Peerless Genius System

Chapter 79: Chasing and Fleeing

Soon after, the one-eyed man of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Regiment, code-named Eagle, arrived here with more than a dozen heavily armed men, saw a black man seriously injured and spitting blood, and the one-eyed man immediately rushed over, causing an emergency treatment of his wound.

“Blacktail, what happened, target?” The one-eyed man asked eagerly.

“The other side has a secret master, and all but me of our team have been killed.” The way niggers bite and cut their teeth.

“S 'hit, how did this happen? ”

The one-eyed man slapped his thigh, resentful, and then asked, "Which way did he escape? ”

The black man pointed in the direction of Sholo's departure: "Jung-dong! ”

One-eyed strong man waved: “Leave two to look after Blacktail, the rest follow me! ”


One line responded neatly.

“Blacktail, rest well, I'll make him regret coming into the world.” The one-eyed man patted the black man on the shoulder.

“Careful, he's got a sniper gun in his hand. It's a good shot!” Negroes are solemnly reminded.

“I get it. ”

One-eyed strong man made a gesture and led a group of people to the straight east. At the same time, he took out a walkie-talkie to report to the leader of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps, “Boss, Blacktail was ambushed and missed, and the target was fleeing in the northeast direction. ”

The walkie-talkie was quiet for a moment, seemed to be thinking, and then the dull voice sounded again: "Hunt at all costs! ”

There are only eight short words, but with an intense killing machine and determination.


The One-Eyed Strong Man's Command, with a strong killer in his eyes, more than a dozen people, like a predatory group of hungry wolves, scattered among these dense woods and chased after Sholo and Chu Moon.


Surprised by the experience, Chu Yue, the girl who grew up with the gold key, was shocked like never before. She didn't even know she had been rescued by Sholo until her nose could no longer smell the fox smell on the black man, so she looked up and the whole person was stunned.

“Shaw... pretending to be a pervert? ”

Apricot eyes stared, she was shocked by this sudden arrival, a small mouth almost looked like a small round hole, no wonder, Sholo actually saved himself, didn't he leave himself to run away?

“Sister Chu, if you don't want to be tarnished by those western men, you better shut your mouth or I won't mind throwing you away to them!” Sholo coldly said, if he hadn't promised Chu Yunxiong, he would have only walked away. He didn't like Chu Yue, and he didn't really like her.

“Pretending to be a pervert, you... I... I'll bite you! ”

Chu Yue Qi, open his mouth, bite down towards Sholo's shoulder, two neat rows of silver teeth, deeply embedded in Sholo's skin.

Sholo was in pain, shook her teeth open hard, and her face was full of frost: "You really think I wouldn't dare leave you? ”


Chu Yue's body shocked, his eyes were frightened, and then he hugged Sholo like an octopus, in total disregard of the rule of distinction between men and women, "I listen to everything you say, pretend to be a criminal, please don't leave me! ”

The talented black and bloody images deeply stimulated her brain nerves. The impact was no less than the collapse of the world and the near collapse of her spirit for her, and Sholoh's appearance was like a rope descending from the sky after drowning, causing her to die and grasp it, while feeling a tremendous surprise. In Sholoh's arms, there was an indescribable sense of security.

“You should be thanking yourself for having a good father! ”

Sholo lowered his head and said, again with Chu Yue running fast in the midst of the forest. If it wasn't for Chu Yunhong's appreciation, he wouldn't have taken the task.

When I heard that, Chu Yue was stunned. It turns out that Sholo was her father, Chu Yunhong, who sent him to protect her.

No wonder she looked like Sholoh the other night? No wonder Sholo was acting weird at school, making her feel like she was stalking her? Turns out everything was because Sholo was trying to keep her safe.

At this moment, she understood everything.

All of a sudden, there was a strange emotion coming out of her heart, an unspeakable feeling, a mix of feelings.

“Hold on tight!” A whisper pulled her back to reality.

Sholoh's running torso jumped like a tiger over a stream three metres wide.

Chu Yue can clearly feel the landing process, like swinging a swing. Oh, no, it's even more exciting than swinging a swing, because she can still see a stream that is seven or eight meters down, and this gentle stream is like a waterfall hidden in a thick forest in this mountainous hill.


She couldn't help but scream, holding Sholo in her arms dead and afraid to fall.

“Wouldn't you women do anything but scream?” Sholo looked cold and reprimanded.

Chu Yuechan shed tears and looked at him grudgingly: “I don't want to, but I really can't help it, it's too scary. ”

“Close your eyes if you think it's scary!” Sholo drinks cold.

Chu Yue bit his red lip and then buried his entire face in Sholo's chest.

“Target spotted, approximately 500 meters ahead, loaded and ready for battle!” The One-Eyed Man holds his pistol tight, speeds up pursuit, and delivers commands to his team members.

Sholo could not understand more about what was going on behind him. Blackwater's mercenaries were really troublesome. If it was him alone, getting rid of them would be an easy thing to do. Coupled with Chu Yue, it would be harder. No matter how fast he was, he would never be faster than the Red Scorpion mercenary group that was being chased lightly.

We have to find a way!

Sholo looked around, his eyebrows locked, and he thought of a solution. If Chu Moon could be put in a safe place for now, he alone would be 100% sure to kill the mercenaries who chased him.

Running away, a small river was encountered because of the bushes, the river was full of sludge, and as soon as a person walked, it stirred up a pitch of black.

There it is!

Sholo's eyes lit up. He saw the beautiful woman holding him tight. He had to make her suffer and, by the way, avenge the humiliation she had inflicted on him at the prom that day.


“Can't you hide here? It's cold! ”

The weather after autumn is not cold, hot or hot, but the river water in this deep mountain is very cold. Chu Moon, who had been lying in half the sludge as Sholo had asked, trembled cold, the poor Shoshoro said.

“Unless you want to be eaten and vomited, you have to hide here. ”

Sholo handed her a hollow reed tube and said seriously, "Forty minutes at most. No, I can handle the mercenaries in 20 minutes, and then you can come out. ”