Peerless Genius System

Chapter 160: Audio Feast

A man walked onto the stage with a bouquet of red roses, and when no one knew why, Fu Guisheng took the bouquet of roses and knelt on one knee. He looked deeply at Sun Yi, who was sitting underneath him.

“Yu, the first time I saw you, I was conquered by your beauty. From that moment on, I lost my soul. You hooked my soul away. I want to see you every day. Every day I fantasize about walking with our hands in the sunset at dusk. I love you for the rest of my life, until I die! ”

The deep voice is spoken through the microphone and echoed back at the scene of the entire party.

The crowd reacted suddenly, turning out to be confessions!

Many people's opinions became excited. Some girls screamed like idiots. They couldn't help but want to be the object of Fu Guisheng's confession. The atmosphere on the scene became particularly lively.

Fu Guisheng struck the iron while it was hot and smiled: “Yu, I like you. Would you like to be my Fu Guisheng's girlfriend, let me take care of you, take care of you, become the happiest woman in the world? ”

Sun Yisheng stunned. Her face was overwhelmed. She had no idea that Fu Guisheng would do this.

At this time, Fu Guisheng's friends shouted.

“Promise him, promise him! ”

This cry was quickly echoed by other people. After all, it was a great joy and romantic. They had no reason not to cooperate. At one time, Sun Yu was encouraged to promise Fu Guisheng's voice as tidal wave after wave, trembling eardrums.

“I love my motherfuckin 'thief, that grandson of a bitch! ”

Zhang Dashan had a fire. He knew the trick was powerful. Many girls were defeated by the offense. Think about it. When the people around him were shouting 'Promise him', and when that person spoke a large number of expressions of affection, no matter how strong the girl, the psychological defense line would be relaxed and she wouldn't refuse.

Xiao Ruyi hated Fu Guisheng and his teeth itched: “Shameless! ”

The wind stood up seamlessly: “His mother, it's obvious to rob sister-in-law, Shaw, eh, where's Shaw? ”

By his reminder, everyone came back to God. Sholo was sitting in an empty position. Several people looked at each other and didn't know where Sholo had gone.

After realizing that Sholo had left, Sun Yu's face gradually grew pale, looking at Fu Guisheng's emotional eyes, and hundreds of hospital personnel surged to help her, she did not know what to do for a while.

Accept Fu Guisheng? It's absolutely impossible, she doesn't like Fu Guisheng, she likes Sholo.

Can you just refuse to look a little cruel, or disappoint everyone in the room, and not look down, is she going to refute everyone?

What do I do? What do I do?

Sun Yu was in a hurry to cry. In such a situation, she was overwhelmed and confused.

At this point, a wonderful piece of music played gently on the scene, sounding like a mountain fountain, loud and loud, stirring a wave from time to time, touching a rock on the shore, saying hello, whispering, and then continuing forward.

All the cheering voices for Fu Guisheng slowly paused. Everyone turned around and looked at the stage, only to see a senior-like figure sitting in front of the piano, the inspiring ten fingers playing on the black and white keys. This music that surrounded the scene of the big party was slowly flowing out of the person's ten fingertips.

Clear and pure music flows through the mountains of the deep valley, through the wrinkles of life, through the years and deep into the hearts of everyone.

“What kind of piano is this? Why have you never heard of it? ”

“It's wonderful. I feel like I'm getting pregnant with my ears. ”

“Don't talk, listen quietly. ”

Some of the people who studied music whispered.

Even ordinary people who don't know the music, at this time they are drunk, this piano song is like the voice of the soul and can calm people down quickly.

Zhang Dashan's walkers are staring at the stage, especially Zhang Dashan, his mouth turned into a big duck egg, full of shock, because it was not someone else who sat in front of the piano playing the song, it was his good brother Sholo.

“Goddamn it, I don't have eyes. Shaw can play the piano!” He muttered incredibly.

Xiao Ruyi also said Mune: “When did my brother learn to play the piano? ”

Tang Ren, the wind was incognito, and Xiao Wu quickly returned to God, and said excitedly: “Brother (Shaw) is so handsome! ”

When it was discovered that it was Sholo, Sun Yu shifted from the beginning to surprise, then from surprise to joy and anticipation. She looked into Sholo's eyes with deep love.

Fu Guisheng's face smoked meat, he carefully arranged a confession, took advantage of the rising enthusiasm of hundreds of people in the whole field, in order to get Sun Yu to nod his head and say yes, he has even fantasized about rolling the sheets with Sun Yu on a soft queen bed tonight, just one step away, just one step away.

As a result, it was like a flood of pentious frenzy that suddenly encountered a big mountain, which was curbed, intercepted and castrated by the hard raw!

What was most intolerable to him was that Sholo sat where he was supposed to be, playing the piano without a thing, and his anger erupted like a flash flood, but the next second he stood still and didn't run over to push Sholo away, as he had already made small achievements on the piano, he naturally heard the subtlety of this song played by Sholo.

The rhythm, speed, and composition are so full, the rhythm of the cut is just right, the brakes, the weakness, the obstruction, the long and short sounds… everything is handled like a master.

This guy has such a tall build on the piano!

Fu Guisheng opened his eyes, unbelievable and even more unacceptable.

I didn't know Sholo had acquired a musical talent before, except for singing, he was familiar with all kinds of instruments, and of course the piano was silent.

He sat in his seat, elegant as an offshore pianist, playing with his ten fingers, sounds like a flying butterfly with wings flashing, like plugging a distant sky, precipitating a clear light.

Listen to this song, someone saw the rice fields of yellow oranges, someone remembered the fields that ran in their memory, others remembered the infinite scenery of their hometown...

It's beautiful!

Such as the beauty of the scenery, such as wine, makes people drunk and deeply intoxicated, and all the words, at this moment, seem pale and powerless, cannot describe the beauty of the song properly.

At the end of the day, the tune of the song suddenly rises, falls and fluctuates, the waves are magnificent, the river is swallowing, as if the whole world were resonating, like powder rushing into the sky, spreading brilliant fireworks at the top, illuminating the dark night sky.

Absolutely stunning, absolutely audible feast!