Peerless Genius System

Chapter 166 Competition

Hu Shuilong happened to be on duty. When she heard about Sun Yu jumping from the building, she rushed to the emergency room at the earliest speed. When she arrived at the door of the emergency room, the whole person collapsed and sat on the ground crying sadly.

Sholo stepped forward, stood high and looked at her coldly: "You should know why, tell me! ”

Not talking, not asking, but ordering.

Hu Shuirong raised his head and replied with a sigh: "It's He Nguyen Liang! ”

Xiao Ruyi's face was slightly discolored.

Tang Ren opened his eyes even more. I can't believe his boss He Nguyen Liang actually had something to do with Sun Yu jumping off the building.

Hushuirong's emotions were out of control, tears were shed, and the hateful tone was harsh: “He Nguyen Liang is not a human being, he is an animal, he deliberately made us become addicted to drugs, and then forced us to become his toys, he fought, but whenever drug addiction seized, she could only beg him, he not only harmed me, he also harmed many other young girls in the hospital. ”


This information is no different for Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren than a sunny thunderbolt. No wonder Sun Yuliang and He Nguyen Liang went to the hotel to open a room. No wonder He Nguyen Liang made Sun Yuliang cry in his face on the night of the Mid-Autumn Party. He refused Sholo's confession and ran away. Turns out... here's why.

“So that's it, so that's it...”

Sholo laughed, but his face grew gloomy and his fists were squeaking.

He suddenly asked, "Where does He Nguyen Liang live? ”

Hu Shurong trembled all over her body, and she felt a stabbing death from Sholo.

“You've been where he lives, haven't you?” Sholo Cold Channel.

Hu Shuirong nodded: “He owns a house in Li Shui Bin River, which was bought by his wife in secret and used exclusively for...”

“How many buildings? What floor?” Sholo interrupted her directly.

“7th floor, Building 9, Building C. ”

“Where does he live with his wife? ”

“3rd Floor, Building 6, Block B, Red Flag Park. ”

Get these two addresses, Sholo turns around and walks away.

“Brother, where are you going? Don't do anything stupid!” Xiao Ruyi shouted at him and the whole heart mentioned his voice.

Tang Ren also said, "Let's call the police, just leave this to JC. ”

“Don't worry, I'm just going out for a walk, get some air. ”

Sholo turned around and threw a smile at them, and then he left without going back.

Xiao Ruyi could never be relieved. If Sun Yu's brother did something illegal, she would never forgive herself.



Shortly after Schollo left, Guchillin arrived outside the emergency room.

Seeing Sholo's sister, Shaw Ruyi, as shown on the data, combined with previous taxi drivers' reactions, confirmed her speculation that the strange passenger was Sholo.

“Where's your brother Shore? ”

Gu Qian Lin opened the door and asked Xiao Ruyi.

Xiao Ruyi was somewhat surprised that the policewoman in front of him knew herself. She looked anxiously at the other JCs behind Gu Qian Lin and replied: “He... he just walked away...”

“What did he do?” Gu Qian Lin asked anxiously.

“He went outside to get some air.” Xiao Ruyi said.

“Get some air? ”

How could Gu Qian Lin believe this explanation, “Did he do anything strange before he left? Ask your hospital director, Ho Nguyen Liang, for example. ”

Xiao Ruyi and Tang Ren were both stunned and wondered what the hell was going on? Why does this JC know so much about their brothers as if they've been studying and targeting them?

In their eyes, Gu Qian Lin has the answer.

She immediately gave an order to Wang Hanxuan: "Inform HQ to locate Ho Nguyen Liang's phone and make sure to find him in the shortest possible time. ”


Wang Hanxuan nodded and responded, turning around to execute the order.

For the sake of insurance, Gu Qian Lin dispatched his team to the Red Flag Park of He Nguyen Liang's residence immediately, and asked them to protect him as soon as they found him.

“What's your brother's cell number?” Gu Qian Lin asked again.

Xiao Ruyi had a hunch that something big was going to happen. In order to prevent her own brother from going home, she cooperated and found Sholo's number in her cell phone: “This is it. ”

Gu Qian Lin dialed this number with her phone, but the result was a shutdown tone.

“Shit! ”

Put your phone back in your pocket angrily and turn around.

This is a game between her and Sholo, who first found Ho Nguyen Liang, although this Ho Nguyen Liang damn, but he is an important clue, grabbed him, there is a great possibility to destroy Jiangcheng's drug profit chain, even if he is not so important, she will not allow Sholo to ignore the law and kill people just by his own liking.


Xiao Ruyi ran up and stopped her, "My brother is a good man, if he did anything illegal.” The voice was a little choked up, she had a strong feeling that her brother was on JC's blacklist and probably had done something against national laws and regulations, she said in a crying tone, “Please, don't...”

“No one can take precedence over national laws! ”

Gu Qian Lin interrupted that although she sympathized with Shao Ruyi, she was a law enforcement official of the State and would never cheat on herself, and that she would never let go of anyone who broke the law, which was her duty and her responsibility.

Looking at the back of her departure with a dry JC, Xiao Rusheng was overwhelmed, until Tang Ren walked forward, and she held Tang Ren tightly.

“What if my brother really broke the law? Mom and Dad, Grandpa and Grandma, they're gonna be really sad. ”

“It's all right, brother. It's definitely these JCs.” Tang Ren patted her back comforting.

Though he is also confused and somewhat overwhelmed at this moment, he is a man and cannot show cowardice in front of his own woman.



“Gu team, through the positioning system has locked Ho Nguyen Liang's phone, we also took down the person, but the other party is not Ho Nguyen Liang.” Wang Hanxuan reported bad news to Gu Qian Lin in the police car.

Gu Qian Linda frowned: “What do you mean? ”

“He was a thief who, according to him, gave Ho Nguyen Liang's phone away in a bar.” Wang Hanxuan smiled bitterly.

Gu Qian Lin bit his teeth: “What a coincidence! ”

“Yeah, we don't steal late, we steal when we're looking for He Nguyen Liang, the facts of the world are not accurate. ”

Wang Hanxuan said, “By the way, there is also a discovery that He Nguyen Liang not only has a property in Hongqi Park, but also a set in Lishuibinjiang, which he bought in the name of his father. It is said that his wife doesn't even know about this, and I think it is very likely that he hid the poison. ”

“Has Team One and Team Two gone to Red Flag Park now?” Gu Qian Lin raised her eyebrows and asked.

“On the way. ”

“In that case, let's go to the Riverside. ”

Gu Qian Lin had a hunch that He Nguyen Liang would not return to the home of Red Flag Park tonight, but would go to Lishui Riverside River to drink and give orders, "Turn around! ”