Peerless Genius System

Chapter 109 Extreme Means

“Bullshit! ”

The man with the sharp-mouthed monkey's cheeks said, “Now that prices and room prices are so high, we all have family, who wants to crowd the dormitory with others? Who doesn't want to own a house, the company makes hundreds of millions a year, give us a little bit of what? ”

In a word, most of the shaken employees immediately established their convictions and shouted their support.

“Yes, the price is so high, the wages are so small, buying a house has to be cheap for more than a decade, who can bear it. ”

“Can't we front-line employees have a little pursuit, should we front-line employees squeeze public dormitories? ”

“Protest, resolutely protest! ”

The crowd was furious, they were like demonstrations, constantly raising their fists and shouting.

“Shit, I've never seen such shame! ”

Zhang Dashan couldn't stand to watch. He raised his sleeve and wanted to fuck the man with the pointy-mouthed monkey's cheek. He couldn't stand the tantrum.

Sholo reached out and stopped, if he couldn't handle all this, then his boss was not a bit dignified, he frowned coldly, looked down at the next people, coldly laughed: “What's the real estate business to do with me? Am I a real estate agent or the director of the National Land Resources Administration? If you can't afford a house, you can rely on the company? Do you want to buy a car, buy a villa, pay for a company in the future? ”

A series of counter-announcements silenced the protesters and they were temporarily unable to find anything to rebut.

“Disband back to work now, I will not compare with you, or you will suffer the consequences!” Sholo's temper came out with two chills in his eyes, and he wasn't that good of a speaker.

“Crouching ~”

Many people's hearts jump, some shake, after all, Lo Fang's treatment is good, they give up and have to start over, and their wages will return to their lowest point in history.

The pointy-mouthed monkey mule shouted in a hurry: “Don't be afraid, so many of us have come to protest, he won't dare fire so many people at once, or Lo Fang will have to close down tomorrow! ”

The phrase brightened everyone's eyes. Yeah, what are you afraid of? Lo Fang is not the same as before, struggling on the verge of dying. If they stop producing here for a day, it must be a fatal blow to Lo Fang. Shaw would never dare to do anything to them.

A loud voice sounded: "Yes, there are many of us, afraid of what he will do, and we will not start work without a raise in wages and bonuses. ”

“Protest, protest against the company's shameless robbery of our blood money!” The pointy-mouthed monkey mumps raised their fists and shouted out loud.

Others shouted aloud: "Protest against the company's shameless robbery of our blood money! ”

At one point, the scene went out of control.

At this moment, all store managers and department ministers look at Sholo, some with a lively smile on their faces, some with frowns locked tight, and others without facial expressions, with any kind of attitude.

Sun Jiannan was deeply worried about Sholo. Of course, he hoped that Sholo would take care of things and calm down the workers' strike, but in this situation, he didn't seem optimistic at all.

Sholo snorted softly and lamented: “I just gave you a chance, you don't know how to cherish it. I don't think I dare to do anything to you. Really? Yes, Lin impulse! ”

The voice suddenly pulled up, carrying a soldier-like muddle.

“Mr. Shaw, what can I do for you?” Forest impulse.

Sholo pointed at the crowd below: "Fire them all, never again! ”

The words were pounding on everyone's soul like a hong bell.


Departmental ministers and store managers were shocked. I didn't expect Sholoh to resort to such extreme means. Although employees were wrong, many leaders would use comfort as a complement to enticement and would never resort to collective dismissal like Sholoh.

“President Xiao, this is not right. Such a massive lay-off can destabilize the company.” Xu Guan was anxious and rushed to persuade him.

Li Zimeng, who is in great shape, also stood up: “We just took orders from old customers the other day, and if we fire them all, we will never be able to complete them by the delivery date, and face a loss of a loyal old customer forever in addition to huge compensation. ”

Sholo ignored, looking cold at the impulse: “Didn't you hear what I said? ”

In his gaze, Lin impulse struck a chill.

“Yes, I would now like our colleagues in HR to fire all of them. ”

“Go ahead, in half a day, I'll see reports of their dismissal.” Sholoh had no expression on his face, not a word on his face, and these people really touched his bottom line.

Lin impulse can no longer suffer. This unskilled work, though simple, has more than 500 copies. In half a day, let him solve and write a report. The pressure is not small, but he feels a very big and happy people's heart. Sholo, who is so thrilled, gave him a little more excitement and enthusiasm.

“President Shaw, you can't do this. I'm not going to raise my salary. I'm not going to raise my salary! ”

Seeing Sholo was really moving, the employees were in a hurry. Why didn't they expect this new president, who looked friendly and bullied so badly, to do something so harsh, they actually dared to fire all of them.

Everybody's scared for a while. Where can I find such a good job? If we don't do it here, it might take a couple of years to buy the house. Will my wife marry me?

“Don't be afraid, he's trying to scare us. Without us, what does he take to keep Lo Fang running? Besides, Lo Fang was going to close down. It's sooner or later to be swallowed up by 'taste buds', and he won't last long.” The pointy-mouthed monkey parchment man said out loud, soothing.

Sholo grinned at this guy, and if there weren't so many people here, he would have stepped on him like an ant.

Cold Order: "Security personnel, immediately and immediately remove all dismissed employees! ”

No mercy, no determination.


Having just maintained order here, these security staff were very angry. Why do they think these staff members were making unreasonable noise and making nonsense? After being instructed by Sholo, they unraveled the black iron stick from the waist, formed a human wall line, and pushed these protesters to the factory gate. If they did not cooperate, they greeted the iron stick directly.

More than 500 employees panicked and panicked completely. This was not a scare, but a real dismissal and eviction.

“I'm not going. I'm not going on strike. It's all my fault. I'm going to work.” Crying out loud.

Though they all feel that Lo Fang is worse than before, their first-line employees are still treated as usual. For Lo Fang, they subconsciously trust it, and they don't believe that Lo Fang will fall.

“Big Boss...”

R&D Minister Lo Chi wanted to plead for these workers, but was interrupted by Sholo's wave.

“I only divide them into good employees and bad employees. Obviously, they are not good employees. They all say that the new official took over three fires. Although my new boss did not take over three fires, one fire still has to be burned. ”

These words undoubtedly leave these employees in total despair.

“He must have been trying to scare us. He wouldn't dare fire all of us. He couldn't afford that.” The man with the pointy-mouthed monkey's cheek is still shouting, but there's not much gas in his voice.