Peerless Genius System

Chapter 113: He's a Novice Driver

Men in black outburst super strong, with a fierce end!

Another police officer reacted faster, and saw the other party rush back immediately, ready to pull the distance to fire.

It's just that the man in black didn't give him a chance to shoot, like a tiger, and he swept out his last leg, bringing out the thunderous threat, his face slightly changed, and he reached out to block.

“Boom ~”

When his hands and feet bumped into each other, a burst of muffled noise erupted. The policeman felt only a burst of force impinging on him, spraying a breath of blood in his mouth with a gun on the ground. Black men hey hey smile, roll on the ground, pull him into shields.

Seventy-eight policemen rushing up raised their guns and drank angrily: "Drop your guns! ”

“Shoot me, if you have the balls to shoot me, hey hey...”

The man in black grinned brutally, the raw Chinese breath of bloodthirsty breath, and his face was filled with a mad laugh. Obviously, there was a policeman who acted as a shield, and he didn't believe these people dared to shoot.

And as he expected, the seven or eight police officers, both trying to save their companions and to kill their enemies, stood hesitantly, tense and aimed at the man in black, their palms sweating coldly.

The man in black took the opportunity to snap his heel and carry a police gun on the ground. The gun spinned twice in the palm of his hand. When he settled, the black gun pointed at the seven or eight police officers in front.

“Die! ”

The man in black smiled and pulled the trigger without hesitation.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

Fire broke out continuously at the gunpoint, and the seven or eight police officers who felt the danger did not have time to fire. They could only lay on the ground or evade the nearest vehicle to prevent being shot. But it was too late, the bullet ripped through the air and whistled. Five people were blown up in a flash, three cars were smashed, glass debris splashed, dust was scattered, and it was quite powerful.

After shooting nearly half the police, the man in black kicked the police inspector in front of him and rushed towards the white corolla of Zhang Dashan.

Zhang Dashan didn't scream well, his subconscious had to step on the throttle to run away, but there happened to be a small child shaking in front of him, forcing him to release the throttle.

In this empty bay, the man in black has already rushed up, opened the door and drilled into the back seat, the gun was lifted, on Zhang Dashan's head, shouting in raw Chinese: “Drive, or I will shoot you dead! ”

Sholo tried to get his hands on it and saw the guy touch a grenade in his left hand in addition to the pistol in his right hand, which suddenly dissipated his mind.

Zhang Dashan was so big, for the first time he was held against his head by a gun, he almost peed. "Big Brother... where are you going? ”

“Drive forward, drive forward, quick! ”

The man in black watched closely the police officer roar, “If I get caught by the police officer, both of you will die! ”

He clamped his grenade on his left hand and fired two shots in his right hand, knocking over a police inspector coming from a distance, with a very precise method of shooting.

The gun suddenly allowed the rest of the police to unconsciously lay down, slowed down the approaching speed, the man in black turned around and roared at Zhang Dashan: “Don't drive, you want to die? ”

“Brother, take it easy, I'll drive, I'll drive. ”

Zhang Dashan started the vehicle in a busy and messy manner, and then stepped out with the throttle.

“Come on, faster! ”

The man in black held his gun against Zhang Dashan, his mouth kept shouting, "As fast as you can drive, never let the police catch me, or I will kill you first. ”

“Got it, got it! ”

Zhang Dashan was scared to death. The sooner he followed the order of this black man, the sooner he drove the car. From the black man, he could feel a strong brazen breath. Even the police officers dared to kill him. Little shrimp rice like him would certainly dare to kill more.

At this moment, he thought a lot, what if he had to give his life here? They couldn't reach him because of the old Zhang family monograph. However, when he realized that Sholo was in the co-pilot position, his panicked emotions were a little certain.

“My friend just got his driver's license, he's a novice, his mental qualities are off. If you hold the gun against him again, he'll be even more scared. It's easy to get into a car accident. So, I'll drive. I'll drive. I'll drive. I'll drive. I promise to help you get rid of the cops.” Sholo said suddenly.

The man in black glanced at Sholo: "Can you guarantee that? ”

“Of course, if you can't, you're the first to kill me.” Sholoway.

“Okay, I'll trust you once, you guys change now, come on! ”

Black men don't want to turn boats in the gutter, and he does find Zhang Dashan's driving skills poor, unstable, and feels like he's going over whenever he wants.

Sholo stabilized the steering wheel and quietly gave Zhang Dashan a look, the latter cooperating to move away from the position.

“Ding, congratulations to the host on obtaining Crazy Driving Skills and spending 500 points! ”

In his mind, a systematic tone was sounded, Sholo ignored, and as soon as he sat in the co-pilot position, he stepped on the throttle, and the white Corolla roared like a beast, flying on a messy road, moving left to the right, like a white ghost.

Zhang Dashan was about to throw up. He fastened his seat belt for himself and mourned for his car.

The man in black in the back seat was very excited: “Nice, that's it, hahaha...”

A few kilometres later, a siren sounded behind him, and police support arrived.

Three police cars, a thundering siren, chased wildly.

The man in black turned his head and glanced. His eyes were killing him. “S 'hit, dare you catch up! ”

He probed himself and shot a van in the tire, and the van “bombed” flanked and immediately blocked a police car.

Then he pointed the gun at a tanker truck and smiled with a smile: "Fuck you all. ”

If this shot is fired, there will be a heavy explosion and most roads will be destroyed.

Sholo discovered his intentions, a sharp acceleration, the car jumped a dozen meters in an instant, the black man who had just shot at the tank lost his target and shot him elsewhere.

Looking at the police car that came after him, the man in black was furious: "What the fuck are you doing driving so fast? ”

“Didn't you get out of the way? ”

Sholo frowned and asked intently, "Is that faster or slower? ”

The man in black was so depressed, he yelled, "Of course, hurry! ”

Sholo nodded, playing his car skills, and immediately pulled away more than fifty meters from the police car.

“Hey, kid, nice driving. How about hanging out with me?” See, it's been a while since the men in black breathed out.

“Sorry, I have a job. ”


The man in black laughed sarcastically, "How can a man live like a cow and a sheep, a man should go to battle, find the pleasure of conquering the world between life and death, go wherever he wants, do what he wants. ”

“Brother, what exactly do you do for a living?” Zhang Dashan came to curiosity.

“I can kill for commissions, I can save people, I have no faith, I have no nationality...”

“Are you a mercenary? ”

Sholo broke his eyes slightly.