Peerless Genius System

Chapter 154: Bless Him

Zhao Mengqi's words were filled with deep sorrow and remorse. She had tried texting. Sholo had never returned. She was as indifferent to her as a stranger, even worse than a stranger. She would not have the opportunity to return to him.

Marvel sighed and didn't know what to say.

At this time, the door of the store's reception area opened and was verifying a sentence. Some people would always encounter each other inadvertently. Zhao Mengqi and Marvel stood still when they saw Sholo come out of the room and walk straight out of the store with the manager Sun Jiannan.

“Shaw... Shaw? Why is he here?” The subconscious sound of the marvel shouted.

Zhao Mengqi was completely stuck, his mouth was slightly open, the wood generally stood still, his eyes stared at Sholo walking with his hands on his back, the whole brain was blank.

Closer and closer, more and more accessible!

But all of a sudden, she got very nervous, her heart rate suddenly accelerated, as if to jump out of her chest, her whole body strained, the tension of breathing was hard to control.

Sholo didn't see her. Lee Zimeng, who walked to his left, blocked his sight, and his attention was not to the customers in the store. After all, he came to inspect the store, not to buy pastry bread.

“General Shaw, don't worry, I will definitely learn more about 5S theory and then roll it out in the store.” Sun Jiannan respectfully said.

Sholoh nodded, his major at the university is IE, which specializes in managing plant operation processes, achieving efficient, cost-effective and labour-saving objectives, and reducing production costs. This 5S theory is the basic thing in IE, of course, for those who study IE, at home, the 5S theory has not been fully promoted in major companies and factories, so very few people have heard of it.

Watching Sholo walk through his eyes without looking away, Zhao Mengqi felt like his soul had been suddenly pulled away from his body, the most familiar stranger, she finally understood what the phrase meant.


Marvel wanted to shout at Sholo, but the next second shriveled like a exasperated leather ball, because she suddenly realized that there was a woman beside Sholo who belonged to a great body and appearance. The woman's clothes were invaluable and her temperament made her look out of sight. At first glance, she was a woman with status, afraid it was Sholo's girlfriend.

I'm afraid it would embarrass Zhao Mengqi!

Turning to Zhao Mengqi, she found her face full of loneliness and comforted herself: “Forget it, don't be shy. At first glance, you can see that he is the woman's thighs next to the list. This kind of soft meal man is not worth recovering. ”

No wonder it was so generous, it was 100,000 at random, the reason was here, Marvel spit in his heart: Sholo, I was so wrong about you!

“So sad, I went to the bathroom to make up, the big boss didn't even look at me. ”

“Don't get paranoid, you better get to work. ”

“Yes, you're right, strive to be a minister, so it's possible to make the big boss look at you, hip-hop...”

Several little sister clerks gathered to watch a loud discussion outside the door.

Big boss?

Marvel stunned and walked over to wave: "Hello! ”


A little sister returned with enthusiasm to a smile, from gossip to hospitality, courtesy and friendliness.

Marvel was curious about the big boss they were talking about, and she said, "Excuse me, is the big boss you're talking about the one who just walked out of here, Sholo? ”

After hearing this, several small sister clerks who had been scattered gathered again. After all, gossip is a woman's nature.

“Yeah, he's the big boss of our Lofon.” The clerk said.

Marvel frowned: "Isn't Lofong's boss Fang? ”

“It used to be Fang, not a month ago. President Shaw, our big boss, bought Lo Fong. ”

“No, if the big boss hadn't bought Lo Fang, Lo Fang would have been closed. ”

“The big boss was so amazing, he got Lo Fong up in a month and beat up his competitor's taste buds. ”

Speaking of Sholo, these little sister storekeepers, that's unspeakable pride and pride, and it's almost insane admiration in the eyes.

Marvel's eyes widened unbelievably as she lost her color.

So did Zhao Mengqi. After being surprised, all that followed was sorrow and regret, and regret into the bones.

“No, Sholo. Where did he get the money to buy Lo Fong?” Marvel asked out loud.

“Neither do we know that, as if he had a very good relationship with Mr. Chu of Chongqing. ”

“Well, I also heard that Ben Lofong was bought over by the Dining Pavilion, and then the big boss bought it from Mr. Chu. ”

“Anyway, none of this matters. What matters is that the big boss is capable and handsome, and whoever can be the other half of him is definitely the happiest woman in the world. ”

These little sister employees are full of fantasies, as they say.

How is it possible to have a good relationship with Chu Yunhong of Chongqing?

Marvel's mind is like blowing up an ammunition, caught in a void and chaos, who is Chu Yunhong, but it is even an international influential commercial alligator, it is the kind of high and admirable existence, and Sholoh actually has a good relationship with such a person, how can it be amazing?

Wrong, wrong!

She was suddenly blushing because she thought herself to herself that Sholo was in the top of the list of rich women's thighs.

She looked at Zhao Mengqi. Zhao Mengqi looked out of the store in silence and the tears slipped from the corner of her eyes.

“He succeeded, as he had said before, one day he would make everyone look up, and he did, hehe..." Zhao Mengqi smiled silly and muttered to himself.

Marvel's eyebrows were so wrinkled that she could clearly feel the mood of her sister Zhao Mengqi.

If Maggie had not been temporarily tempted to go out of her mind, the good man should still belong to Maggie, only unfortunately nothing will come back, there will be no regret medicine in the world, if it were for her, I fear she will regret going to hit the wall.

She walked up and patted Zhao Mengqi's shoulder gently, comforting her: “Bless him, you know, the 100,000 I didn't take from my family, he gave it to me! ”

Paper bags don't hold fire. A hundred thousand dollars is not small money. She can't hide it at the end of the day, or is it a good idea to confess now?

Zhao Mengqi stood still for a moment.



At 7: 00 p.m., Sholo and Zhang Dashan drove to the Kwangming District. Sholo would not forget to promise Sun Yu to visit their Mid-Autumn Evening Party, and his sister Xiao Ruyi had made several phone calls to rush him to the venue of the party immediately.

Besides, after work, the five men with no trace of wind followed him with a thick face, but where can there be so many people in a car, the wind with no trace directly kicked the three people outside of Xiao Five out of the car, so that he and Xiao Five, plus Sholo and Zhang Dashan, could just sit down, not too crowded.

“Brother Zhang, you are so comfortable in your car. ”

Xiao Wu touched the leather seat and began to blow Zhang Dashan, “It must be genuine leather. It feels like a woman's skin and feels great. ”

“His grandmother, can you cut it out and say all I have to say? Then I'll say a ball!” The wind beat heavily on the back of his head.