Peerless Genius System

Chapter 123 Total Village Building 96

Just as Jianghu led more than seventy members of the Dragon Gang out slowly with their hands up to surrender to JC, a dark gunpoint sneaked out of a blind window gap in the warehouse and quickly fired three shots at JC outside.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

The thunderous gunshot broke the silence of the night, ripped the space from the loaded bullet, whistled and struck three JCs wearing bulletproof vests, and the three grunted and fell.

The mutation happened too suddenly, without any signs, not only did JC stunned, but they were not able to touch the head of the second monk of Jianghu, but also how talented Jianghu was, and instantly I realized that this was Xiaoluo intentionally stimulating JC, so that it did not take Sholuo's own hand, these live ammunition special J outside to suddenly kill them all.

To understand this, a cold sweat appeared all over my body, a sense of silent fear spreading in my mind!

How come Jianghu never thought that Sholo would dare to do this, is this fucking H society or is he H society? Even a knife can be used to kill people, and the most incredible thing is, is Sholo still using JC's hand?

He waved his arm immediately and shouted out loudly: "Officer J, we didn't shoot him, we didn't shoot him...”

Trying to calm down the forward JC, at a time when the irritated JJ can easily shoot and sweep away everything.

Gu Qian Lin likewise felt something strange. When she was about to raise her hand to tell Tej Ann not to shoot, she only heard a “bang”, another bullet whistled through the J car windshield next to her, the windshield “bang” into countless pieces of glass debris scattered all over the ground, and she subconsciously fell to the ground.

“Fire!!! ”

The nervous Captain J finally gave the order to fire and roared.


The dense bullet was like a long tailed fire snake, interwoven in the air into a huge optical net towards the Jianghu, and they covered the past, “Poop, Poop, Poop," the Jianghu and a dozen dragon gang members fell instantly, and several blood caves appeared on the body.

He lay in a bloodbath, his body twitched violently, his last struggle before his death, his eyes open, his mouth and nose bleeding.

Sholo's cold and cruel face seemed to appear in the dark painted warehouse, looking frightened and discouraged.

There was no chance, if he could start over, he wouldn't say any bullshit to Sholo, even if he wanted revenge, it would be buried in his heart. Unfortunately, it's useless to say anything now. He hates and hates so much.

Gu Qian Lin climbed up from the ground, she was convinced that it was definitely not a group of people who had fired from Jianghu. The person who had fired in the dark had not fired at their JC's lethal parts, all of them on bulletproof vests. There was no danger to her life except for the trauma of a slight shock, so she concluded that all of this had been done in order to have them JC shoot to clean Jianghu's pedestrians.

“Stop shooting! Stop shooting!” She raised her hands and shouted.

The gunshots gradually extinguished. Unfortunately, it was too late. All of them had fallen to the ground. No one was alive. The corpse was seven vertical and eight vertical, and they could not die again.

Meanwhile, Sholo immediately rushed to the second floor and jumped into the sea from the window on the second floor. The mercenary king's body already contained the properties of swimming, but in order to be able to leave the scene quickly, he spent 500 points and redeemed a swimming capability again. As the wind had said before, a fierce man dived, making one wonder if he was drowning.

By the time Gu Qian Lin led a team of JCs into the building, the warehouse was empty and the guy who had just shot the black gun had disappeared.

“Team Gu, the window on the second floor is open, the man must have jumped out of the sea.” J. Wang Hanxuan reported the situation.

“Team one, team two, team three, you search me along the coast immediately, don't let any suspicious people go, etc.” Gu Qian Lin drinks.


Several teams received orders to conduct searches along the coastline on both sides of the pier.

“Bastard! ”

Gu Qian Lin stamped her feet, her delicate face filled with anger, playing with them as monkeys, it was too much of a lie, on the other hand, she was terrified, the other side had the audacity, the shooting technique was precise, but it was a calm and wise killing machine, they actually hid such a person in Jiangcheng, it had to be said that it was extremely frightening news.

She swore she'd find this man!

* * * * * *

Although Gu Qian Lin had a large number of JCs searching along the coastline, it turned out to be inconclusive, and Sholo and the wind were seamless and they had left.

Late at night, a total of 96 villages...

Zhang Dashan needed time to relax because he had witnessed the scene of Sholo's murder. At this time, he was sitting on the couch watching a violent and bloody movie to stimulate himself. Sholo had not returned so late. He was somewhat worried. When he was about dialing Sholo's phone, he knocked on the door for a while.

“Shit, you forgot your keys again? ”

As he scolded and walked to open the door, the door just opened and he greeted several bloody faces, scared him to shout like a pig.

It was the five men in the wind who were so badly injured that they were able to stand up to their limit, that they all fell to the ground.

“You... who are you?” Zhang Dashan immediately held the broom by the wall and raised his voice to drink.

It's almost eleven o'clock in the evening, and he thinks he's haunted.

“Yes... Brother Shaw sent us here...”

The wind raised its head seamlessly, making a difficult statement, and then passed out like the other four.

“Shaw?” Old Shaw? "Zhang Dashan whispered.

That's when his phone rang, picked it up, and it was Sholo.

“Holy shit, Shaw, what the hell is all this meat?” Though he always had nightmares about Red Scorpion dying, he had little fear of Sholo.

“They're my friends, and I called you to take care of them for me, and I'll be right back. ”

“Holy shit, what's going on? How am I supposed to take care of this? Shaw? Hey... Grass, hanging up on me. ”

Zhang Dashan stunned his phone into his pants pocket, looked at the ground, had several knife wounds on his body, and the wind was still wet. Their eyebrows were almost twisted together.

Let him take care of his beautiful little sister. He's definitely good at it, but take care of five seven-foot guys, and he doesn't know where to start.

“Shit, I'm not a nurse. I'll take care of an egg. ”

Screaming, squeezing their sleeves, proceeding to drag them onto the sofa, unable to put them down on the sofa, and finally only on the floor of the lobby.

Looking at the wind on the floor like a few dead bodies, they were spotless. Zhang Dashan wiped the hot sweat off his forehead and shouted at him again: “Shit, it feels a little like the scene in the movie just now. ”