordinary national route, and the forest would be their paradise.

“Miss, miss...”

To Gaoyang and to Gao Jian, who wanted to struggle to chase them, the man nearer them set up a gun butt and bombarded them in the back of the head, and they passed out directly.

“Let go of me, let go! ”

Chu Yue screamed in panic. The watery apricot eyes were filled with tears. For the first time, she felt her father was right. She should not let so many bodyguards go.

“Little girl, if you struggle again, I don't mind letting you taste my strength. Your Great Wall of China is long enough, and my penis is long enough. It's very interested in such fine chicks as you. Hey...”

Black men laughed and frightened Chuyue from squeaking again.

Seeing Chu Yue deterred, the black man waved at his sniper in the dense forest, indicating his retreat.

However, at this moment one of the snipers was stuck in place with horror, his eyes widening incredibly, looking at the scarlet blade coming out of his mouth, and the sticky blood was spraying outward, that was his sharp edge, but why did it stick in from behind his neck?

His eyes were glaring, but his brain lost the ability to think in a very short time. Reaper did not give him extra charity. At the time of life, he had nothing but doubt. He had no idea how he could be killed. He occupied a high point, and any living person underneath him passed. He should know the first time. How could the other person dive into front of him silently?

Ununderstandable, even more incredible!