Peerless Genius System

Chapter 95: A Wake Up

Honestly, Sholo doesn't want to make such a bluff. If there is a car, there is a car. If there is no car, there is no car, but Zhang Dashan forcibly describes the car as his. He can't explain the real situation directly now, otherwise the atmosphere would be quite embarrassing.

“I also asked randomly, and it doesn't matter if it's not easy to answer. ”

Sun Yu felt that she had asked an overly offensive question. She was also the first time she had ever been in a relationship. She didn't know what to say. She was just curious and couldn't help but ask. Now she feels embarrassed.

“Around 120,000! ”

Sholo replied that he naturally knew how much it cost to run the car with Zhang Dashan.

“It's so expensive, like we're nurses, we don't know when we'll be able to afford it.” Sun Yu lowered his head slightly.

“As you say, you nurses have a lot of benefits and bonuses. It should be easy to get $5,000 a month. It shouldn't take long to save enough money to buy a car.” Sholo talked to her and generally felt that the girl was fine, at least she wouldn't offend him.

Sun Yu smiled bitterly: "Sister Ruyi has so many, but I am new here. Now the wages are just enough to support herself. ”

“It's okay, take your time.” Sholo consoled.

“Hmm” Sun Yiu nodded.

See the two protagonists talking, Zhang Dashan, Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren are very conscious to keep quiet, that's what they want.

More than ten minutes later, we arrived at our destination, a self-service barbecue shop.

You can eat unlimited amounts of meat inside for as little as $65 per person, all kinds of meat are yours, in addition to seafood, pastries, drinks and fruits. The interior is very decorative, looks classy, 65 bucks to enjoy a barbecue, a lot of people can't afford it, so Sholo, when they come in, they're already full.

But lucky for them, they just had a table to eat and were ready to get up and leave.

“Tang Ren, go grab your seat. If you get robbed by those people, you can sleep on the couch for Grandma Ben tonight!” When Xiao Ruyi saw that there was another group of people staring at the table, he immediately called Tang Ren.

Sleeping on the couch?

How can this be done?

Tang Ren was like a horsepower motor. He ran over to the table like a gust of wind. Unfortunately, when the crowd just walked to the table, he sat down on his ass and looked up and laughed. “Sorry, there's someone at the table! ”

“Tang Ren, the speed of this thing can be wow, Scud.” Zhang Dashan exclaimed.

“Of course he can. He's the champion of the 100-meter sprint race at our hospital.” Xiao Ruyi proudly said.

Sholo laughed and didn't speak. He just remembered his mother's assessment of Tang Ren: he didn't look like a 24-year-old man, he looked like a high school student.

Objective evaluation, Tang Ren does look very small, green from head to toe, just like a teenager growing up, just looking at his face, can't really believe that he is 24 years old.


Since it is a self-service barbecue, the ingredients are of course of their own choice.

Zhang Dashan took seafood directly, gate crabs, squid, oysters… etc., he hugged a large table.

“With a big face, can you eat so much?” Xiao Ruyi could not help but doubt him.

“Of course I can't eat it all by myself. Isn't that your brother?” Zhang Dashan patted Sholo's shoulder canal.

Sholobai glanced at him: "If you take so much, even with me, I'm afraid you won't be able to finish it. ”

“It's okay, and me, I can eat seafood.” Sun Yiu giggled.

“How much can you eat?” Zhang Dashan joked.

Sun Yu thought about it and then pointed at the large pile of seafood on the table and said, “I can eat at least half of it. ”

The words scared Sholo. Most of the girls nowadays probably won't say they can eat especially. Unlike them, Sun Yu spoke very straightforwardly, adding a good feeling to his heart.

“Brother, let's take a picture! ”

Xiao Ruyi took out his phone, walked to Sholo's face, then pounded his little mouth, the mumps drummed like a river pig, took a picture with Sholo, and then sent a circle of friends, entitled: Me and my handsome brother.

“Sister Luo, why don't you just shoot with old Shaw and not with me?” Zhang Dashan gave in.

Xiao Ruyi went back to the circle of friends with various comments, while returning to Zhang Dashan: “I can't put down your face on my phone screen. ”

Zhang Dashan's face suddenly darkened. He looked like he had no love at all. Didn't he say his face was big again?


Sun Yiu, as she said, really could eat seafood. Soon, the seafood debris and bones in front of her were piled up in a hill.

“Here comes the shrimp! ”

At this point, whoever shouted, the entire barbecue store boiled down, and a bunch of bees poured towards the place where the ingredients were placed.

Sholodin's eyes glanced at the barbecue shop staff pushing a large basin of live river shrimp in a trolley.

“Tang Ren, grab it!” Xiao Ruyi commanded loudly.

His wife was killed, Tang Ren immediately dropped the food in his hand and took an empty dish and turned it into a Scud missile again.

But there was one person faster than him, Sun Yiu. When she heard someone shouting, she ran away without regard to her image, and then grabbed shrimp with a group of people, without any beauty.

It was really a surprise to Sholo, although it was only such a brief contact, but he thought this Sun Yiu was fine.

“Dude, what do you think of the cuckoo?” Xiao Ruyi took the opportunity to explore Sholo's tone.

Sholo said, "Don't do it, it's real. ”

“I agree with you that no matter how much you like seafood, you can't eat so much in front of two strange men.” Zhang Dashan chewed the seafood meat and said to accompany it.

“Yeah, that's why I introduced her to my brother. ”

Xiao Ruyi smiled sweetly, “Xiao Yu has just come out to work and is still green in life, in some ways like a little girl who hasn't grown up. My brother is mature and steady, you guys are the perfect pair, because you can teach her slowly so that she can take fewer turns, don't be like me, wait for the painful price to know what kind of man is good. ”

At the end of the day, the light in your eyes has become a little dark.

Sholo knows what his sister is talking about.

A few years ago, Xiao Ruyi was young and rebellious. She felt she had grown up and did not need the family to teach her what to do and what not to do. She often went out with some men in the middle of the night, and the aesthetics were different from ordinary girls. She felt that men who tattooed, killed Matt, smoked and hung around were cool and handsome.

Eventually, in exchange for an abortion, she woke up happy to meet Tang Ren, a fool who didn't dislike her, loved her, and treated her like a princess.