Peerless Genius System

Chapter 80 Hunting Time

Chu Yue's heart struggled for a moment and finally decided to listen to Sholo and hide in this filthy sludge.

“Don't forget me, I'm afraid I can't climb out! ”

Slowly falling backwards, sounding like a mosquito fly, but with clear words in Schollo's heart, perhaps every man will feel sorry for such a beautiful child.


Sholoh covered her with silt, hid her whole body in a harsh and solid manner, and then headed towards the river, which was not large, and the water was not deep, only to the thighs.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft.”

A sound of footsteps entered Chu Yue's ear, as if someone was walking in her ear, shocking her not even breathing in the atmosphere.

The one-eyed man looked at the muddy footprints by the rock, big and small, his eyes couldn't help but squint and burst out a chilly ray: “They did go from here, cunning guy, as long as he walked downstream along the river water, we definitely can't find him in a short time, fast, downstream spread apart, as long as he saw the river water cloudy, he squeaked, he carried a woman, there is absolutely no way faster than us. ”

A pedestrian rushed downstream.

Experience is a good thing, but sometimes it kills people, like right now, what Sholoh wants is for them to spread out.

Without the constraints of Chu Moon, Sholo ran twice as fast, directly transformed into a ghost of the dense forest, and the ghost disappeared, and began his hunt.


“What an evil door. Where the hell is that guy? I haven't seen a shadow for so long! ”

“Well, it's amazing how you can avoid us with a woman. ”

Two members of the Red Scorpion Mercenary Corps searched around, feeling very unlucky, and they didn't notice a vine creeping down silently from a branch trunk on a tree and pulling it over the head of one of the red-handed men.

Tight neck, the red-handed man subconsciously went to touch, a powerful force pulled him up, his neck was as hard to breathe as a rope, he could not even make a sound, struggled with horror, reached out to photograph the companion walking in front, only unfortunately the companion had taken two steps away, his hand was just a few inches short.

His face turned red into a pig's liver color and he watched his companion walk forward.


The whole man was hung up by a tree, and the light went through the dense leaves, and the red-faced man saw a handsome, indifferent face, his eyes glaring horribly, exhaling hard, but the air was like solidified and generally unable to enter his trachea.

The red-handed man looked at Sholo, full of pain, the hand on the walkie-talkie was being gently pinched by Sholo at this moment, unable to move, struggling with weaker hands and feet, living rope around his neck, the tighter he struggled, so that he could experience death in hypoxia.

The white man walking ahead finally realized something was wrong. Turn around. Huh?

“Red ghost? Red ghost?”

He shouted out loud two times around, and no one responded. His voice came out as if it had been devoured by a monster hiding in the dark, with no response. This time, he panicked completely, keeping a close watch around him, reporting to the Cyclops through the walkie-talkie.

“Eagle, the Red Ghost is gone, the Red Ghost is gone! ”

“What's missing, the Red Ghost is right behind you, and the location system shows that you two are overlapping!” The walkie-talkie sounded like a one-eyed man.

As a mercenary regiment with good weapons, advanced positioning systems are naturally available, and one person is a red dot, displayed on a watch.

What, coincide?

The white man was frightened by a cold sweat and looked up unconsciously. Only one person was seen hanging on the tree. It was his companion, the red-faced man, whose pale face was full of horror, his tongue stretched out to the elder.


Suddenly his scalp was numb and white instincts screamed backwards.

“White Monkey, what's going on? Answer me!” In the walkie-talkie, the one-eyed man's voice approached the roar.

“The Red Ghost was hanged on a tree, requesting backup, requesting backup...”

White man's teeth couldn't help fighting, not waiting for him to finish, a sharp dagger came out of his chest bloody, then quickly pulled out of his back, the knife not only pierced his front chest and back, but also precisely pierced his heart.

“Pfft ~”

Hot blood shot from the wound, the expression on the white man's face solidified, his eyes open, and he fell into the bloodstream in horror.

“White Monkey, come in, come in!” The headphone-type walkie-talkie is echoing the anxious shouts of a one-eyed man.

Sholo had no expression on his face, his right foot lifted, and he pressed hard. The walkie-talkie was instantly torn apart, and the precision parts inside were scattered everywhere.

“Eleven more! ”

Lifting her eyes, she looked at the distant forest and muttered to herself, then jumped on the tree like a spiritual ape and disappeared. Only a few leaves were shaken down by the branches and drifted down like goose fur.

“S hit! ”

The one-eyed man scolded, and then ordered the members, "Everyone to the white ape and the red ghost, now, go! ”


There was a series of responses on the walkie-talkie.

At the same time, the police receiving the party's admiration of their call sent out a large number of police forces, sounding a harsh alarm and coming all the way to Wild Pig Ridge.

“Gu team, the other side has sniper guns, it doesn't look like ordinary criminals, we...”

“Whoever dares to do something in our River City will not keep our people's police inspectors in sight, pass on the order, let the major divisions dispatch elite police forces to the wild boar ridge at the fastest speed, form a Tianluo earthly network, not to mention people, or even a flying insect don't let me out. ”

In a police car, in a police uniform, Gu Qian Lin Lei walked in the wind.

Fresh and beautiful appearance, bright and refreshing figure, smooth short hair, hair behind ears, elegant eyes as pure as water, jealous glow at this moment.


One-eyed strongman walking toward the location of the white ape and the red ghost, but the intercom sounded unidentified, like a sand dumb noise from a duck whose throat had been slit, and then the red dots stopped one after the other.

“Damn, what the hell happened? ”

Though it must be bad to know, the one-eyed man still wants to see what happened.

When they arrived at the white apes and the red ghosts and saw the white men pouring in the blood and the red-handed men hanging from the trees, a line of people turned colorful and horrified, and at the same time, there were only eight people left who really gathered together.

For them, this moment, the grass is full of soldiers, as if the enemy was moving deep in the forest.