Peerless Genius System

Chapter 159 Witnesses

Light walking Mandarin dance like swallow nest, high flying like magpie night terror, beautiful dance gesture gentle, agile message fly as light as wind...

Sun Yan won the full round of applause for their dance. When they finished, cheers and applause thundered.

“Brother, isn't that a good dance?” Shaw Ruyi, don't look at Shaw in a serious way.

Sholo nodded: “Fine! ”

Xiao Ruyi smiled on her face as if she was praising her, because she knew very well that Xiao Lo's mouth was fine, which meant very well.

“Listen to her. Do you have a show too?” Sholo asked curiously.

“It was reported, but I pulled it off, and the preparation of the show was the most cumbersome, and I didn't want to throw my breaks on it. ”

Xiao Ruyi put his mouth aside, “By the way, I told you before, a good single girl like Xiao Yu, there are many aspirants in the hospital, just now Fu Guisheng was one of them, he also chased the most fierce, and sent flowers to Xiao Yu every three to five years. ”

After hearing this, Zhang Dashan patted his thigh: “I told you, the grandson definitely has an unfaithful thought about Sun Beauty. ”

“Don't you dare rob my sister-in-law with Shaw, I'll kill him!” The wind drank a glass of wine seamlessly and turned his head towards Fu Guisheng's vicious path.

“Get an egg, just like he did, to compete with old Shaw for a woman?” Zhang Dashan's despicable spit.

“Brother Zhang is right, no matter what, that ‘Horseknife Ghost' is far worse than Brother Shaw's. ”

Xiao Five seized the opportunity to find a presence, and then he enthusiastically plotted for Sholo. "In fact, chasing girls, don't do too much flowers, like in the city to send flowers and diamonds, that's all nonsense. My father told me that before, when it was primitive society, men looked at women, just a stick of stunned and dragged them back to love, and they didn't play with nothing. ”

A stick stunned and dragged?

Sholo held his laugh and didn't speak.

Zhang Dashan laughed and tears were coming out, shouting five talents.

At this point, Sholo saw an acquaintance, Jiang Yongchun, the owner of Yingtong plastic mill.

The person who entertained Jiang Yongchun was the last name of the director.

“Ruyi, that man is not a doctor or a leader of your hospital, is he?” Sholo asked. Didn't Rin just say that no outsiders were allowed to come in? As a result, the director, Ho, seemed to violate the rules himself.

Looking at him, Xiao Ruyi saw Jiang Yongchun, explaining: "That's the owner of a plastic factory, providing plastic syringes for our hospital. He Nguyen Liang, the fat man with no chin, ate a lot of rebates at his place, so he was treated as an ancestor. ”

Sholo raised his eyebrows and thought so, and then he noticed what Shaw Ruyi called her own director, a fat man with no chin? Don't say that. That's a pretty good description.

“Tell me what your director is doing, I just want to ask, why hasn't this beautiful granddaughter come over yet after the dance?” Zhang Dashan made a big grip.

“It won't take long to get dressed. ”

Xiao Ruyi put his hands in his waist and hummed softly. “My brother is not in a hurry. Why are you in a hurry? The emperor is not in a hurry. Cut! ”

“…” Zhang Dashan was right.



The Mid-Autumn Eve is going on in one show. The content of the show is quite wonderful. Dance, voice, accessories, singing. I have to say, it was really good.

Sun Yi, dressed back in her normal clothes, sat next to Shaw Ruyi, a relaxed light yellow bottoming shirt, tight dark blue jeans, all scattered with a lively and youthful smell, that smile was so beautiful and beautiful.

“Shoroko, my uncle said some strange things to me today.” Sun Yu spoke voluntarily about a topic.

Sholo asked, "What's so strange about him? ”

Sun Yu dared to say it while the music was loud at the party: “He said," Tell me to hold on to you! ”

After that, the cheeks are red, like ripe red apples.

Sholodin watched her while she turned her head shy and pretended to watch the show.

He smiled and said, "Be my girlfriend. ”

Sun Yiu was stunned. It was like a little flower deer jumping wildly. She was so nervous that she was suffocating. Confess. Did Shoroko just confess to herself?

Her mouth was slightly open, her eyes were wide open and her cheeks were red.

Sholo took a deep breath and replied: "Sun Yiu, be me..."

Not quite finished, the stage host sounded almost thrilled through the microphone, overshadowing his voice all at once.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the most anticipated and prominent roller show is about to begin. It's" Be Your Man, "performed by our hospital's youngest and most handsome brain scientist, Dr. Fu, who is very talented, not only at the top of our hospital, but also at the piano.

Passed the seventh level of the Musicians Association Piano Examination, which is extremely talented in music, come on, let's use a warm applause, please invite all the nurses of our hospital male god Fu Guisheng! ”

The thunderous applause echoed in the loud scene, and there were many girls under the stage shouting “Dr. Fu”, the scene was quite lively.

In the eyes of all, Fu Guisheng walked out of the backstage with a microphone, while a piano was slowly pushed out by hotel staff.

“Motherfucker, this grandson can play the piano too? ”

Zhang Dashan's despicable face turned his head toward the wind, "Do you believe me? ”

The wind shook its head seamlessly: "I believe in his hammer! ”

Zhang Dashan looked at Xiao Wu again: “Do you believe me? ”

“If he could play, he'd let me play dick to death.” Little Five said a harsh word.

Sholo said faintly: “Didn't you notice just now that his hands are short, nails won't exceed the meat on his fingertips, fingertips are round, palms are wide, this is a typical pianist, plus his confidence, he will definitely play the piano, but you won't know if he passed the seventh exam or not. ”

If Fu Guisheng could really play, he would be killed by a cock!

Xiao Ruyi hipped and laughed: “My brother is watching carefully, unlike you big fat people, let me tell you honestly, Fu Guisheng does have two problems, the singing sounds a bit like Zhang Xinchel, soft and beautiful, the piano is also quite powerful, last year at the Mid-Autumn Evening Party, a Chopin night song touched everyone unnecessarily. ”

“Boom ~”

Little five foreheads heavily slapped on the table, looking like nothing cute, I thought: I'm all right with the poison curse. Wow!

At this point, Fu Guisheng stood on stage and laughed. “Before I begin my performance, I want to say a few words to a girl. Please give me a witness. ”