Peerless Genius System

Chapter 99: Naturally Lucky

The new dice artist continues to take Zhuang, but Sholoh has not placed any more bets since he sat down. The other gamblers are in a hurry and the losers have begun to curse.

“Brother, are you playing or not? You can't bet five in a row. ”

“He probably feels unlucky and doesn't dare bet. ”

“Alas... I thought I met a lucky star today, I could go after him. That's what happened. It's so blind. ”

Sholo was deaf to their words and then whispered a few words in Sun Jiannan's ear.

“Is this... is this gonna work?” Sun Jiannan's face showed a difficult expression.

“Just do it.” Sholoway.

The new dice artist smiled softly with his nose. The result of the dice was in his hands. No matter how much Schollo bet, there was no way he could have won the money again.

“Wow, wow, wow!”

The dice was violently shaken by him, pressing the box steadily against the table after seven or eight seconds.


Sholo called for a drink, powerful.

Keeping an eye on his gamblers ecstatic, he did not hesitate to press the chips on top of the big one.

Sholo shouted but did not place a bet. Instead, Sun Jiannan behind him quickly took a million chips from his face and rushed over to a gambling table next to him, squeezing a position and re-placing a million chips on 'Big’.

“Four, five, six, big! ”

The loud voice of the housekeeper next to the table came out.

The new dice master over here opened his eyes and looked at Sholoh like a monster. I can't believe Sholoh could still hear the dice at the next table and calculate the results accurately.

“Enjoy yourselves! ”

Sholo smiled at the dice master and left.

When Sholoh put two million chips on Geng's table, Geng's triangular eyes stared at Sholoh, couldn't say what the mood was, how can he say it, the sun went down the dog, he really didn't expect Sholoh to do it, less than 20 minutes, 100,000 into two million, and more than 600,000, can you fucking believe that?

“He owes you gambling debts. Can we settle them now?” Sholo raised his eyebrows.

Manager Geng sucked on the corner of his mouth and slapped the tabletop: “Boy, are you cheating? ”

If you win $2 million, you win $2 million. What do you think of them as casinos, big money owners?

Sholo smiled a little: “The dice are your people. I'm only responsible for guessing the results. Say I cheat. You teach me how to get out? ”

Manager Geng was said to be blushing. In fact, he didn't believe in Sholo's tricks. All the gamblers in the casino were monitored by the camera. If Sholo cheated, the staff in the casino could immediately find out, but if he didn't cheat, how could the other side bet correctly five times in a row? Lucky? This is bullshit!

“How the hell did you do that?” Manager Geng was like eating Sholo, staring dead at Sholo.

“I was born lucky, goodbye. ”

Sholo dropped the sentence, picked up 600,000 chips and turned around.

Manager Geng sat on the couch to bite his teeth, but there was nothing he could do. He couldn't beat the crap out of people. There were all the guests down there. Once the reputation of the casino was ruined, they were going to drink the northwest wind.


“Little brother, thank you, thank you! ”

Leaving the casino, Sun Jiannan wept, kneeling on the ground constantly kowtowed to Sholo and thanked him for his help.

Sholo lifted him up: “You don't look like a gambler. Why do you owe two million gambling debts? ”


Sun Jiannan sighed bitterly, “I am a store manager of Luofang store. When Luofang business used to be good, I could keep my monthly income at around 20,000. However, since the food safety incident in Luofang, customer traffic to our store suddenly dropped to the lowest point. Sometimes not one customer entered the store all day, and my income also dropped from 20,000 to 56,000. ”

Lo Fong?

Xiao Luowei was a little surprised. He didn't expect Sun Jiannan to be the manager of a store in Luofang. He then asked: "There should be no direct link between the rise and fall of wages and your gambling debt? ”

Sun Jiannan had a kind of mute eating yellow lotus, and had a painful feeling.

“Little brothers don't know, I bought a house in Jiangcheng loan, plus a car loan, fixed 15,000 a month, and my wife's wages are all for my two sons who are still in college, usually when the income is good, it's nothing, the family income and expenses are almost equal, but now my income has turned to five or six thousand, and the pressure just came up. ”

“Uncle, you have economic pressures, why didn't you tell us, Mom and Dad they can help you.” Sun Yudao.

Sun Jiannan grinned bitterly: “Grand niece, every family has their own pressure, borrowing once is OK, borrowing from your father every month, how can I be so kind as to say it? ”

“So you go gambling? ”

Sun Yan's emotions are a little excited. Even she knows that gambling hurts people. Why doesn't the uncle understand this? Gambling can't change fate, it only drags people into a bottomless abyss.

“At first I won more than 100,000, only later..." Sun Jiannan kept his voice down and closed his eyes with regret.

"Their dice have moved their hands and feet, with chips and positive and negative poles, and they can change the size of their dice to whatever they want, basically going to the casino will be completely homeless. ”

Sun Jiannan nodded his head: “After one lesson, I will never go into that place again in my life. ”

“I hope you really think so.” Sholo said.

After a few chills, Sun Jiannan took a taxi and left.

Sholo and Sun Yiu were left, the two walked side by side, but Sholo's thoughts came to an end. Lo Fang fell to the point where even the manager's salary was only five or six thousand. Isn't the others even lower?

At this time, Sun Yu quickly ran to a roadside retail store, bought paper and pen, and quickly wrote a few lines on it.

Sholo did not know what she was doing and was waiting for the exit to ask, and she handed over the paper that had written the letter.

At first glance, it clearly says the word "owed”, which is: Sholo owes two million yuan now, owed by Sun Yiu.

The words are beautiful and neat, and they are as good as their people.

“Shologo, I'll pay you back two million.” Sun Yiu said with a red lip.

Give it back?

Sholo shook his head and laughed: "No, I didn't lose anything. Instead, I made half a million dollars. ”

“No, you have to pay it back, or my conscience will be overwhelmed.” Sun Yu stubbornly said, she doesn't like to take advantage of other people, let alone a boy she just met.

“It's really not necessary. It shouldn't be you, it's your uncle. ”

“My uncle and I are a family, his debt is my debt, Shoroko, although I can't repay it all at once, but I can spare $2,000 a month. When I get paid higher in the future, I can spare more money, and the business at the uncle's shop will gradually improve, and one day we can repay it.” Sun Yu's beautiful peach blossom eyes are filled with determination.