Peerless Genius System

Chapter 156 Fu Guisheng

It's a man who looks Sven, wears a suit, wears a watch, has some artistic fluffiness and curls in his hair, has a long, white face, and gives the impression of high taste.

At this moment, the man's face was filled with anger, his eyes stared at each other, and he looked like an angry Mustang. He yelled at no one else, Zhang Dashan.

“Brother Shan, his name is Fu Guisheng, he is a very young brain doctor in our hospital, and he is also the nephew of Lawyer Fu and Yu!” Tang Rendao.

Shit, can you touch that?

Zhang Dashan immediately turned into a bitter melon face, then complained: “Cousin, why didn't you tell me earlier? I told you there was Fu and Yu's nephew here, so I wouldn't talk about it. ”

Tang Ren explained with some grievance: “I was just about to say, it's just... alas..."

He is now fully prepared for medical examination. He doesn't listen to anything outside the window. The reason he knows Fu Heyu is precisely because this Fu Guisheng wanted to take part in work shortly after graduating from college. He is still a trainee doctor. He has fought under Fu Guisheng's hands for a while. Of course, he has heard about Fu and Yu.

What I was really going to tell Zhang Dashan was just not in time. I didn't expect Fu Guisheng to sit far away, and I just happened to hear Zhang Dashan's convulsions.

Sholo also felt speechless. Zhang Dashan glanced at him and scolded him: “Can you keep a low profile in the future? ”

“I did not come to the stage with a shouting microphone to speak out loud about my glorious history in court enough to lay low.” Zhang Dashan sighed.

In the talking room, the young doctor named Fu Guisheng and his seven or eight people at the table had come around and stared at Zhang Dashan with a bad face.

“What did you just say, dare you say it again? ”

Fu Guisheng looked at Zhang Dashan in a murderous manner and chewed on his teeth.

Though Tang Ren still looks like a child, he has been out of society for more than a year, but he still understands the world. He stood up immediately and greeted him with an apologetic smile: “Brother Fu, don't worry about it. He just drank some wine and said nonsense. ”

“Right, right, right, don't compare with him. That's how he is. He likes running trains with his mouth full. ”

Xiao Ruyi and Tang Renfu sang along, stood up and smiled and said, and then Zhang Dashan made his eyes look, indicating that he apologized.

Zhang Dashan, though harsh, is not unreasonable. He is Fu and Yu's nephew. He will not be able to bear it if others say bad things about his uncle. Besides, this is at the Mid-Autumn Evening Meeting of Xiao Ruyi's hospital, one more thing is less than a small thing.

He poured a glass of wine and stood up, turning to Fu Guisheng: “Brother, it's my fault. You shouldn't be talking nonsense. This glass of wine is considered to be my compensation for you. ”

Speak up, look up, and drink up all the wine in the glass.

Fu Guisheng had obviously recognized that the person in front of him was the one who embarrassed his uncle in court that day, and also destroyed his uncle's future himself. If he were someone else, he might have let it go, but Zhang Dashan was the only one, how could he stop there?

"“ Too little, isn't it? ”

As it turns out, the wind that was eating was seamless and the eyes of Little Five were slightly cold.

Sholo's move was also stagnant. He glanced at the young doctor. Zhang Dashan had already apologized. If the other party wanted to move in, he would not have said yes. Of course, he did not show up on the surface and continued to eat as if nothing had happened.

“Brother Fu, forget it, he is my friend, don't...” Tang Ren Dao.

“Tang Ren, this has nothing to do with you. Stand aside! ”

Without waiting for Tang Ren to finish, Fu Guisheng pushed Tang Ren aside. Tang Ren's body was weak and he pushed him and fell to the ground.

“Fu Guisheng, talk when you talk, what are you doing! ”

Xiao Ruyi blamed Fu Guisheng and walked over to help his man Tang Ren.

Fu Guisheng ignored her, poured another glass of wine, took it up and sent it to Zhang Dashan. “Drink it! ”

“Hey... did I give you a face? ”

The wind threw the chopsticks down seamlessly and stood up. He stared angrily at Fu Guisheng. Zhang Dashan was his benefactor. Those days when he was injured, he could rely on Zhang Dashan to take care of him. He could not help but see the face of Zhang Dashan's nostrils.

He had a pussy. When he stood up, the seven or eight people around Fu Guisheng were all stunned.

Zhang Dashan raised his hand, indicating that the wind sat seamlessly, and looked at Fu Guisheng with a smile: “Okay, I drink. Anyway, the wine at this table is ours, sooner or later you'll have to get me down! ”

Instead of being a pussy, he didn't want to make a big deal out of it and destroy the atmosphere in which Sholo and Sun Yiu got closer together.

But when he reached out to get the drink, Fu Guisheng suddenly fell into trouble and threw the wine directly on his face.

“Now I forgive you! ”

Fu Guisheng smiled with satisfaction and turned around to return to his seat.


A faint voice sounds.

Fu Guisheng grunted softly, stopped and turned around. As soon as he turned around, he was greeted by a large bowl of alcohol. “Wow," he threw it all on his face. A small amount of alcohol was poured into his nose, as if there were two bugs drilling hard inside, which was very painful.

At first glance, he was thrown not at the person who insulted his uncle, but at the person who had just sat quietly eating the food.

Glossy face, thick eyebrows, sculptural five officials... it's Sholo!

Sholo looked at him indifferently: "Sorry, I was wrong. I thought it was a trash can. ”

Trash can?

Fu Guisheng caught fire and smoked the flesh on his face, which was clearly insulting him.

“Son of a bitch, you...”

“Guisheng, what are you doing? ”

Just as Fu Guisheng was about to go mad, a middle-aged man walked in with a glass of wine. His hair was glowing, his stomach was bright, his face was round and his chin was almost non-existent, but his body was full of leadership.

When I saw this middle-aged man, Fu Guisheng's fierce face immediately changed into a smile: “Director He, nothing, just...” I glanced at Sholo and them unintentionally, the vagina, “Our hospital's party seemed to have some irrelevant people, do you think we should invite them out? ”

Naturally, he didn't want to tell the story, otherwise there was another person who knew about his uncle's scandal, and he was also the leader of their hospital.

“Oh, irrelevant people?” The sight of the middle-aged men fell on Sholo and them.

Xiao Ruyi smiled and played the roundabout: “Director, they are all my friends. I called them here to make a scene because we were unhappy at the hospital party. ”

“Ruyi, the party is limited to hospital staff, don't you know that?” A mouthful of middle-aged men.

Xiao Ruyi continued to explain: “Director, he is my brother, my own brother, they are not..."

The middle-aged man waved and interrupted: “Not even your brother. It's against the rules, let them out. ”