Peerless Genius System

Chapter 134: I'll Wait for You in Lofong

[Yingtong plastic factory]

Factory manager Jiang Yongchun did not refuse to see Sholo, but after he was led into the office, he split his head and cursed Sholo: “I heard you were very good, grabbing Boss Chen's preferences, digging traps against them one by one, and finally successfully forcing them to sign a contract with you Lofong, Mid-Autumn ordered from you, good means, really good means! ”

The meat on his face, his eyes were horribly small, but he stared at Sholo with a fierce death. As the most loyal and old customer of the taste bud, he was hostile to Sholo and could promise to meet Sholo for no reason. He just wanted to humiliate this Sholo harshly, and exasperate malice for the taste bud Fang Chang.

“Mr. Jiang, you don't have to be so hostile to me. I'm here to talk business with you today. We're all businessmen. It's in our best interests to put personal feelings aside. ”

Sholo smiled slightly, then waved, and brought the contract from Luo Qi, gently placed it on Jiang Yongchun's desk, "You can take care of the order of 500,000 Yue Lei Hua. With me, you can get only 450,000 yuan. Although 50,000 yuan may not count as much in the eyes of Jiang boss, but mosquito legs are not meat anymore, so Jiang boss can consider placing an order in our Luofang. ”

“Your grandmother, I only admit taste buds, you loafers are nothing to me! ”

Jiang Yongchun yelled furiously, picked up the contract on the table and threw it at Sholo. A thick pile of documents, flying all over the sky, slowly floated to the ground.

Lo Qi was really angry at her big boss. She used to study all kinds of pastries in Lo Fang. She didn't have much contact with the outside boss. Now with Sho Lo, she kind of has a very comprehensive understanding of these rich big bosses. Like H society, she humiliates people if she can't move.

“Mr. Jiang, it's not a good thing you're so angry! ”

Though he was shamed by the contract he took out, Sholo kept a smile all the time. Of course, he was restrained from talking about business. When this Jiang Yongchun smashed these documents on him, Jiang Yongchun had only one result, which was that he kicked him in the foot.

“When I see you, I get angry. Do you know how iron my relationship with Fang is? Do you want me to be a client of Lo Fang too? You're a fucking old man, and Mao hasn't even grown up yet, so come out and fight Fang. Can you fight him? Don't say Mr. Fang, it's me, Jiang Yongchun, trying to bring down your Lo Fang is also like playing. ”

Jiang Yongchun reached out to Sholo and Luo Qi, "Now, you and her, get out of here and don't mess with me again, or I'll make you look good! ”

So humiliating to Sholo, I felt so happy.

Sholo shook his head in a helpless tone: "Mr. Jiang, if I'm not mistaken, you suddenly passed out three days ago, right? ”

As soon as this word came out, Jiang Yongchun's face changed slightly: “What are you talking about? You're investigating me? ”

His heart had already caused a shock that the river had collapsed. He was in a coma three days ago, at home, and for no reason. He went to the hospital to check it out and didn't find anything. He said that he might have been in a long squat, and that the hypotensive brain had a brief coma due to a temporary lack of oxygen supply. Only he and his wife knew about this. No one else knew about it. Where did Sholo hear about it?

Sholo did not directly answer his question, but looked at his face and said faintly: “How lazy you are, how tired you are, how low your voice is, how short you move, how sweaty you are, how dizzy your heart palpitations are, how yellow your face is, all these characteristics indicate that you are sick, and that you are not sick yet, but very sick enough to kill you. ”

“What the fuck are you talking about? I'm healthy! ”

That's not enough to say, because what Sholo said is exactly what he's been doing in recent days.


Sholo smiled slightly, “It wasn't your first coma three days ago, your first coma should have been a year ago, since that coma, you've been getting harder and harder on the room, until after the fourth coma, you couldn't do the room at all, you couldn't do the room anymore, you couldn't do enough, should I? ”

As soon as this was said, Jiang Yongchun immediately developed a cold sweat. By the way, this is like witnessing his life for a fucking year, but is this... possible?

For a moment, Sholo became so unpredictable in his eyes!

“You... how the hell did you know? ”

Jiang Yongchun's questioning confirmed all that Sholo said. Luo Qi now looks at her big boss Sholo like an alien. He thinks it's amazing. Is the big boss still a shrink?

I don't know if Sholoh is really a Shenzhen doctor now, it's just TCM. This is what he spent 800 points in the system store before he came to Yingtong plastic factory. The purpose is to deal with this Jiang Yongchun, who is not interested in women, who is a man, who is not interested in beautiful women must have had a problem.

For TCM, wanting, smelling, asking and cutting is the most basic, and his ability to redeem is at the top of the list, you can see Jiang Yongchun's illness at a glance.

Sholo lifted his eyebrows and said, "Of course you can see. ”

“You, you... you fart, you dare to talk nonsense, believe it or not, I'll let the security guard kick you!” Jiang Yongchun doesn't believe in what Sholo says.

“Four days from now, you'll know I'm telling the truth, because four days from now, you'll be in an unmarked coma again. Shorter and shorter coma intervals are also a countdown to your life, and if you don't heal quickly, you have about six months to live and at least three months to spend in hospital beds.” Sholoway.

Six months to live?!

Jiang Yongchun's soul was suddenly withdrawn from his body, and Sholo was able to accurately describe his condition, indicating that Sholo's words were somewhat believable, that is, he was really likely to live only six months.

“You are absolutely fucking scared, I went to the best hospital in Jiangcheng to say that my body is fine, you... are you sure you're kidding me?” He shook his finger at Sholo, as if to deny that he had only six months left.

Sholo stood up and didn't want to talk to him too much.

“It doesn't mean anything to you, I'll be waiting for you in Lo Fang. You better pick up the contract on the ground and put it away. If any piece of paper is dirty, I won't accept it. I'm sure you'll make your own decision when it comes to choosing taste buds or Lo Fang. ”

He waved and left with Lo Qi.

“Scare me, you think I'm scared? Get out of here, Sun! ”

Jiang Yongchun yelled a few times in the office, but when he calmed down, he suddenly had another silent panic. He looked at the contract scattered. He eventually walked over, bent over, picked up one at a time from the ground, carefully put it away.

If you're not afraid of 10,000, you'll have to spend more money on your life. A rich boss like him is scared to shake when it comes to his own life!