Peerless Genius System

Chapter 90: Powerlessness

“Dude, that girl seems to be calling you!” The taxi driver turned around and pointed to Chuyue in the distance, he said.

Sholo shook his head and denied: "You're wrong, I don't know her. ”


The taxi driver nodded suspiciously and slowly started the car.

Sholo put his elbows on the door of the car, holding his fist against the parchment, staring indifferently out the window, the sound of rain leaching, it is easy for people to calm down and think about things, past, present, future, this atmosphere slows down the fast pace of life.

“Stop the car! Stop the car! ”

Chu Yue shouted a few times, but the taxi didn't mean to stop. With the taillight on, he slowly drove away. She stamped her feet and stepped on the throttle and chased towards the taxi.

Although the performance of the two cars is not comparable at all, the skill of the taxi drivers, coupled with the low number of vehicles on the rainy road at night, the taxi speed is very fast. Chu Moon chased after it for half a day before catching up, and the trumpet prompted the driver to stop.

“This is…”

The driver looked at the three series BMW in the rearview mirror with confusion, so.

Just as he was about to pull over, Sholo took a hundred bucks out of his pocket and said to him, "Get rid of the car in the back. This hundred bucks is yours. ”

Shit, what's going on? How do you feel about making a movie?

The driver couldn't help but mumble. He was a fan of drama and had seen all kinds of TV shows, and the situation was very similar to that in a rhetorical TV show he had seen before.

But he quickly returned to God and said bitterly: “No, this is the city. The speed limit of 40, 70 miles is already the limit, and soon he will be deducted from the photo fine. ”

“500! ”

Sholo was too lazy to talk to him and pulled out another four hundred bills.

“Gotta go, man! ”

The driver immediately hung up on the high-speed gear and stepped on the throttle, the engine growled and the taxi's speed blinked soarely from 70 to 100 miles. The speeding fine is up to 300, there is no need to deduct points on the mobile phone software. He can make at least 200 more. If he is lucky and not caught, he will make 500 more. Driven by this profit, he still cares about the gross traffic rules.

Looking at himself getting further and further away from the taxi, Chu Yue chewed his teeth and switched the vehicle to motion mode. The red BMW injected an energy, like a charm, and chased it up towards the taxi.

It took more than a taxi in just two or three seconds, and then a beautiful tail shake stopped 50 or 60 metres in front of the taxi, and the whole car was on the road.


The driver was frightened, emergency brake, rainy road slipped, even if there was an anti-lock system, the car slipped out in the emergency brake state, dragging out two scorched black marks on the ground.

Fortunately, the two cars did not collide, and the taxi stopped five or six metres away from the red BMW and the driver was frightened and sweaty.

At this time, Chu Yue pushed the door down from the BMW and ran to the front of the taxi, shouting to the taxi: "Get out of here! ”

Pretending to be a pervert?

Who is it? The man in the back?

The driver was stunned with his face and looked in the mirror at Sholo sitting in the back seat.

At this time, Sholo did not mention how depressing it was. The driver fastened his seat belt. The emergency brake just now had no effect on him. But he, suddenly, couldn't prevent it, hit his forehead firmly behind the front seat. Although there were no red swelling bags or anything like that, his forehead was a hot pain.

“Pretend to be a thug, come out! ”

Chu Yue still stood in the rain shouting, she did not have an umbrella, let the rain fall down, the white school uniform on her body was all wet, the black chest coat appeared, the white skin inside was also closely attached to the clothes, the perfect figure curve was so outlined.

Dark hair dropped weakly, and the pretty face was full of rain beads, making people look heartbroken.

The door opens and Sholoe walks down the car with an umbrella on his face without expression.

An umbrella with one hand on his trouser pocket walked past Chuyue, elegant as a courteous gentleman, but a black shirt with black casual pants adds a touch of evil to him in black.

“Pretending to be a criminal...”

Seeing Sholo, Chu Yue's face showed a joyful smile. Despite her wet body, she walked to Sholo and lifted Sholo's hand. "Come on, come with me. Everyone is waiting for you. ”

Her present mood is as if something precious had been lost and her panicked heart had settled down once she saw Sholo.

But Sholo stood still, and no matter how she pulled, he wouldn't move his golden feet.

“Back where? Huano?” Sholo's face was filled with a mocking smile.

“You... didn't my father send you to protect me?” Chu Yue opened his apricot eyes and looked at him with dismay. His heart was struck with a knife.

“You are safe now and no longer need my protection.” Sholo's faint way.

Chu Yue's whole body stood still, as if her soul had pulled away her body in the moment, her brain was blank, she didn't know what to say to save Sholo, she didn't even know why she came here at all costs, just because this man saved her from those demons?

No, no, she started trying to like a boy for the first time, but the boy faced her with an indifferent look and a cold tone.

“Go back to school. ”

Sholo persuaded her to wipe away the slightest ripple from her heart. Her face was cold and frosty. "I have my own business to do. As a student, you should have your own business. Don't waste your time on one of my outsiders! ”

After that, he turned around and walked away without a hint of remorse, even if he was somewhat intransigent, and he had to cut it all off and start a new life.

However, Chu Yue reached out and grabbed his arm dead.

Choking: “Let's... go back together, I beg you to pretend to be forced criminals... I was bad before, I shouldn't have done that to you, now I know I'm wrong, I'm sorry to tell you, don't leave us... Zhu Xiaofei, Dinkai, Huang Ruran, they are all waiting for you..."

Sadness that cannot be said, heartache that cannot be said, Chu Yue does not know what is wrong with her, she is so arrogant, why would she cry in front of a boy, become not like her at all, the delicate makeup on her face has long been used, revealing a pale and powerless face.

Sholo twisted her head, watched her dress soaked and her hair messed up, but there was no way to comfort her.