Peerless Genius System

Chapter 136: Honorable Jiang Yongchun

Ms. Liu from the customer service department came in, and Ms. Liu respectfully said to Xiao Luo: “General Xiao, Yingtong Plastic Mill's boss Jiang wants to see you! ”

The open office door was not completely closed, a sigh exhausted, and a shout of great anxiety came in the office lobby outside the door: “President Xiao, President Xiao, it's Jiang Yongchun, I'm here to talk to you about the Mid-Autumn Festival order. ”

“Jiang Yongchun? ”

Zhang Donghai suddenly lost his voice. As an elderly man of Luofang, how could he not know that Jiang Yongchun was the most loyal customer of taste buds? He used to release words saying that as long as his plastic factory was still there, he must find taste buds every year if he wanted to order pastries for distribution to employees, but now what? Why did Jiang Yongchun suddenly come to the door to negotiate an order with Lo Fong?

Best of all, it's incredible!

Jiang Yongchun made such a big move, naturally all the people in the public office were shocked, everyone looked at him, including Xu Guansong, Lin impulse, Li Zimeng... When they saw it was Jiang Yongchun, they all had an incredible look on their faces, because it was a guy who should never have appeared in their company.

“President Jiang, what are you? ”

Xu Guanlong hastily greeted him. In any case, he did not believe that the loyal customer of this taste bud would come to their Lofong to negotiate the order. He feared that Jiang Yongchun was here to do something.

“Where's Shaw? Vice President Xu, tell me where President Shaw is.” Jiang Yongchun rushed like an ant on a hot pot.

“Don't worry, tell me what's going on with President Shaw first.” Xu Guanlong stabilized his emotions.

Jiang Yongchun shook his head: “I can't tell you about this. Only President Xiao can do it. Take me to President Xiao. ”

“Jiang Yongchun! ”

At this point, Sholo shouted at him half of his body through the open office door.

“General Xiao, Brother Xiao, I... I think I found you...”

When he saw Sholo, Jiang Yongchun was so excited that he was about to shed tears, he held a black briefcase and squeezed Xu Guansong toward Sholo's office.

Zhang Donghai and Ms. Liu from the customer service department happened to come out. Jiang Yongchun looked like nobody could see him. There was only Xiaoluo in his eyes. He bent over, bowed to his knees and walked in with a smile on his face.

“Close the door!” Sholoway.


Jiang Yongchun smiled and quickly took the office door with him.

This... what's going on?

Once the office staff of Luofang are all foolish, you know this Jiang Yongchun has always been hostile to them Luofang, never give them a good look, but now, bend over and nod your head, respectfully like a haphazard dog, is this the sun coming out west or is it taking the wrong medicine?

“What's wrong with this Jiang Yongchun and how does it look like he's here to please and knock us out, General Shaw?” Xu Guan frowned and muttered to himself.

Li Zimeng did not speak, and his fine face was full of surprises.

Slowly, a lot of people who were curious and confused about this secretly gathered outside Schollo's office, listening, wanting to hear what was going on.


Xu Guansong coughed loudly.

People thought he was trying to get them back to work and were about to split up, but they listened to him in earnest: “You can eavesdrop. Don't let President Shaw find out. ”

People face each other, obviously for a moment and a half, Xu Guansong such a transformation will be unacceptable, the heart said: according to the usual habits, shouldn't Xu Vice President be reprimanding them?

In the office…

“General Xiao, you have to save me. So what kind of A, A, A, A, and A hospitals are full of scum. You can't even find out what's wrong with birds. All my hopes are with you now. You can't help me if I die.” Jiang Yongchun spoke in a crying tone.

He was unconscious last night in the bathroom for no reason. He was awakened by the smell in the toilet, and he obviously felt his mind become more depressed. Most of all, he collapsed on the fourth day after seeing Sholoh, and now he completely believed Sholoh. He really walked to death every day.

That's not true. I rushed here early in the morning!

It's a matter of family life, whatever the fuck the taste buds are, who can save him is his ancestor.

“Are you sure I didn't lie to you?” Sholo looked up at him and laughed funny.

Jiang Yongchun nodded forcefully and could not be ashamed to say: “Sure, President Xiao, I do not know Tarzan, your adult does not remember the dwarf, I solemnly apologize for the rudeness at the time, sorry! ”

Stand up and bow deeply to Sholo.

Then I took the contract that was scattered across the floor from the briefcase and carefully placed it on Sholo's desk: “This is the contract for the day, I wiped every one myself, absolutely nothing dirty. ”

Sholo looked at the spotless contract and shook his head on the chair and laughed: "This is the last contract prepared for you, it has expired, but your boss Jiang is so sincere, I will draw up another contract for you, the order quantity remains the same, but the amount of the order has to be changed. ”

“Whatever you have to do, let's hear it from Shaw.” Jiang Yongchun respectfully said.

“Add half a million to the original amount.” Sholo's faint way.

Plus... plus half a million?

The amount is already prepared psychologically. Jiang Yongchun's face is still suddenly discolored. Half a million is not a small amount.

An office worker outside the door was equally shocked to hear this, and the discussion opened in a low voice.

“How much was Jiang Yongchun planning to book? ”

“It seems to be half a million. ”

“I thought adding half a million dollars to the original would directly double the price of every month's cake. President Shaw, this is too harsh. ”

From the discussion among these people, we know that the situation inside, Kuansong and Li Zimeng, both took a sip of cool air, and thought: 500,000 into a million, this is a lion's opening, can Jiang Yongchun promise?

“Changed, Shaw said a million more. ”


“I went, and Shaw said two million more because Jiang Yongchun didn't say yes first time. ”


“Oh, my God, it's up, it's up, it's four million now! ”

Increasingly exciting and exhilarating words come out of the mouths of these eavesdroppers.

From half a million to four million, it's impossible for a printer to make so much money in such a short time.

“This is ridiculous, President Shaw is really ridiculous. The 500,000 order is hard to mention four and a half million. If Jiang Yongchun can promise, there will be ghosts.” After Xu Guan was stunned, he complained and expressed his views.

“I also think that Luo Fang's mooncake is not made of gold, Jiang Yongchun is a fool if he says yes.” Zhang Donghai couldn't help but insert a sentence.

Li Zimeng shook his head: “Perhaps Jiang Yongchun had something to hold on to, otherwise he would never bow so humbly to Xiao. ”

“Makes sense! ”

Lin impulse nodded and concurred, “Jiang Yongchun is afraid not to say yes this time. ”