Peerless Genius System

Chapter 169 Class A Dangerous Persons

“Ding, a serious injury to the host has been detected and the vitality has dropped dramatically. The system will automatically deduct 100,000 points to heal the host!” The system sounded in my head without a hint of emotion.

Nearly fainted, Sholo felt only a burning sensation of burning in the back wound, not itching, but rather very comfortable, as if he had a gentle hand, comforting the original painful wound.

“Deduct 100,000 points for healing? ”

Sholo smiled bitterly, and the system was able to force him to deduct points without his permission, which created an abusive urge, but to think about it, it only cost 100,000 points to treat a gunshot wound, which is worth it.

It's early in the morning, the park's hills are cold and clear, even the street lights set up on the mountain road are all turned off because of the need to save electricity.

Sholo lay on the stone bench of the pavilion, closed his eyes and let the healing power of the system work.

In a distant city, a loud siren sounded, a police car whistled and flew past, which posed no psychological threat to him. He thought of a route to evacuate before the operation. The route was at the corner of surveillance of the Skynet system, and JC was unable to find half a dot of his tracks from surveillance. The only thing he was worried about was the gunshot wound on his back.

Gu Qian Lin already suspected him. In addition to stopping him from killing He Nguyen Liang, there should be a more important reason why Gu Qian Lin would not have shot away from his lungs and heart if he had left undisputed evidence. Obviously, he would have left his life behind.

“Will it leave a mark?” Sholo asked.

The subject of the interview is naturally a system that integrates with his body.

“Ding, if the host suffers injuries including, but not limited to, gunshot wounds, knife wounds, or burns, any trauma that endangers life but is not truly fatal, the healing ability can start itself, deduct points, heal the trauma for the host, heal permanently, and leave no trace. ”

Permanently healed without a trace?

Sholo couldn't help but shout: “You sound like an ad slogan. ”

The system does not squeak and seems unable to respond to such instructions.

“What happens if the points are less than 100,000? ”

“Ding, the healing power will not start! ”

It's true!

Sholo stopped talking and was too lazy to talk to such an uninspired system.

Half an hour later, the healing process ends.

Sholo's Qi God was restored, he moved his arms, he felt no pain at all, he reached out to touch his back, there was a hole in the blood cave as flat as it was at first, even if he didn't need to look at it, he could be sure that there wasn't even a scratch.


Schollo gives the system a highly recognized rating.

Just as he was about to leave, a man dragged a woman up the hill, and then walked halfway into the darkest forest next to him. Soon, a happy groan was heard. Obviously, this was a pair of wild fairies, looking for a moment of joy while the night and dark winds were high and deserted.

Sholoh didn't come all the way up to look, but his dark eyes had adapted, and he saw two white flowers strangled together, heaven as the bed, undressed very nicely, and seemed not to be afraid of the cold temperatures.

Sholo wasn't a peeper, he turned around and left. Before leaving, he took the man's clothes off the side of the road and changed them on himself, while his original sweater was thrown away in a trash can on the mountain.



“Gu team, we found Sholo. He's in the People's Hospital in the Light Zone.” The walkie-talkie sounded the voice reported by the people under it.

In the hospital?

Gu Qian Lin stunned and ordered: "Watch him, don't let him escape, or you won't have to come to work tomorrow. ”


JC on the walkie-talkie obviously had a chill and responded loudly.

“Drive to the People's Hospital!” Gu Qian Lin drinks at JC sitting in the driver's seat.

The man ordered half the noodles to be thrown immediately into the garbage dump outside the car, and the car was started and driven to the people's hospital.

“Gustav, this isn't right. Why is Sholo in the hospital? Is he turning himself in? ”

Wang Hanxuan frowned and couldn't figure out the reason. After all, in addition to searching the common village, another place they would focus on at the first time was the hospital.

“A cold-blooded killer like that thinks only he knows, and in any case, he must be arrested this time.” Gu Qian Lin grabbed her fist and bit her teeth.

Wang Hanxuan nodded in favour. When he remembered the past of Ho Nguyen Liang's murder in the underground parking garage of Lishuibin River, he couldn't help but strike a chill. If the perpetrator was really Sholo, then Sholo was an extremely dangerous figure, like a beast traveling in the city, which could endanger the lives of others at any time.



Hospital, Sun Yiu is still in the emergency room.

Outside the emergency room, seven or eight JCs were pointing their J-guns in front of them, sweating their backs wet, and their spirits were in a state of high tension at the moment.

Sholo had a paper cup in his hand and looked at them faintly, without any panic, with a calm face.

Xiao Ruyi, Tang Ren and Hu Shuilong were shocked by the discoloration of their faces and dared not breathe.

What the hell happened?

Why are these JCs pulling guns at Sholo?

And why does JC look so nervous?

This series of problems, which emerged in the minds of Shaw Ruyi, Tang Ren and Hu Shuilong, made them increasingly feel that the man standing like a pine tree was incredibly mysterious and had too many unknown stories behind him.

Sholo shook his head and Guan smiled, ready to move in one direction.

“Freeze! ”

The leader's JC nerves were sensitive, and Shosholo drank aloud.

Shoroyan lifted the cup in his hand: "Don't be nervous, I'm just going to pour a glass of water, right in the corner, and it won't leave your sight. ”

Without waiting for these JCs to say yes, they walked towards the water dispenser at the corner of the wall.

JC's gunpoint moved as he moved, someone's forehead had shed bean-sized sweat beads, and they found out from the data that Sholo was a Class A dangerous person, and even robbers of banks could only rank B, and Class A was above Class B. They couldn't imagine how dangerous this guy was.

Sholo placed the paper cup under the hot water tap and pressed the switch. The boiling water that emitted steaming hot gas flowed vertically into the paper cup, making a delightful drop of water, filled it with half a cup, got it by the mouth to taste, felt some hot mouth, added some more cold water, and when the temperature adjusted properly, he only drank it one by one.

Seeing these JCs unwittingly swallowed the pharyngeal spit, they also seemed thirsty.

How incredibly frightening it is to drink water so calmly with the aim of their seventy-eight guns, he suddenly feels an invisible sense of oppression coming from Sholoh.