Peerless Genius System

Chapter 139: The Debt Collector

[Chongqing Dining Pavilion]

Chu Yunhong sat in the office, without half a shelf of tea to watch TV, with a smile on his face. If he did not know him, he would definitely think he was an ordinary middle-aged man. If he knew him, he would understand that this was a high-ranking commercial hero, regardless of his status or power, which was beyond the reach of ordinary people.

The office was watching TV with him, and wearing a pair of golden silk glasses, Sven's attorney Gertrude.

And what's on TV is the Jiangcheng News.

In addition to those who hate Lofong because of Chen Jianbai, there are also journalists who remain neutral, and their stories are on the news on Jiangcheng Channel.

Is Lo Fong threatening to make false evidence, or is there something else hidden in it?

Looking at the next big line of headlines, Chu Yunhong shook his head and drank a sip of tea: “Looks like Fang Changlei has another problem for Xiaoluo. ”

Ge Zhongtian nodded: “The Minister of Legal Affairs of Luofang will never be an opponent of Fu and Yu. Even if it were me, I would not be prepared enough, and I would not have absolute confidence to win him over. The failure of Luofang in the first trial was in reason, and the problems caused by the failure of the trial came with me.

First of all, this group of journalists, they are afraid of the world, and most of them are trying to destroy Lofong's reputation. They are totally calling Lofong to the board. In the modern era, when the network is developed, Lofong will be devastated if not handled properly.

Secondly, Fang Changlei would definitely not be waiting to be killed at this time. Sholo dug up all dozens of old customers of his taste buds. He had always hated it. It was absolute to pour gas on the fire. The man he had arranged in Lofong should have done something.

Finally, the trial will be held five days later. If there is no more convincing evidence and statements on Lo Fang's side, it must be Lo Fang who loses the case. Then, the charges of intimidating and threatening journalists and producing false evidence will certainly be devastating. Not only will Sho Lo get into litigation, but Lo Fang's reputation will also be defeated. ”

“What do you think Lo will do?” Chu Yunhong asked with a smile.

“This must be a dead end, not to mention the lawsuit against Chen Jianbai. The 560 journalists gathered in front of the Lo Fang Gate now are already very difficult to cope with. They can't get too rough. Explain to them that it will only get darker, and if there is a slight mouth error or a logical error,

They will dig and amplify it. This is what their journalists are best at. It can be said that journalists control the course of public opinion to a certain extent. Every word that Lofong says to them, even every word, must be guaranteed to be indestructible, or they will be destroyed. ”

Slowly, thinking again and again, Gezhong Tian Custodian frame said, “So I think Sholo will ask you for help, and he, too, has only one way to go. ”

Hearing this, Chu Yunhong's smile flourished on his face. He put down his teacup and waved his hand: “No, you don't know him very well because you don't have much contact with him. Xiao Lo would never ask me for help. He had his pride and his own ambitions. He did not want to send a fence or owe anyone anything. He was the stubbornest young man I had ever met. ”

Ge Zhongtian frowned: “How can he get out of trouble if he doesn't ask for your help? ”

“That's what I was hoping for. ”

Chu Yunhong put his eyes back on TV, “Xiao Lo is a man who can create miracles, which is why I admire him and pay attention to him. ”

When Fang Changlei came to visit him, he knew what Sholo had done for a while, Fuko Group's orders and the orders of dozens of old customers, all of which had now been robbed by Sholo in the past. Such strength and energy was horrible, so to speak, if he was put in Sholo's position, he would not have done it at all.

He sang with a smile: "What kind of surprise would you surprise me if Jinlin were in the pool and turned into a dragon when he met the wind and cloud?" ”

Ge Zhongtian was surprised to lose color. I didn't expect Chu Yunxiong's rating of Sholo to be so high.

Flavor buds

“Son of a bitch named Shaw, this time I'll see what you can do. Fight me, you're fucking tired of living, hahahaha...”

Fang Changlei watched the news and laughed happily. This time, all the impatience was released. This time, he was going to let Lo Fang die completely, and there would never be a day to turn around.

At this point, the office door was pushed open and Fang Shulan, dressed in a school uniform, walked in and scratched him with a grudge: "Dad, what made you so happy, I heard you laugh in the hallway. ”

“Of course it's a great thing!” When I saw my daughter, Fang Changlei's eyes were full of compassion.

“Lo Fong's high-ranking intimidation threatens journalists, produces false evidence, and tries to recover lost reputation by deceiving the public, Dad, is that your masterpiece again?” After watching the news, Fang Shulan immediately guessed that it had something to do with his father.

Fang Changlei only threw a smile at his daughter, which is already self-evident.

“Dad, you're amazing. Lofon's definitely not your opponent. Soon it's going to collapse, and our tastebuds are so big.” Fang Shulan raised his thumb.

Fang Changlei raised his eyebrows. It doesn't matter: “Lo Fang's last name was too young for me. I just had to play a little trick and he couldn't help it. ”


Fang Shulan was slightly stunned because she suddenly remembered a name in her mind - Sholo.

The last time she saw a mercenary attack Chu Yue on the Wild Pig Ridge side, it took her a long time to slow down after she left. Although those mercenaries left an indelible impression in her mind, Sholo was no worse than them.

So when I heard the words "Shaw" from my father, I naturally remembered the man who once dominated her fears, and she could never forget the scene where Shaw strangled her neck, the experience of rubbing herself against Death, which reminded her of the cold shock.

She shook her head and tried to throw these out of her head. "Dad, I'm out of money. ”

Speak out the real purpose of the trip.

“Didn't I just give you $100,000 a half month ago?” Fang Changlei's face was raised.

“I don't explain the whereabouts of the money. I just don't have the money, so do it yourself!” Fang Shulan turned his head.

Fang Changlei shook his head: “Okay, I'll give you another $100,000 for Dad's pleasure today, but...”

“Mm-hmm. Wow.”

Fang Shulan immediately embraced his neck and gave him a hard kiss on his face. "Dad, you're the best dad in the world! ”

This can melt Fang Changlei's heart. Everyone says that his daughter is his father's former lover. Under Fang Shulanza's offense, he doesn't even care about money. He just trained symbolically: “Save some flowers! ”

“I'm not scared. Anyway, Dad has money. My brother and I can't spend the rest of our lives trying. Dad, I'm leaving first. Remember to put the money on my account. I'll use it tonight. ”

“You debt collector! ”

Fang Changlei shook his head helplessly, but with a smile on his face.