Peerless Genius System

Chapter 104: Silly Niko

“Brother, how are you and Yu Yu? Did they have any intimate contact when they left? ”

In the car, Xiao Ru asked with anticipation, a beautiful pupil filled with excitement.

Sholobai glanced at her and said, "What have you been thinking all day? Did Zhang Dashan break it? How did it get so dirty? ”

After listening to this, Zhang Dashan was unhappy immediately: “Shit, you really got shot lying down. What do you mean I broke it, even if it was bad, it was broken by your brother-in-law Tang Ren, okay? ”

“It's none of my business.” Tang Ren waved his hand and looked innocent.

“Don't make such a blank sheet of paper, go shopping mall, I watched you and Luo Xiu En Love are almost full, kissed and hugged, completely disregarding my feeling of hundreds of watts of electric bulbs.” Zhang Dashan looked at Tang Ren in the mirror.

“Open your face. What are you talking about? I bought you a bottle of Yida and it won't hold your mouth.” Xiao Ruyi pushed the back of Zhang Dashan's head with his mouth shut.


Sholo couldn't help but laugh, thinking that his sister was nobody else, and he bought gum to bribe people.

Zhang Dashan rolled his eyes: “Don't think I didn't know you thought I had bad breath before I bought it for you. ”

“Don't be, then give it back.” Xiao Ruyi reached out to get it back.

Zhang Dashan immediately put down his posture: “I'm kidding. Why are you taking this seriously? Besides, there's no reason to send anything back. ”


Xiao Ruyi snorted and ignored him, then took a paper bag from the base and handed it to Sholo. "Brother, I bought this for you. ”

“What did you buy?” Sholo brought it over.

“A sweater, the weather is about to turn cold, I don't want my brother to freeze.” Shaw Ruyi.

Sholo took a look, he liked the style, it was very relaxed, there was also a landscape pattern on the chest, the hands were nice and soft.

"Did you spend a lot of money? ”

“It doesn't cost much, like your boys' clothes are no more expensive than ours. ”

Xiao Ruyi laughed lightly, “This sweater can be worn externally or interiorly and goes well with the clothes, but it's best not to wash it with water and take it to the dry cleaner if it gets dirty, so that it doesn't damage its material and can be worn longer. ”

“Don't spend any money on me in the future, I will buy what I want. You and Tang Ren now form a family. Save some money. If a family doesn't even have any savings, it won't be hard to walk anywhere.” Sholo has a long way to go.

“Okay, okay, I get it. How come you're as nagging as Mom and Dad?” Xiao Ruyi muttered.

Sholoeboard's face: “Nagging is also for you and Tang Ren's sake. You can't be so casual when you get married. The two of you have to live a life of mutual tolerance and understanding. If you don't move, you can play the temper of a child. ”

“Brother, we will listen to you and live a good life. ”

Tang Ren and Xiao Ruyi had their fingers tied. He looked deeply at Xiao Ruyi, “It is my luck to marry Ruyi, I will take good care of her and not let her suffer a bit. ”


Sholo nodded and stopped talking, although he always felt his sister was not growing up, but she and Tang Ren still wanted them to go by themselves, he said there was no use in more.

Shortly afterwards, he arrived at Tang Ren and Xiao Ruyi's residence.

“Brother, if you feel good about Yu, you must go after her. There are many single male doctors in our hospital who are pursuing her in the dark. If you don't hurry, someone will rob you.” When he got out of the car, Shaw Ruyi made a deliberate suggestion to Shaw.

“Don't worry, I'll take good care of it.” Sholoway.

“Come on, man! ”

Xiao Ruyi gripped his fist and cheered Sholo up.


“Tell me the truth, how do you feel about Sun Ying? Do you want to call me?” Zhang Dashan began to be active when there were only two people left in the car.

Sholo looked out at the night view and said, "It's okay, you can learn more. ”

“Sister Sun Yiu is really nice, she is a water spirited person, and her skin is very white, it suits you very well.” Zhang Dashan nodded in favour.

Sholo smiled and turned the subject around: "By the way, how much did my sister pay me for this sweater? ”

“Nineteen hundred and ninety-nine.” Zhang Dashan immediately said it.

“What, nineteen hundred ninety-nine? ”

Sholo opened his eyes, he had long anticipated that the clothes were not cheap, but he didn't expect to spend almost 2,000 yuan. He didn't have to pay for it, but a sweater was only 1,999. How could he feel luxury and waste?

Zhang Dashan realized something now, and said with a sad face: “Shit, Sister Luo refused to let me tell you the real price, saying that if you asked me, I would have spent more than a hundred yuan, alas... my mouth, why can't I just control it? ”

He was saddened not to tell the truth, but because he swore an oath in front of Shaw Ruyi and a very vicious oath that, once the true price of the clothes was given, his heritage would be shortened by one centimeter every day until there was nothing left.

“Nor does she want to think that there is a label here, I can find out the price of it on the internet, can you hide it from me, this loser ghost girl, you and Tang Ren were there, why didn't you know to stop her at the time.” Schollo was even more distressed, having lived a hard life as a child, a luxury he could not enjoy.

“Stop an egg. Oh, Tang Jen, the only thing she wants is me. To her, I'm talking like a fart. Can she listen to me? ”

Zhang Dashan complained and then consoled him, “But don't get on fire either. This is also because she really cares about you as a brother. She said to look at all your clothes are more than a hundred and two hundred ordinary goods. None of them are upscale. I just bought you one to make you look better. After all, there is a good saying. People rely on clothes for Buddha. They look better in gold. They also need to wear good clothes. Wow. ”

Sholo took a long breath and calmed himself down. It's too late to say anything. I bought it all, can't I return it?

It's just that she cares about her older sister, her salary is not very high, Tang Ren is still in her internship, her salary is less than hers, two people usually spend, this time she bought a sweater for herself for 2,000 yuan, there is not much balance this month.

“This fool! ”

Sholo couldn't say the warmth in his heart. What he most wanted to see was not what Xiao Ruyi bought or paid for him, but what he wanted to see her and Tang Ren live happily and happily ever after. That was his desire for Xiao Ruyi.