Peerless Genius System

Chapter 133 Everything Has Changed

Sholo walked to the bed and quietly looked at Zhao Mengqi's pale face lying on the bed. The look on his face did not have many waves. It was not surprising, it was like visiting a friend who could not be normal anymore.

Hate her?

To be honest, there was a hint of hatred at first, but a car accident instantly made him understand a lot, and it faded a lot, and people might see a lot after close contact with death.

Some people, destined to be passers-by in life, walk you through a childish years, then turn away without a heart, forcing you to mature, forcing you to be strong and powerful enough to be poisonous.

“Sholo, you must be Monkey's ex-boyfriend, she was in bad shape half a month ago, came back from work often sitting at the table, sometimes sneaking tears, she said she was silly and abandoned a good man who loved her.” The woman with curly hair said that as Zhao Mengqi's roommate, she really wanted Zhao Mengqi and Sholo to get back together, so she exaggerated that Zhao Mengqi was dying.

Sholo's face did not change at all. He put his hands in his pants pockets and looked down slightly at Zhao Mengqi. In a comforting tone, he said to Zhao Mengqi in a coma: "It's not too late to get to know a man for two months, take good care of his illness, forget about that unpleasant emotion, start over and find the innocent joy he once had! ”

Zhao Mengqi seemed to know that he was coming. He opened his weak eyes. His pale face was a little red, and he said weakly: “This... this dream is beautiful...”

Slowly closing her eyes, she thought she was seeing hallucinations. How could Sholo be in front of her?

“Maggie, it's not a dream. Open your eyes. He's really Sholo, real Sholo.” The woman beside her hurried to call.


Zhao Mengqi's face appeared slightly strange, “... don't lie to me... but even dreams are worth it, I regret leaving him every moment, Lo, I'm sorry...”

As he said, the tears slipped uncontrollably from the corner of his eyes, leaving two tear marks on his face.

She didn't dare to open her eyes, even in her dreams, and she didn't have the courage and face to face Sholo.

Sholo smiled, “You're not sorry for me. You just chose your life. None of us owe anyone anything. We can come today, just to tell you, as a classmate, to live bravely. ”

“Lo, thank you... I know I'm too naive... That's right, I don't know how to cherish it when I have it, I won't regret it until I lose it... If I can do it again, I will definitely hold onto you at all costs...”

Tears scratched her cheek, wet her pillow, Zhao Mengqi's face showed a painful look, how much she missed Shaolo's egg fried rice for her. It was only a pity that everything changed. It was only once a well-thought-out lesson that finally woke her up, but she could never return to the beauty of the past. It was she herself who destroyed that innocent, happy, simple love.

She really hates it. She regrets it!

“You are no longer who you were, and I, and not who I was!” Sholo's faint way.

“... yeah..."

Zhao Mengqi suffered bitterly.

“Squeak ~”

The door to the ward opened and a doctor in a white coat approached her half body: "Guys, the patient needs more rest, don't talk to her too long! ”

Sholo nodded and said to Zhao Mengqi: "Rest well! ”

Then he turned around and walked out of the ward, without any love, leaving Hua Haifeng, Zhao Mengqi would have a new beginning, which was a little comforting for him.

“This card has 100,000, and the password is six sixes, and she'll have to take care of you.” Sholo handed a UnionPay card to Marvel.

That scared the horse, it was 100,000, which is too proud, I'm afraid Maggie really missed a good man.

“By the way, when she's sick, don't tell her I've been here, tell her everything's her hallucination. As for the money, think of a way to hide it yourself.” Sholo ordered.

“Ok... ok...”

Marvel was flattered and nodded, suddenly feeling the silver union in her hand.

* * * * * *

“Hey, Mr. Chan, the order between us is coming up... what? Boss Chen, you can't do this, we don't have a contract. ”

General Manager Fang Changlei's office, Fang Changlei was on the phone. When he heard that the order had been cancelled, he stood up on the spot, his face was gloomy and his tone was threatened. However, without waiting for the fire behind him to come out, the other party hung up the phone. There was a “beep beep" in the handset.

“Shit, who the hell is behind this! ”

Fang Chang Lei had to smash the phone to the ground, the whole face was like trying to tear people apart, this is already the eighth call, all the old customers cancelled the order phone, and how old are these old customers, they all played women together in the same room, the relationship was quite too hard, as a result, everyone called to cancel the order, which is obviously someone against his taste buds.

“President Fang, what did they say? Why did they cancel the order suddenly?” The male assistant talked and asked.

“The specifics are unclear, all said to have left something in the hands of others, and also that a contract has been signed with others to make mooncakes in another house... another house? Goddamn it, it's not Lo Fong, is it? ”

Fang Changlei said and suddenly felt that something was wrong, because the scene seemed to have looked at each other. The other day, Fuke Group Zhang Hongda's order also flew away in front of him. He took the pipe out of his mouth and said incredibly, "Is it true that little bastard is behind me? ”

The male assistant saw his face uncertain, dared not speak, and stood only fearfully by his side.

“No, no, no, no. That little bastard could never have that much energy. ”

Fang Changlei waved continuously, overturning his speculation, but immediately picked up the overturned speculation again. “But if Mr. Chu intervened, it would be easy. After all, Mr. Chu was very heavy on the little bastard. ”

With this in mind, I couldn't help but burst into a cold sweat: "Is it Mr. Chu who wants to deal with me? ”

The more frightening he thought about it, although he had a better relationship with Dragon Sankyu gang, he didn't see enough in front of Chu Yunxiong. Jiangcheng's black power is the Dragon gang, then the white power is not Chu Yunxiong. If Chu Yunxiong wants to deal with him, then he can...

But why?

He did not deal with Chu Yunhong, even he wanted his son to eat swan meat and marry Chu Yunhong's daughter. He held Chu Yunhong as an old Buddha. Chu Yunhong had no reason to deal with him!

Suddenly, an invisible mist covered him.

Fang Changlei was shocked by the cold sweat: “Quickly, get the car ready. I'm going to see Mr. Chu. ”


The male assistant nodded and stepped back to arrange it.

Fang Changlei must find out whether or not Chu Yunxiong wants to deal with him, otherwise he will sleep and eat.