Peerless Genius System

Chapter 155: Joseph

The Mid-Autumn Evening at Kwang District People's Hospital will be held in a hotel. The hotel's job is to celebrate the wedding. Just a few changes in the decoration, then a temporary stage with stainless steel frame and red carpet will become the scene of a party.

By the time they arrived, Xiao Ruyi, Sun Yi and Tang Ren were already waiting in front of the hotel.

“Brother, you're finally here!” Xiao Ruyi greeted him.

“Multiple traffic jams on the road.” Sholo explained.

Xiao Ruyi muttered: “Okay. ”

Sun Yu smiled joyfully and said hello to Sholo: "Sholo. ”

Sholo nodded back with a smile.

Zhang Dashan started to get active: “Come here, Brother Feng, let me introduce you. This is Xiao's sister Ruyi, just follow me to call Luo sister, next to this little white face... No, this little meat is her husband Tang Ren, and then this one, I have to highlight, Sun Ying Da Beauty, Old Shao's future wife. ”

Sun Yu was surprised by Zhang Dashan's straightforward introduction. His beautiful face was instantly red.

“Hello, sister-in-law! ”

The wind was seamless and the little five shouted, very serious, and the sound and the flood were bright.

Now Sun Yu's face is even more red. He was so ashamed that he wanted to find a sew to drill in: “I... I'm going to go make up backstage, Shoro, why don't you and Ruyi go in and find a seat...”

After that, he ran away and almost ran into someone else.

“Open your face and see what you've done and scare the hell out of me.” Xiao Ruyi glared at Zhang Dashan Road with dissatisfaction.

“I didn't know Sun Mei Daughter would be so shy. ”

Zhang Dashan stall, full of innocent faces, then he turned his head, “But according to this situation, Sun Beauty doesn't mind at all. Congratulations, old Shaw, you can take Masalati smoothly, you can push hard in the future. ”

Sholo gave his ass a kick without being angry, scolding him: "Speak well, don't drive if you don't agree! ”



The Mid-Autumn Evening Party is set on the third floor of the hotel, with 30 or 40 tables, all of which come from hospital doctors and nurses and are very lively.

The mooncake was on the table and the dishes were served. Sholo looked at it and found that the mooncake was still made by them, and there was some sense of accomplishment in it.

Of course, this Mid-Autumn Festival, Luofang also has an event, except that he left the event to Xu Guansong and Li Zimeng. It is also interesting to hear that it is also a gathering meal, but the stage show is missing, but a 10,000 yuan prize was set at the end of the gathering meal.

“Sister Luo, Tang Ren, don't you think I'm different?” Zhang Dashan asked.

He held on to this question for a long time. I think he has more than 800,000 Weibo fans now. A live broadcast of a public trial turned him into a network redman. I thought he was already famous, but I didn't want to come here. Xiao Ruyi didn't even react, which made him feel a strong sense of frustration.

Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren looked at each other and wondered, “Different? What's the difference? Is your face that big or not? ”

Holy shit!

Zhang Dashan almost didn't hold his mouth and asked, “Haven't you and Tang Ren seen a very hot trial lately? ”

Tang Ren shook his head and said, “Brother Shan, besides work, I am preparing medical certificates, I do not have time to watch TV, and then I am not particularly interested in the court cases. ”

“I might as well watch a few more Korean plays that time.” Xiao Ruyi also accompanied the Way of Peace.

“Got it. Play the bull. ”

Zhang Dashan sighed heavily. I didn't think his popularity was enough.

Xiao Ruyi was unhappy. He put down his chopsticks and stared at Dashan angrily. “Zhang Dashan, who are you calling a cow? ”

Zhang Dashan trembled all over his body, and then one finger was burying his head and eating the wind seamlessly and five small people. “I said they were cows, look at them, how much you can eat, just like two cows. ”

“Brother Zhang, your pot and I are a little unhappy!” The wind looked up seamlessly and smiled bitterly.

“Wrongful eggs, saying you're like cows, that's bragging about your physical strength, you two are illiterate. ”

Zhang Dashan taiyi cried out, then crossed the subject, “By the way, there is something I must tell you, your brother Shaw is now a different person, he used to be a hanging wire, and now he is a CEO, he has entered the ranks of successful people. ”

Sholobal glanced at him and said, "Can you speak well? ”

I didn't mean to stop Zhang Dashan, and I didn't intend to hide it from my own sister, so I let Zhang Dashan speak.

“Can't I just talk right now? Can't you just leave me alone?” Zhang Dashan's dissatisfied path.

“With a big face, you didn't drink, why did you start talking nonsense?” Shaw Ruyi was only joking.

“Honestly, why don't you believe it? ”

Zhang Dashan couldn't resist sighing, then took out his phone and searched live on the trial that day, "If you look at this video, you'll know if what I'm saying is true or not. ”

Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren Fox picked up the past suspiciously and clicked to check it out.

“Brother Shan, why are you in the plaintiff's seat? Are you Lofon's agent?” Tang Ren was surprised.

Zhang Dashan, like a tall man in the world, wore a beard that didn't exist. He squinted his eyes: “Keep looking down, I'll explain after watching the video completely. ”

Sholo ate the food quietly, he sort of understood. In addition to telling Ruyi and Tang Ren that he was the owner of Lo Fang, this mountain had to show a wave of court-martial heroism in front of both of them.

Indeed, after reading the serial version of the trial video, Xiao Ruyi also looked at Zhang Dashan with a different look: “Zhang Dashan, you can, can actually be Luofang's agent, can also curse each other's lawyers, directly kicked out by the presiding judge, this wave I must give you a compliment. ”

“It's just a fu and yu, don't worry about it, hey...” Zhang Dashan waved his hand and said with a relaxed face.

“Fu Heyu? It turns out Fu Heyu is the one you yelled at. I heard he is the same level of lawyer as Ge Zhongtian.” Tang Ren's face was full of shock. To be honest, there is now some doubt whether this video is fake or not. The sound and characters have been handled with later technology.

“In front of your Brother Shan, Fu and Yu are nothing. Nothing will work. They will all have to kneel down to sing me conquest. Ha ha...”

Zhang Dashan's vanity heart was ruthlessly satisfied. Sitting in his seat, he began to shake his legs and speak wildly. As for why Tifu and Yu, of course, he did it deliberately, so that he could pretend to be a dick in front of Tang Ren and Xiao Ruyi.

The voice just dropped and a thunderous thunderous roar came.

“Son of a bitch, what are you talking about? ”

Looking back, the voice came from the mouth of a young man, and there was a strong rage between the lines.