Peerless Genius System

Chapter 112: Shootout

Hospital, Wang Tieham was almost all wrapped up in white bandages, lying in a hospital bed like an Egyptian mummy.

The anger of more than 500 employees caused him to break several bones, with wounds all over him, the most serious wound, no more than the head smashed with bricks by the man who begged Zhang Dashan.

When he woke up from a coma, he saw Sholo standing in front of the bed with his hands behind his back, and he couldn't help but beat a chill, especially Sholo's eyes, cold as ice, making him look like he was falling into an ice cave.

He asked frighteningly, "What do you... what do you want? ”

He's never seen such horrible eyes.

Sholoe looked down at him and said softly: "I only ask you one question, you answer me honestly, or you die! ”

Wang Tieham really felt the killing machine from Sholo's face, scaring him into fainting again.

“I… I answer honestly, I must answer honestly…” with panic.

“Who ordered you to organize this strike?” Sounds like hell, no emotion at all.

“I... I don't know his name, he gave me $20,000 to organize a workers' strike to protest, and he said that... when it was done, he would arrange for me to go into taste bud work.” Wang tie hammer.

Sholo looked cold: "Don't you know his name? ”

“I... I really don't know, it's also the first time I've seen him, President Shaw, I'm not lying to you...” Wang Tiehang showed his fear.

Your mouth can lie, but your eyes can't fool you.

Sholo was a little lost, thought he could rip a mouth off here at Wang Tieham, now it seems impossible.

Chu Yunxiong had warned him that the water of Lo Fang management was deep, that is, there was a good chance that Lo Fang's management members would hide the delinquency of the taste buds, which could encourage their Lo Fang employees to strike to protest, even this indiscriminate trick was used to arrange people to enter Lo Fang, or buy directly from Lo Fang's management. Naturally, there was no big surprise.

“Old Shaw, this is your" tastebud "profile. ”

Out of the hospital, Zhang Dashan, who printed the information, greeted him. “Fang Changlei, the boss of Wei Lei, and Fang Changlei, the former president of Luofang, were brothers of the same father and half-brother. The two initially fought together in the baking industry. After the death of their father, the two broke up, and Luofang and Wei Lei were founded respectively. ”

Sholo looked at the file and smiled: “Two interesting brothers. ”

Zhang Dashan nodded in agreement and went on to say: “In addition to the taste buds, Fang Changlei also has ten industries, such as Changsheng Grand Hotel, Phoenix Entertainment City and so on. The taste buds are his main industry. He has a son and a daughter, his son is called Fang Chongqiang, and his daughter is called Fang Shulan...”

“Fang Shulan?” Sholo's face was a strange colour.

“What, you know him?” Zhang Dashan winked and asked.

"There was some friction with Huano when she was a bodyguard," said Sholo. ”

“Now that there's been friction, it's a dead match, just in time, crushing her father's taste buds and giving him a harsh sigh of evil.” Zhang Dashan hey hey laughed.

“Is it that easy? ”

“Now that Lo Fang is under your control, crushing him is not a matter of minutes. ”

“Cough... please don't take me with you next time you brag. ”

“Shit! ”

* * * * * *

When he got in the car, Zhang Dashan asked in a joke: "Boss, where are you going now? ”

“Find someone. ”

“To whom? ”

“The journalist who wrote an article that pushed Lofon into the abyss. ”

Sholo leaned back against the seat and looked in front of him, "Surveillance footage showed that the old man was in really bad shape, and the hospital case file clearly documented his chronic rheumatic heart disease, and it was clear that he didn't die from eating bread, but from a sudden heart attack.

The doctor in charge of examining the body of the elderly said that it had been rebuilt abroad and that the elderly's family had eaten the bread of our loafers to death for 470,000 yen, all of which revealed that this was a conspiracy. ”

“Taste buds?” Zhang Dashan Road.

Sholobai glanced at him and said, "Could it be another company? ”

“Fuck you, that old bastard Fang Changlei really doesn't abide by business ethics at all. I'll check where his car is when I have time. ”

“What do you want? ”

“What else can I do? I'm gonna take a shit in his car.” Zhang Dashan shouted loudly.

“…” Sholo was right for a while.


Just as they drove to a crossroads, there was a sudden, dense and fierce gunshot.

“Bang bang ~”

Two more gunshots, pedestrians and cars on the road became panicked, no longer ignoring the red and green lights running around, lest they accidentally injure themselves, but as a result, several serious traffic accidents ensued, followed by an alarm sound.

“Goddamn it, we won the grand prize! ”

Zhang Dashan's body trembled and a brake came. He had only seen it in the movies before, but now it's a real gunfight. How can he stay calm?

Sholo's eyes squinted and his eyes sharpened, staring forward like eagles.

A man in black jumped out of a side street on a motorcycle, wearing a helmet on his head and a short gun in his hand, carrying an incredible amount of ruggedness and shooting as he rode, followed by two police cars chasing him and biting the man in black to death.

One of the oldest police officers was the most powerful, detecting half of his body for shooting.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

Gunshots were heard, bullets were traveling at high speeds in the air, several bullet holes were added to the police car, and two bullets were rubbed next to the black man, followed by a bullet “pounding” head into the back shoulder of the black man.

The man in black fell from the car with a shock, and the motorcycle threw out a dozen meters away and ended up stuck under the wheel of a van.

He immediately climbed up from the ground, tearing off his heavy helmet and revealing his blood-dyed face, a foreign man.

“Freeze, hands on your head! ”

In this blank stop, three police officers rushed up, lifting their guns and squeezing the crowd away at the men in black.

The man in black smiled, his explosive muscles bursting across his body, leaning down sharply, his black coat rolled up, like a black curtain over the heads of three armed police officers.

Meanwhile, the man in black slipped back, his strong body gently disengaged from the black trench coat package, neatly fell, he only took two steps back, supporting the weight of the right foot strong, a hundred pounds of body moved as fierce as a leopard prey, in the black trench coat fell in front of a dark moment, he nearly recklessly impacted.


The two police officers immediately flew backwards, hitting the buses on the side of the road, and collapsed into a coma.