Peerless Genius System

Chapter 179 Battle of the Internet

Sholo picked up two eggs from the fridge and cooked them in a pan, even though the breakfast was done.

I can't deal with the Dragon Gang alone, I have to borrow the momentum.

The biggest force in China is ZF, which is the most effective and direct way to suppress the black forces of the Dragon Gang. He went through the official websites of police stations in every district of Jiangcheng, and by chance, a small police station in the Light District was recruiting auxiliary police officers for the community.

Age, education, background, etc. All the conditions were met, and Sholo immediately threw a resume at it, ready to change his skin.

After delivering his resume, Sholo immediately noticed that the network was somewhat abnormal, and after entering a string of codes into a black virtual space, the color of the divine was slightly stunned, as the Chinese network was being madly attacked by several invisible hackers.

Meanwhile, at the headquarters of the NSA (NationalSecurityAgency) in China, everyone was nervously busy knocking on the keyboard, and sometimes there were one or two hard state reports, but every report made everyone present a few points.

“The Southern Network Front is tight, requesting reinforcements. ”

This is a war free of smoke, China has never lacked enemies, the enemy countries obviously do not dare to provoke the prestige of China, but in this virtual cyber world, they constantly cultivate high-ranking hackers to destroy and attack China. This is the era of the Big Bang of Information. Once the gateway has been broken by the enemy countries, China's banking system, transportation system, defence system, etc., will all suffer fatal blows.

The ultimate consequence is national chaos. Imagine that the bank account of the original owner turned into zero, the red-green lights of the city changed randomly, and countless missiles ignited and activated… this is absolutely devastating.

At a time when everyone is struggling for tomorrow and holding on to their dreams, they simply don't realize that a huge threat is brewing and is quietly coming...

NSA executives are heavily colored and have a cold sweat on their foreheads.

Suddenly, a high scream sounded: "Bai Ling has appeared! ”

Bai Ling?

When I heard that name, NSA executives were relieved and a little tearful. Who was Bai Ling? Three years ago, suddenly appeared to help their NSA defend itself against foreign aggression. For three years, whenever hostile forces from abroad attacked the Chinese network, Bai Ling always appeared in a timely fashion, and then defeated the aggressor and was honored by their NSA as the protector god of China.

The advent of Bai Ling suggests that the end of hostilities is approaching and that the entire NSA's will has grown high.



Jiangcheng, Huano University.

White sat in the library study room with her fingers banging fast on the notebook keyboard in front of her, her mouth revealing a funny smile, like a playful little girl discovering something funny.

Her white fingers were dragon dancing, snake walking, snail climbing, and sometimes the tiger descended, slowly walking in the garden.

A brand-new firewall was erected to intercept hostile forces abroad.

“Baiyi, what are you doing? ”

Originally reading the book, Chu Yue curiously approached his head, but only saw that the screen of Baiyi's computer was like the first few seconds when it was turned on, it was all code, and as Baiyi entered, more and more code was being painted on the computer screen like a printer.

“I'm programming.” Baiyi turned her head and smiled at her.

“Programming? ”

Chu Yue mumbled, half a letter doubted, “Then make it up, I'll continue to curse the pretender. ”

I picked up the plush doll in front of me, put a note on the plush doll's chest with Sholo's name on it, and then I hated the shatter: “Pretend you're a forced criminal, I curse you never find a girlfriend in your life, drive a flat tire, ring a phone, run into traffic in a hurry, let all the bad luck haunt you...”

When she heard this, Bai Xiao couldn't stop crying. Since Sholo stopped saying goodbye, she found that her girlfriend had become unusual. Apart from often dreaming of shouting 'pretending to be a forced criminal’, even the habit of eating sugar had been abandoned, and from time to time she cursed Sholo with a plush doll.

If she didn't like Sholo, she wouldn't believe it!

But she couldn't distract herself right now, and hostile forces abroad were making a wild attack on China's network, which would be troublesome if she couldn't keep it.

“Looks like these people are well prepared this time! ”

The white face adds a little weight and the face looks red and sophisticated like a porcelain doll.

She constantly creates new firewalls, but the other side is huge, the offense is fast, she can't create as fast as the other side breaks, and the other side is some of the top hackers, the division of labor is clear, the NSA people can't get in, only she can defend against the offense by herself.



Nsa headquarters.

All the computer experts have been defeated, their computers have been broken, they have not been able to get into the war at all, and they can only watch the war change.

As the elite of computers, all of them were killed under attack by hostile forces abroad, singling out the secret hacker master of China, Bai Ling, against enemies like Jackal Tiger Panthers, which is really embarrassing and blushing.

But there is no shame in this moment. This war without smoke is directly related to the stability of society and the foundations of the country, who cry out in silence for 'Bai Ling’.

The reality is that the firewall created by Bailing has been wildly broken down by foreign hostile forces. The speed of creation is far from being broken. As it continues, Bailing's defeat is only a matter of time.

The nerves of the NSA executives were tightened up again, and Bai Ling, although not a member of their NSA, was their recognized computer genius. If even Bai Ling couldn't resist this cyber attack, they really couldn't imagine who else could do it.

Is the beginning of chaos coming?

Many people have prepared the worst of their plans. The country lies at the very heart of the people. If the lives of the people are severely damaged, the country will shake at all, which is worse than the fall of the heavens.



Sholo dropped half his drink and said to himself: "Let me help you! ”

Just as the voice went down, ten fingers pounded like a piano on a keyboard, and a string of codes broke into the black painted virtual battlefield.