Peerless Genius System

Chapter 83: Shout the Slogan Who Won't

Chu Yunxiong first came to Wild Pig Ridge after learning of the attack on Chuyue. When the police found Chuyue, he also happened to arrive.

More than fifty men in standard suits stood on their backs with a cold look on their faces. Chu Yunhong stood in front of them, not tall, slightly blessed, and showed a young gentle smile on his face, engraved with the marks of the years, because he saw his daughter Chu Yue intact.

“Old fool, I thought I'd never see you again, whoops...”

Chu Yuehong fell into Chu Yunhong's arms and wept. Her delicate body shivered like a frightened deer. This afternoon's experience frightened her. She witnessed the scene of the dead, and also experienced what a cruel battlefield you were dying in. She felt like she had walked from hell once.

“It's all right. It's all over. It's all right! ”

Chu Yunhong drowned and patted Chuyue's back comforting, cloudy old eyes appeared deeply self-blamed, he brought all this disaster to his daughter, if he could, he would rather bear all of it himself, if this Chuyue accident, he would not forgive himself for life.

“The ancient team, which found the bodies of seventeen foreigners, was supposed to be mercenaries, depending on their clothing and the weapons they carried. ”

On the other hand, Officer Little Wang is reporting what he knows so far to Gu Qian Lin, "Our Special Police are conducting a carpeted search of Wild Pig Ridge and will report back to us as soon as new discoveries are made. ”

“Seventeen mercenaries who killed Chuyue's bodyguard?” Gu Qian Lin asked.

Officer Wang shook his head: “No, Miss Chu Yue's two bodyguards were shot and knocked out. ”

“If it wasn't for them, who would it be? Is there anyone there besides Chu Yue and her bodyguard?” Gu Qian Lin's face was full of doubt.

“It is unclear that the party who called the police solely said that there were a group of mercenaries to the detriment of Miss Chu Yue, without mentioning that there were others, and that our special police had so far found no trace of others.” Little Wang said.

Gu Qian Lin glanced at Chu Yue, trying to figure out who killed the seventeen mercenaries and asked Chu Yue to be safe is the most straightforward way. Whatever she thought, she did it. Without fear, the more than 50 black-coated bodyguards walked up to Chu Moon and asked sincerely: "Miss Chu, can you tell me who saved you? ”

Chu Yue unconsciously said Sholo's name, but then he realised Sholo's instructions when he left. Although he didn't know why, he immediately braked the car and shook his head: “I don't know, I... I don't know anything. ”

“Officer Gu, my daughter is frightened. If you want to talk, wait some time! ”

Chu Yunhong guarded Chu Yue behind him, his words in an irresistible tone, and then ignored Gu Qian Lin, to Chu Yuedao, “Xiao Yue, let's go home. ”

After walking into a Land Rover Land Cruiser accompanied by Cold Commander and Cold Woo, more than fifty bodyguards, such as trained soldiers, got into the car without a trace and flew in a row.

“Tsk... This faction is really unpredictable, it's Mr. Chu! ”

Inspector Wang and the other police officers looked at it with admiration. I'm afraid they won't have this kind of head in their lifetime. More than 50 bodyguards, all special soldiers discharged from the military, can carry guns, not to mention Jiangcheng. Even if they look at the whole of China, the merchants may be able to count all ten fingers for this special treatment.

“If you envy me, you can resign. I will approve immediately. You can do business like Chu Yunhong. I wish you success in advance.” Gu Qian Lin said with her hands behind her back.

Officer Wang closed his envy and smiled embarrassingly: "Gu team, I'm kidding.” Then he stood up seriously and raised his head with his chest upright. "I Wang Hanxuan was a policeman for a day, and I was a policeman for life. I did not share the day with evil! ”

Gu Qian Lin kicked up with a rude foot and said, "Who wouldn't? Don't do anything under me. Don't do anything wrong, you hear me? ”


Wang Hanxuan endured a spicy pain in his ass and responded loudly.

At this point, a report from the SWAT team leader sounded on the walkie-talkie: "Six armed men were spotted fleeing in a south-westerly direction! ”

Guqian Linda frowned, picked up the walkie-talkie and said resolutely: “Bite them dead, and be careful, professional mercenaries will set mines during the escape, don't get hit. ”

“Yes, Gusteau! ”

“All units are ordered to perimeter immediately in a south-westerly direction, and it is imperative that those armed elements remain! ”

After issuing the order, Gu Qian Lin put on the bulletproof vest and led the team to the reinforcement. Pu Huan made Wang Hanxuan and a dry policeman stare at each other. He thought: This is a truly super flower. It's beautiful and too tough.


Sholo was naturally also in the police perimeter, although he had knocked out a special police officer and quickly changed his clothes.

After wearing a bulletproof helmet, it would be difficult for the other SWAT officers to find him fake for a moment. While the SWAT's attention was all southwest, he quietly reached the perimeter of the perimeter and then left Wild Pig Ridge on a trail.

“I hope that Chu Yue didn't betray me, or else we'd be in trouble!” Sholoman muttered to himself.

If the police knew that he had killed seventeen mercenaries by himself, they would have put him on the list of dangerous persons. He was not a veteran, and he was not a member of a political organization, but had the strength to do so. The police would have reassured him that he would not have done so, and that he would have been forced to confess everything by torture.

He fears being blacklisted by the government because he is still slightly concerned by the police, and will be watched for every move he makes in the future.

Anyone who believes in the genius system will be taken for a psychopath!


Stealing from a farmer's house in a small mountain village... Oh no, I took a set of clothes and changed my outfit again before hitchhiking back to Huano. The first time I killed someone, I didn't feel much at the time, but now I feel a little uncomfortable.

“System, what's wrong with me, the mercenary king's physique has changed my mind, how can I be uncomfortable with killing people?” Sholo asks in bed.

“Ding, although the mercenary king's body has changed the host's mind, you still can't change the fact that you killed for the first time, and there will be some discomfort as normal behavior.” The bright female voice of the system rang in my head.

Me or me?

Sholoh then relieved himself and worried that he would become someone else because he had acquired all kinds of abilities. Now he seemed to be worried that all that had been gained was abilities, and that his nature, self and super I would not be affected in any way, that he would always be him.