Peerless Genius System

Chapter 100: Five Tiger Wolves

Sholo did not expect Sun Yiu to be so stubborn. He eventually stubbornly promised to put the arrears in his wallet.

He quietly measured the girl next to him, curved in body, with a lively and youthful smell all over her. The bag hanging on her shoulder, although not a name tag, matched her very well. Overall, he felt good about the girl.

Sun Yan similarly secretly observed him, the man's side face is very beautiful, handsome without losing his evil charm, especially his eyes, as deep as the night sky, long time, easy to get lost inside, at the same time, she felt that Sholo is very mysterious, can win more than 2 million with 100,000 funds, so deep is indescribable.

“Shoroko, how do you know how many points a casino dice will make?” She asked curiously.

Sholo hit a sloppy eye: “Just lucky. ”

“So I've been with Shologo for a long time. Will my luck change?” Sun Yu smiled and his eyes were like peach blossoms.

“I suppose so.” Sholoway.

When they look at each other, their hearts will laugh.

Half an hour later, the house was stopped in a small neighbourhood dedicated to providing rental accommodation for workers.

In fact, most of the houses are privately built. The layout of each building is not very good. It looks like a mess, and the house and the house are very tight next to each other. Wires and internet cables are very messy and the environment is really bad.

“I'm here. ”

Sun Yiu turned around to face Sholo and felt warm in his heart.

“Well, get up there. It's getting late. I should get back.” Sholoway.

Sun Yu reached out: “Sholo, give me your phone. ”

Sholo had a good impression of her, taking her cell phone out and putting it in her hand.

Sun Yu lowered his head, dialed Sholo's phone, then hung up, then returned it to Sholo, kept Sholo's number in his phone, sweet smile: “Okay, so we have contact information. ”

“Well, goodbye.” Sholo smiled.

Sun Yu nodded and ordered: “Be safe on the road and drive slowly. ”

Sholo responded with a weak and deafening voice and then turned away.

Sun Yu stood in place until he could no longer see Sholo's figure before walking into the hallway, just like after a date with his boyfriend, full of happiness and joy, walked halfway, stopped to think, then took out his phone, changed Sholo's phone number note name to ‘Big Debtor’.


After leaving the neighborhood where Sun Yiu lived, Sholo called Zhang Dashan and told him to drive over to pick him up.

At that time, seven or eight men walked in disgracefully, with sticks in their hands and a grim expression on their faces, and these men directly surrounded Sholo. Sholo recognized that these were the same people who had beaten Uncle Sun Yu in the casino.

“Something wrong?” Sholo asked in silence.

“Boy, you are a coward, you can get 100,000 yuan and a half hours before you get there a dozen times. Our manager is very upset. Ask our brothers to come and give you some blood, long memory, mind your own business, there is a price to pay.” Keeping the bullet, the man with the scar on his forehead said.

Sholo's eyes squinted slightly and snorted: “I'm in a good mood, I don't want to fight, you guys leave now, I won't bother you. ”

After hearing this, the men were silent for half a second and laughed out loud.

“Brother Panther, it looks like this guy's brain is not working, he's a psychopath, but he says it's not hard for us.” One man said to the bullet head.


The others laughed.

The bullethead man also laughed for a while, but the back color was heavy, throwing the smoke in his mouth on the ground, and giving the harsh order: "Fuck him! ”

Sixty-seven people looked hard and raised their hands to greet Sholo with steel pipes and wooden sticks.

“His grandmother can't get used to you people in the city to cheat less than you can do with the ball. ”

At this point, a loud voice sounded and the men were born to stop.

Sholo smelled fame, the five tiger wolf like man is excellent to come from far away, a height of more than 1 meters and 8, the only one walking in front of him is a little shorter, about 1 meters and 75, the figure is not strong, a little "Love Apartment" Lu Xiaobu feeling, but he seems to be the head of the other four, because he alone, can see wearing a large gold chain in the open collar.

The bullethead man looked at the five men in a good mood and did not dare to make a rash move. “Brother, which way is it? Don't be uncomfortable with the Dragon Gang! ”

Dragon gang?

Sholo frowned and always thought the words were familiar. Think about it a little. Remember, the last time a criminal group controlled children to beg also seemed to call themselves Dragon Gang people.

“Bang ~”

The man with the big gold chain raised his hand and slapped him on the face of the bullet.

This slap was very solid, no moisture at all, the clap was quite crisp and pleasant, and the bullet head man sucked directly, because the slap was too sudden, no sign, it was completely unprotected, no one could have guessed, this big gold chain man would actually do it.

Sholo raised his eyebrows and raised his mouth slightly, commenting in his heart: "Interesting! ”

The man with the big gold chain yelled out loud: “What dragon gang horse gang, I have never heard of it, don't feel uncomfortable looking? Even though we're from the country, it's not something you can bullshit about. ”

The bullethead man shook his head, and only then did he wake up. His face was sore and his eyes were about to erupt: “Do you dare fucking hit me? ”

“Hey... what's wrong with hitting you, hitting you because I can see you, hitting you because you should do what you do, hitting you because you peeked at the widow of the next village king... in the... bath...”

The man with the big gold chain said honestly, at the end of the day, his voice became smaller and smaller, because he realized that the more he said something wrong, as if he had gone to his village, he had to scratch his back of his head and scold, “His grandmother, how did you get into Wang's widow? ”

“Brother Feng, it is you who peeked at Wang's widow to take a bath. ”

“Yes, Brother Feng, why did you tell me your embarrassment? ”

“It's a good thing the people here don't know us, otherwise it's embarrassing. ”

Four companions laughed in a vocal manner.

The man with the big gold chain blushed, coughed dry, and shouted: “Throw a ball and peek at the Wang widow's bath. When I was a child, I took off my clothes and bathed with Red Red, and touched her little sister. I've blown it with you. ”

“Brother Feng, impressive, admirable! ”

“No wonder Red looked at you differently when we left the village and broke in. You guys have been private forever since you were little. ”

“I only have one word, cow, hahahaha...”

The eyes of the four showed endless admiration, thumbs up to praise the man with the big gold chain.