Peerless Genius System

Chapter 140: Closing the Dog


“We absolutely did not intimidate anyone, let alone create false evidence. The court is fair and strict. Every one of us in Lofong is a good citizen who knows the law and obeys the law. There is no H social origin. Everyone must wait calmly and quietly for the trial results of the court. I believe in the merits and public opinion! ”

Xu Guansong responded with a loud voice at the gate, yelling red-eared and spurting stars, but his voice was very faint in the face of the questioning of fifty or sixty journalists, as if it would perish at any time in a noisy tide.

“According to Vice President Xu, did we build Bo to insult your Lo Fong? How dare our little reporter insult a company as big as yours? ”

“Vice President Xu, your message is truly excellent. Lo Fang is not in your hands right now. Get your boss out of here. He must give us an explanation and give an explanation to the masses. ”

“That's right, as journalists, you're busy running around every day, making hard money. Didn't you just report the poisoning of your loafers' bread and death, and you threatened to intimidate them, even sue them in court? How can you convince people that your food quality can be trusted without changing your knowledge and wanting to win back your reputation by deception? ”

Once again, a dazzling question was thrown out, and these journalists came with an angry mood, not like interviews, but more like entertainers questioning guilt and under the banner of the people.

“As I said, the merits are proprietary, the court will give us the answer to what is going on, you better disperse, do not block the doors of our company and affect our company's normal production. ”

Xu Guansong said that his mouth was dry and his tongue was dry. After defeating, he went back to the office building to drink water and rest.

After drinking water and regaining some energy, he went straight to Sholo's office and shook his head constantly sighing: “The reporter outside won't rest until he sees you. It's my fault I didn't convince you to do this. Alas...”

Sholo glanced up at him: “Why should Vice President Xu ignore them? Just think of them as a bunch of flies. ”

“But they keep blocking the doorway, and we don't have regular access to vehicles that carry goods and products, so this is not the way to go, and sooner or later it will affect the proper functioning of our company.” Xu Guansong said.

“Do you have any good constructive opinions? ”

“I think you should go out and meet with them, mainly to calm them, do not engage in any verbal conflict with them. These reporters are afraid that most of them have been instructed by Chen Jianbai to deliberately come looking for trouble. The verbal conflict will be deliberately magnified by them, and then they will do a lot of articles, and then maybe write some very bad news to discredit us Lofong. ”

“I'll think about it, you go out first. ”

“This time I sincerely hope that you will listen to me. I watched Lo Fang grow step by step. It will never harm Lo Fang, everything...”

“Okay, I get it!” Sholo waved to interrupt.

Xu Guansong finally swallowed the words raw back into his stomach and nodded his head back out.

After he left, Zhang Dashan sent another video call.

“Shaw, these bastards are so fucking arrogant, I want to chop people up!” Zhang Dashan shouted.

On the video, Sholo could hear very clearly what those reporters were yelling about.

“Lofong's in charge, get out of here and don't be a shrugged turtle! ”

“Don't you dare come out and interview us if you threaten us journalists? ”

“H society, black company, you Lo Fong are a black heart factory, the bread poisons people, don't you think you can cover the sky with one hand? ”

Listening to their screams, Sholo's eyes became colder and colder, and his current status as a businessman, but with a harsh beast in his bones, this humiliation of journalists was absolutely intolerable.

“Big Mountain, notify the security department and arrange for these journalists to enter the auditorium. ”

“Do you really want to do their interview?” Zhang Dashan disappeared in surprise.

“If they were really here for the interview, I would have said yes, but they obviously weren't. ”

Sholo smiled softly, "Remember, when you put them in the auditorium, leave them alone, ask them nothing, just tell them to wait. ”

“What are you... what are you doing? ”

Zhang Dashan couldn't help but swallow the saliva. Even if he was a brother to Sholo, he felt that Sholo's eyes were unusually dangerous and terrible.

“Nothing, just you and the Security Department get it done! ”

Sholo smiled slightly, “Then tell the wind they are seamless...”

One arrangement reached Zhang Dashan here. Zhang Dashan first frowned, then slowly loosened his eyebrows, and in the end it was directly painful and irritating.

“Shit, that's it, I let these grandchildren get goose bumps as soon as they hear Lofong. ”

Zhang Dashan hung up the phone and stormed the wind seamlessly. They sipped, “Cousins, it's time to work! ”

“It's Brother Shaw, isn't it? His grandmother's been watching them get upset for a long time. Don't worry, I can beat the shit out of them by myself in our security department.” The wind raised its sleeves seamlessly, ready for a big fight, and gave an exciting look on its face.

“Rude, we're civilized people. We don't want to dance knives and get guns. ”

Zhang Dashan deliberately raised his face to reproach. When the wind was incognito, several of their husbands and monks couldn't touch their heads, he took the loudspeaker from the Minister of Security, cleared his voice and shouted at the disturbed journalist outside, "You trash... Oh no, you people represent the people, hard-working journalists. Listen, I have good news for you, our boss has promised to see you. Come, please come with us to the lobby, sit in comfortable seats, blow the air conditioning and wait for our boss! ”

This shout almost misspoke, because he almost shouted his heart out, so that he braked the car in time and swallowed the garbage ‘garbage’ back alive.

The guard guard at the gate was prompted to push the remote down and the automatic door slowly opened. As for the iron door next to it, it was for emergency use and there was no need to open it for these journalists.

“That's about it. We'll wait for him in the lobby. Let him come. ”

“Don't mess with us, or we'll expose it resolutely, with what you Lofong see. ”

“Looks like you guys still know your time. ”

A group of journalists walked in proud, with their heads raised, like a bunch of crabs walking sideways, not afraid of everything.

Zhang Dashan smiled beside him: “Please go inside, please go inside! ”

When they all came in, they gave the security guard a look, and the security guard closed the door, which had the feeling of closing the door and beating the dog.