Peerless Genius System

Chapter 111: Ambition

“General Xiao, let the Security Department save lives. Don't make a scene in front of the company.” Li Zimeng persuaded him that his fine face was full of worries.

Xu Guansong, Luoqi and Zhang Donghai also persuaded each other that, after all, this was in front of the company's door, and it was definitely bad for the company's reputation. Most importantly, these are the employees who were fired by Luofang. If the media found out, what kind of news might they write?

Though Schollo wanted to step on that hammer, he knew the truth.

Waving his hand, he let the head of the Department of Safety and Security lead him out.

Wang Tieham was saved, but he was beaten to death. His nose was blue and his face was swollen. His whole face was stained with blood and he was dying. He was taken away by the ambulance he called for. After more than 500 employees calmed down, they also woke up and looked at the red blood on the ground, all afraid of causing trouble and not daring to stay here, and left.

A collective strike, that's it!

The ministers of the various departments, as well as the store managers of the various stores, now have a preliminary understanding of Sholoh, looks and feels at ease. In fact, Sholoh is very impressed in their hearts. The originally lazy manager had to quietly take reverence and show no disrespect in front of Sholoh.

“Lo, I still say that, if you have any difficulty, come to me! ”

Before Chu Yunhong left, he said this in front of everyone in Lo Fang.

At the same time, everyone was wondering who Shoro was and why the legendary entrepreneur Chu Yunxiong weighed more than him.


“Together with Shaw's total of one million dollars, there are still five million available for diverting funds in the company's accounts.” Kwok Fu, Minister of Finance of Lofong, reported to Sholo in his office on his financial situation.

Sholoh frowned when he heard it. Five million is a huge amount for individuals, but for a company, the money seems too small. You know, Lofong pays nearly three million employees a month, and now Lofong is still losing money every day. If we don't reverse this situation, Lofong will be finished by the end of next month.

“I know, go do your thing, by the way, let Sun Jiannan's manager come up. ”

“Yes, Mr. Shaw! ”

Guo Fu bowed down slightly and retreated.

“This strike was a wonderful coincidence, giving your old Shaw the majesty of a boss at the company right away.” Zhang Dashan stood on the couch and walked towards Sholo.

“Thanks to you.” Sholo smiled.

“Forget this kind of thank you, give me something practical. ”

“What's practical?” Sholo raised his eyebrows.

Zhang Dashan put the teacup on the table, scolding: “Shit, you're acting crazy, right? I want the vice president's position, old cousin.” He walked to the balcony of the office, looking at the scenery in front of him, opened his arms, closed his eyes and took a deep breath of air, "Brother dreamed of becoming the boss one day and looked down at his employees at height. ”

Obviously, he has replaced himself with the deputy general.

“Come on, don't imagine there, now you will serve as my assistant for the time being, and then Lo Fang will stabilize my position for you.” Sholo has no way of being angry.

“Shit, Shaw, are you serious?” Zhang Dashan was excited.

Sholobal glanced at him and said, "Since when have I ignored you? ”

“Hahaha... good brother, old Shaw, you are such a good brother to me...”

Zhang Dashan laughed happily, and soon he realized something was wrong and frowned, “No, it's not right. ”

“What's wrong? ”

“If you give me the boss's position, what are you going to do?” Zhang Dashan asked.

Sholoh starred, “I'm moving on to other industries. Is that a problem? ”

Zhang Dashan was stunned, he was satisfied that he could manage Luofang well. He had no intention of moving forward at all, but his brother, Old Shaw, had the intention to march into other industries. Although he said it casually, he knew that Shaulo was never joking.

“I feel like you're going to be the next Chu Yunhong. ”

“But I wish I could surpass him. ”

Sholo stood up and patted Zhang Dashan's shoulder smiling. He said that his body integrated a high-tech system. If he reached Chu Yunhong's height, he would never be satisfied.

“Grunting ~”

Zhang Dashan swallowed a hard spit, and at this moment he realized that the deep inside of his brother was hidden such a vast goal and ambition.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

At this point, the door of the office was slightly knocked.

“Come in! ”

Sholo sat down again.

The door was pushed open, dressed in a suit, Sun Jiannan dressed properly walked in. His face was a little nervous, and the walking position became unnatural. He walked to the desk, looked up at Sholo, and asked: “Shaw... President Shaw, did you call for me? ”

The ‘little brother' of the previous day was now ‘General Xiao', and Sholo's identity changed too quickly to make him feel like he was dreaming.

“Have a seat.” Sholo made a gesture, please.

Sun Jiannan nodded his head, took a deep breath to adjust his emotions, and then sat down in front of Sholo.

“Mr. Sun, I heard that our food safety incident happened in your store? ”

“Well, yes. ”

“Do you have a problem with the product we sell? ”

“No, definitely not our bread. ”

Sun Jiannan shook his head violently, "The old man just walked into the store and I noticed him. ”

“Why?” asked Sholo.

Sun Jiannan recalled: “Because his face looks very unusual, it is a morbid pale, breathing is not right, like the trachea is stuck, I deliberately poured him a cup of hot tea. ”

Sholo nodded: "Tell me what you think. ”

“I don't think the old man died from eating our bread, but from a sudden onset of illness. ”

Sun Jiannan said his true thoughts, “But both the examining physician and the elderly's family must have eaten our loafang bread and clogged the trachea to death. ”

“In that case, did we make a mistake?” Zhang Dashan couldn't help but say something.

“I'm really not sure about that, but I always thought the death of the old man wasn't our problem.” Sun Jiannan Dao.

Sholo waved: “I get it, you go busy. ”

Sun Jiannan stood up for a gift and turned around to say goodbye.


“What else does Shaw have to say? ”

“Don't tell Sun Yiu who I am.” Sholoway.

Sun Jiannan was slightly stunned and then nodded his head: “Well, yes. ”

Push the door open and walk out.

“Shaw, you seem to have a little crush on Sun Beauty.” Zhang Dashan made a scene.

He knew very well that Sholo was not hiding his identity to eat tigers as a pig, but wanted to get to know Sun Yu well as an ordinary person. There were too many examples of rich bosses pursuing goddesses, but it was simple and pure, and there was very little love without the smell of copper.