Peerless Genius System

Chapter 97: Hundred Thousand Wins Two Million

The seven or eight men who were beating Sun Jiannan were surrounded by the regiment. They didn't look well. Just a word from Manager Geng, they would let Sholo taste the fist taste.

Sun Yu wiped away the tears in the corner of her eyes and looked at Sholo in a dazed manner. At this moment, her heart was like knocking over a five-flavoured bottle. Everything tasted like nothing but sweetness.

Sholo, whom she just met today, was not very familiar, and she came across this kind of thing. It felt really embarrassing. She didn't know what to do. Uncle owed two million gambling debts. She didn't have that much money to pay it off. However, she couldn't watch her uncle get killed, and she didn't want Sholo to get into this mess.

Sun Jiannan's nose was swollen and his mouth was still stained with blood. When he saw a strange newborn come forward for himself, he said: “Thank you, little brother, this is my business, don't come in...”

As a regular casino guest, he knew very well what these people were doing. It was the devil who didn't spit on his bones. He didn't want to hurt Sholo.

Manager Geng laughed: “Do you hear me? Don't drink or eat alcohol, just delete the video and get as far away from me as you can! ”

These people are old gas bars, and the police can't even deter them.

Sholo picked up the void and asked, “How much does he owe you? ”

“Two million! ”

Manager Geng stretched out his fingers, then his eyes squinted and smiled. “Why, are you going to pay him back? ”

“Why should I pay him back?" I don't have that kind of money. ”

Sholo said, "But I know his niece, and now that this has happened, I can't ignore it. ”

Manager Geng and the other seven men looked at him like fools. He said, "Look at what you said. I don't know who you think is the big guy with the face. You can't ignore it. You're just a poor kid. What the fuck are you doing here?"

“Debt repayment, scripture and justice, what do you want to do?” Manager Geng grinned.

“Give me half an hour, I'll give you two million chips, and the debt he owes you will go away.” Sholoway.

He could have taken Sun Yiu's uncle by force, but these casino owners were local snakes and would never stop. He could have stopped for a while, but not for a lifetime. The most fundamental solution was to cancel the debt between them.

Manager Geng was an expert, and suddenly returned to God: "How many games do you want to play in my casino to win two million chips? ”

“What, I don't deserve to go in?” Sholo asked back.

“Hey hey... sure, as long as you're an adult, there's nothing wrong with that, just... do you have any money?” Manager Geng had a bigger smile on his face.

In a high-end casino like their own, each table has a dealer who is a specially trained casino master, who wants to win two million dollars by gambling. It's not bullshit, it's daydreaming or his grandmother's big dream.

The other seven men had the same smile, the funniest joke they had ever heard since they worked in the casino.

Sholo took a card out of his inner pocket: "There's 100,000 in there. Is that enough to get into your casino? ”


Manager Geng stunned and laughed even more: “Our starting bet here is 10,000, of course 100,000 is enough, please go inside. ”

I made a gesture and had the money to send it to me on my own initiative. There was absolutely no reason to refuse.

“Shologo, don't go! ”

At this time, Sun Yiu grabbed Sholo's corner of clothes, and his fine face was full of worry and embarrassment. “They specialize in casinos. You can't bet on them. You should save 100,000 yuan to do something for yourself. Ten gambling and nine losing, you can't win inside, you will lose all. My uncle owes them two million, and I'll find a way to work it out with my family, and I only met Shologo today, and Shologo doesn't have to do that. ”

How could she reasonably look at this young man who had not known her long enough to give her so much?

Sholo laughed. If he had just stepped out because of his own masculinity, now he was determined to help Sun Yiu. The girl was really real and looked particularly smooth.

“It's okay, I don't do things I'm not sure about. ”

While saying this, a genius system tone sounded in my head: Ding, congratulations to the host on acquiring a gambling ability that consumes 500 points.

“Ha ha... the hero is a teenager, this little brother is really big, please go inside! ”

Manager Geng laughed. Now that Sholo is a customer, his attitude has been reversed one hundred and eighty degrees. He ordered his men to keep quiet. "Watch Sun Jiannan, don't let him run away. ”

$100,000 to $2 million. That's 20 times that. Is that possible? Two hundred percent impossible, of course, or he'll just declare the casino closed. In his mind, Sholo was defined as an idiot, and only an idiot would delude himself into turning 100,000 into two million through gambling.

Therefore, it is very necessary to keep an eye on Sun Jiannan!

“Let go of me, I'm going in with you.” Sun Jiannan struggled several times to shout.

Manager Geng waved and showed his men to let Sun Jiannan go.

The three of them went in exactly as he wished. One can watch Sun Jiannan, and the second can also see how the young man in front of him lost 100,000 yuan. The hard money lost a fine light in a few minutes. I'm sure the expression on his face will be wonderful.


The casino is decorated like a palace. It can be described as a rich palace. The floor is spotless and the reflection can be seen walking up there.

Sholo actually had more than a million, but he realized that eggs couldn't all be in the same basket, so the other million wasn't on the card. Enter the password and replace the 100,000 inside with gambling chips.

“Shoroko, you're going to make me uncomfortable. ”

Sun Yan's heart was burning, but at the same time she was moved. However, it was more disturbing. How could her uncle's debt go into the water? Sholo is not her person. Why should she?

“Little brother, it's not too late to stop now. A hundred thousand dollars is a huge sum for us ordinary people. Don't be impulsive. I will bear the evil consequences of my own planting.” Sun Jiannan's eyes were gloomy.

Sholo smiled and didn't talk.

Then, walk straight to a dice-sized gambling table.

In the past, he saw the two dice numbers of 1, 3 and 5. The dealer covered the box and shook it up. Closed his eyes, his ears immediately locked the frequency of swinging inside the box, and felt carefully everything that happened when the dice rolled inside.

After redeeming his gambling abilities, he closed his eyes and listened with his ears, and the box was as transparent as it had become, and he could clearly see the dice shaking inside and the points displayed.