Peerless Genius System

Chapter 106: The Fallen Man

“I'll make a deal. If you say yes, I'll transfer Lofon to you, and then it'll belong entirely to your own company. What do you think?” Chu Yunhong laughed, just that his smiling face hid too much inside, and Sholo couldn't tell his true thoughts.

“Go ahead.” Sholoway.

Chu Yunhong picked up the arrears in front of him and two fine lights burst out of his cloudy old eyes: “Didn't you promise to pay me 600 million in principal and interest after a year? Plus, if you can't pay me 600 million after a year, you come to work in my dining room. ”

It was already obvious that he wanted Sholo to remain under his command to serve him.

Sholo's last wish was to be restrained. Otherwise, three days ago, Chu Yunxiong said that he would not have left Luofang in his hands, but Chu Yunxiong's words undoubtedly aroused his inner desire to fight and challenge.

“Deal! ”

Two words, powerful, echoed in the large office hall.

Chu Yunxiong stunned slightly: “Will you stop thinking about it? ”

“No need.”

“If you fail, you will remain under my control for the rest of your life...”

“I will not fail. ”

Sholo smiled and interrupted, and deep in his eyes emerged a sense of comfort and calm.

Chu Yunhong nodded: “Xiao Lo, I really appreciate you! ”

Clapping his hands, Cold Colonel pushed through the office door and walked in with a stack of documents in his hand. At the same time, Jiangcheng Law Firm lawyer Ge Zhongtian also came in. In order to transfer the shares of the enterprise, a lawyer must be notarized.

Sholo signed his name and handstamp at the bottom of each document, although it was his temporary thought and intention to take over, but after signing the transfer document, he felt a little pressure in his heart. After all, now Lofang is like a dying camel, it depends on his ability to pull the camel back from the edge of death.

And Lofon, too, will be a springboard for his march into business!

“Mr. Chu, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first. ”

Sholo included the transfer documents of Lo Fang in the briefcase. From this moment on, he was the owner of Lo Fang. All the operations of Lo Fang had nothing to do with Chu Yunxiong. Whether it was profit or loss, it was all his responsibility.

“Xiaozuo always asked me about your whereabouts, look...”

“I don't want to interact with anyone else in Huano, they have their lives, I have my life, and if I have to break into each other's lives, someone will get hurt.” Sholo's faint way.

Chu Yunhong nodded: “Okay, I know what to do. ”

* * * * * *


“Done.” Sholo nodded.

Zhang Dashan glanced at a pile of Lo Fang equity transfer documents in Sholo's briefcase. It was hard to suppress the excitement on his face. Sholo was about to fly away, and as his good brother, he must have flown with it. This is exciting just to think about.

“Ha-ha-ha...” He couldn't help laughing.

“Ralph, you're all right. What are you happy about?” Sholobai glanced at him.

Zhang Dashan stopped laughing at once: "Shit, Boss Xiao, what do you mean? Do you want to cross the river to dismantle the bridge or do you want to unload the donkey? ”

Sholo shouted, “What do you think you can do when you get into Lo Fong? ”

“Shit, I said I came to the deputy general manager. My brother has been working in the bank for three years and is not a white man. At least this part of the network is bigger than you, and I know more trade owners than you.” Zhang Dashan Road.

“Go ahead, drive. Find a place to fill your stomach. ”

Sholo put the topic away, of course he will not abandon Zhang Dashan. Although he is now the owner of Lo Fang, but he does not know any of his employees besides a Sun Jiannan store manager. Zhang Dashan can't even go to Lo Fang, he has his own good brother, there is room for many things to take care of and discuss.

“Gotta go, boss! ”

Zhang Dashan has taken the lead in the role of deputy general manager. Hey, smile and drive.

Soon, they stopped in front of a casserole shop, locked the door and walked in.

I ordered a piece of beef, green vegetables, and a large portion of the casserole, and the two of them ate it quickly, halfway through it, and five more walked in and sat down at a large table.

Sholo glanced at it, stunned slightly, and couldn't help but admire how small the world was, because the five men were no one else, and it was the wind that was silent on them.

At this moment, the five people have a temper of the day, their faces are a little depraved, and the wind seemed seamless and more helpless. There were a lot of other customers in the store, and they didn't find Sholo in the wind.

“Brother Feng, the windmill called and said that we can't even use the computer, it's not suitable for security at their factory. ”

“The supermarket said there was no shortage of people, so let's make another high job. ”

“The Tianyang Light Bulb Factory is short of people, but their wages are too low, just a thousand and four, and they don't even eat and stay there, they work there, they get rid of the expenses, and they don't have a dime left a month. ”

Their voices fell into Sholo's ears without a word.

Sholo couldn't help but exclaim: they all said not to fold for the Five Dou Mi, but reality is cruel, people want to survive, to survive, without the Five Dou Mi people have to starve to death, five men with strong strength, can't escape this fate.

“Brother Feng, let's go back to the Light Zone to hang out. Even being a gangster is better than sitting and waiting to die.” Xiao Five suggested the leopard's head ring eyes.

“With what? We offend the Dragon Gang. If we can escape the Light Zone alive, we will burn Gao Xiang already. Return it. Thousands of people, five of us, will die?” The wind is seamless.

He now finally knows how the Dragon Gang exists. The largest underground force in Jiangcheng, with three or four thousand members, can be said to cover the sky with one hand in the Light Zone. The five of them will also run faster, otherwise they will be cut to death by a mess of knives.

The wind drinks seamlessly and toasts a cup of medium tea. “Let's stick around for a while and find a serious job. As long as the salary is still affordable, the bitterness doesn't matter. Okay, let's not talk about it. Let's eat and eat. If you want to eat something for yourself, I still have some money. ”

Four nodded, then browsed up the menu.

“What are you looking at? ”

Zhang Dashan noticed Sholo's unusual expression at this time, “Do you have a pretty girl?” I turned my head curiously and looked in the direction Sholo looked at, and I was disappointed, "Shit, five grown men have nothing to look at, don't tell me you're bent. ”

“Eat your meal! ”

Sholo glanced at him and couldn't spit ivory out of his dog's mouth.

Soon, Sholo and Zhang Dashan left after eating, and the five men in the wind swallowed a tiger and then got up to settle the bill.

The shop owner said to them, "Your order is closed. ”

“Over? ”

The wind was a big surprise. “Who knocked us together?" he asked. ”

“Your friend, by the way, left you a note.” The owner handed a note from his pocket to the wind.

At a glance, the wind opened its eyes in surprise: "Sholo? ”

It says here that Hershel is Schollo's contact information.

The other four were also completely discolored, and I had no idea that I would meet Sholo here, let alone that Sholo would settle for them.

“He also said that if you had no choice but to go to him, he would help you to the best of his ability.” Sholo's words were spoken by the shop owner.

The wind is seamlessly warm, although it's just a meal, but it's already a big favour to them.