Peerless Genius System

Chapter 174: Finding Confusion

A white t-shirt and denim fitted cropped trousers with white sneakers and a long orange coat, Gu Qian Lin without a police uniform was a little less powerful and a few more young women's softness.

“Sholo, what the hell are you doing?” After coming to Sholo's face, Gu Qian Lin asked.

Sholo didn't care: “I was afraid I'd get beaten up for winning too much money and asked you to come and protect me. ”

“Let me protect you? ”

Gu Qian Lin thought it was a very funny joke, "Do you still need protection? ”

Sholo said seriously: "Needed. ”

After that, he turned around and walked towards Vegas.

Gu Qian Lin had an impulse to get mad in the spot. She felt herself taken by Sholo's nose. She stared hatefully at the two plainclothes JC in the black sedan, and then turned around towards Yellow Sky Vegas. She wanted to see what Sholo was up to.



Sholo traded five million chips and went straight to the dice area.

“You asked me to see you gamble?” Gu Qian Lin hummed.

“Is there a problem? ”

Sholo lifted his eyebrows, “I didn't say anything about making trouble. If you're bored, you can go, but I'm afraid I'll start making trouble once you're gone. Don't regret missing evidence. ”

Gu Qian Lin bit his teeth: “Don't play tricks, sooner or later I'll cuff you to the station with my own hands. ”

“Officer Gu, why are you always biased against me?” Sholoway.

“I don't think it is necessary to answer this question. If you are truly a law-abiding citizen, I think I will become friends with you. It is a pity that your killings betrayed you. I was born in a special unit and have personally subdued all the bandits, so I am very confident in my eyes and instincts, and I am convinced that you have not mistakenly read, you must have killed people.” Gu Qian Lin looked at Sholo with a burning eye.

Sholo laughed, “I did kill people. You forgot, I killed the mercenary you were chasing, but that didn't constitute a crime. Instead, you JC had to give me the flag and the bonus. ”

“Don't be proud, I'll keep staring at you, your fox tail always comes out.” Gu Qian Lin snorted coldly.

“Okay, I'll wait. ”

Sholo nodded and Gual smiled.

In the talking room, the two of them had come to a casino table and, as before, the casino people were sitting on the estate, and after shaking, they looked at the gamblers around them and waited for them to place their bets.

Sholo didn't want to, he threw the five million chips in his hand directly on the big one.

Normally, all bets are 12,000, or at most 50,000. Now throw down 5 million. Don't say that the dealer and the gamblers around him are stunned. It is that Gu Qian Lin is also stunned. She saw Sholo swipe cards in exchange for chips. This throws down not superficially molded chips, but really 5 million.

“Are you sure?” She couldn't help but ask.

“Is there any such thing as a fake bet? ”

Gu Qian Lin asked, "Five million just thrown away? ”

Sholo nodded, in a positive tone: “Five million just thrown away. ”

“Forget that you're the big boss, rich and free. ”

Gu Qian Lin coldly ironically said that since she had identified Sholo as the murderer in her heart, she was only hostile to Sholo and was reluctant to immediately find evidence to prove that Sholo was illegal.

Sholo ignored her, turned around and swept his eyes at the dealer's dice master, urging: “Still not open? Wait for what?”

The look on the dice master's face was as ugly as eating Shang. He really didn't dare to open it. After Sholo came here a few days ago to win more than 2 million for 100,000, they had already imprinted Sholo's face deeply in their minds. This is a strange man, pushing big, pushing small, this time he bet 5 million down, scared him to beat a shake in both legs.

However, under pressure from the surrounding gamblers, he reached out and slowly opened the box. At the same time, he felt fortunate that Sholo could not be 100% accurate, but did not believe that it was one thing. The fact was another. After opening the box, the three dice scored 4, 5 and 6 respectively.


Sholo's five million all of a sudden turned into 10 million, and everyone in the room opened their eyes to surprise.



“Manager, no, the last time that kid came back. ”

Upstairs in Vegas, a waiter panicked into the manager's office and shocked Geng Qiuxing, who was holding a woman in her arms.

Geng Qiuxing caught fire and threw the ashtray out of the table: “Fuck you, why didn't you knock on the door before you came in! ”

He immediately smashed the waiter's forehead and smashed his head to the ground, tears coming out of his eyes.

“Baby, you go out for a second, I'll take care of things first.” Geng Qiuxing to the girl hey hey laughed.

“Good manager. ”

The woman kissed Geng Qiuxing's face, then put on her open collar and underpants off her thighs and walked out. She stamped her feet in front of the waiter and hummed hard, expressing some dissatisfaction with him, but spreading an infinite flair.

After closing the door of the office, Geng Qiuxing coughed dry for a few moments. He glanced at the waiter on the ground in a gloomy way: “Don't lie on the ground and play dead, get up for me! ”

The waiter picked up the ashtray and placed it respectfully on Geng Qiuxing's table.

Geng Qiuxing held a cigar in his mouth and lit it, smoking it hard. “Say, what is it? ”

“Manager, the last time we won more than two million in our casino, it's almost 40 million. ”

“Forty million? ”

Geng Qiuxing suddenly stood up, and their casino had no net profit of 40 million for three months.

Where else could he stay calm, walking out of the office, walking fast, coming to the hallway outside, looking downstairs, and seeing the tide, led many gamblers to shout at Sholoh, the god of gambling.

“Shit, he's really this kid. I heard Master Lung recently smashed his Lo Fong store. Looking at this, he's trying to get it back at our casino. ”

“What to do, manager, this man is too evil to bet on anything, then let him gamble, we have to pay for bankruptcy overnight in the casino.” The waiter mourned a face.

“As usual, change dice. Go! ”

Geng Qiuxing's tone of speech is a little nervous, because the chips in front of Sholo are piled up like a hill, at least 50 million sightings, let him win again, they will have a huge funding gap in the casino, it is difficult to turn around at once, Master Long will not have any pity for him when he finds out.