Peerless Genius System

Chapter 152 Inspection

Mid-Autumn Jia Festival Beth, whether Sholo or Zhang Dashan, called the family to ask if they had received the mooncake mailed back to them, and to talk about the family routine, but as with previous calls, it ended in the family asking if there was an object.

Lo Fang did not rest and the main stores were open as usual as quite a few customers came to buy mooncakes and pastry bread this mid-autumn.

Xiaoluo came to visit the store at leisure, accompanied by Li Zimeng.

Many store employees don't know Sholo, but they do know Li Zimeng of Marketing because she is the top boss of all store managers. When I learned that Sholo was the owner of Lofong, a lot of the clerks had an incredible look on their face. How could I have guessed how young their big boss was, the beat of a bully president?

“Now that our Lofong store business has returned to the beginning, the volume of transactions is more than triple higher than it was at its peak! ”

In the car, Li Zimeng smiled and reported to Sholo about the store's business. It can be said that Lo Fang has risen again, and has become a giant in the Jiangcheng pastry and bread industry in two days. The order continues, and the store's business is hot and unstoppable.

After speaking of this situation, she purposefully observed Sholoh from the inner rearview mirror to see how he would react, but found that Sholoh had no waves on his face, sitting quietly in the back seat, holding his fist paddle in his right hand, lazy and indifferent to the flow of people and traffic outside.

Li Zi adored her lips and was slightly disappointed. She thought Sholo would be happy and at least show a smile.

After a moment of silence in the car, she suddenly asked with some hesitation: "General Xiao, there is a question I don't know if to ask properly. ”

“What's the problem?” Sholoway.

Li Zimeng's probationary questioning: “Where were you on the day of the trial? ”

Sholo thought about it and replied, “We're busy.” And then he said, "What's wrong? ”

Li Zimeng shook his head: “Nothing, I just felt that the way President Zhang spoke on the day of the trial was very much like you. ”


Sholo frowned and looked at her with certainty. She was surprised: a woman was indeed a nervous animal, which could be found!

He seemed a little uncomfortable. Li Zimeng laughed embarrassingly: “Actually, no... I think I'm confused...”

“You're right, you are.” Sholo spoke very positively.

Li Zimeng looked at Sholo in the mirror and laughed extremely unnaturally. This should be the so-called awkward conversation. He said, "Why are you saying such a boring topic?" Zhang is always President Zhang, Shaw is always President Shaw, how can we mix things up?



Soon, he arrived in front of another store.

The location of this store is very good, the four directions northeast and northwest are the neighborhoods, and the volume of customers is guaranteed.

“This is the store where an old man died of a heart attack. The manager was Sun Jiannan, a very honest man who was very good at his job. General Xiao, you can see that when the clerk was too busy, he came out to entertain the customer himself.” Li Zimeng Dao.

Sholo looked at her gaze and saw Sun Jiannan, who was hosting guests.

“Shall we go down and see?” Li Zimeng asked.

“Let's see. ”

Sholo took a deep breath and opened the door and walked down.

Li Zimeng hurriedly stepped out of the car to catch her heel. She was close to a meter and seven tall. She looked exceptionally tall after wearing high heels. Her hair was neatly tucked back into a ponytail, and her delicate face was smooth and white like chicken protein.

Wearing a white sweater with a fashionable plush long coat and black stockings on his legs, he attracted a lot of men's attention in the first place.

Compared to her, Sholo was much easier and more casual to wear, black sweater with black casual pants, cuffs with exposed arms, so casual to wear on him but a unique spirit and handsome, and a handsome.

In general, anyone standing next to Li Zimeng will be overshadowed by Li Zimeng's aura, and he will not, that kind of natural confidence, give him a sense of arrogance in the heavens and the earth during his total independence, like the supreme king, Li Zimeng is like supporting his wise men.

Sholo didn't mean to interrupt Sun Jiannan, who was busy.

Business was well done. Sun Jiannan's face was filled with a happy smile. The first time I saw him, he was ruined and depraved.

“President Shaw?! ”

Sun Jiannan was so excited when he found Sholo standing right in front of him that his speech turned into a trembling sound.

Sholo smiled and asked, "Mr. Sun, how's business? ”

“Well, much better. Since that trial, the store's business has flared up. I haven't seen so many customers come to our store for consumption in a long time. ”

Sun Jiannan had a great feeling. He really didn't expect Sholo to take Lo Fang to a new height. How much he wanted to tell his niece Sun Ying at the moment, so that she could grab the excellent man in front of him.

Sholo nodded: “That's good! ”

“Boss, do you have more suitable bread for the elderly? To be soft, the old man has few teeth, too hard to bite.” A middle-aged woman came and asked Sun Jiannan.

“Yeah, yeah, right there, I'll take you there. ”

Sun Jiannan answered the guest's question enthusiastically. As he was about to go away, he realised that Sholo was here. He couldn't help but laugh. "President Xiao, this is me...”

Sholo waved: “You're busy, I'll take a look. ”


Sun Jiannan answered and then entertained the middle-aged woman.

Sholo really looked everywhere, like a bakery bakery, the most important thing is the environment, the environment is clean and tidy in order to improve customer trust. If the appearance looks dirty, customers naturally feel that pastries and bread are not hygienic at all when they are made.

Although he did not identify himself, many of the store's little sister clerks guessed that even Li Zimeng Weinono followed him like a tail, not Luo Fang's boss, and this guesswork was also confirmed by a little sister with a lively personality in Sun Jiannan.

“Wow, he's our big boss, he's so handsome! ”

The foolish girl threw an admirable look at Sholo, “It's not all a lie in the TV show. There really is this one that belongs to the president of bullying. ”

“Sneak a picture. Sneak a picture. If you miss this village, there's no shop. ”

“I think the boss and Minister Li are very good together, Lang Cai is a woman, there is no way we can be anything. ”

“Such a handsome boss, such a brilliant boss, just makes me a junior, I'd love to. ”

The clerk stole whispers and, while entertaining customers, was also making small moves to photograph Sholo.