Peerless Genius System

Chapter 184 I am * *

The car traveled to a junction, mutated and steep, and a large truck came from the right without a sign, hitting the white Corolla side of Sholo with a mountainous impact.

“Boom ~”

Along with a trembling eardrum sound, white corollas enter through deep depressions in the middle, like paper paste, windowsills, windshields, and lights that crumble into countless pieces of glass.

At the same time, the car rolled over hard and threw it out onto the other side until it stopped 20 to 30 metres away, and a lot of spare parts scattered along the way.

The whole body was depressed, like a broken car lying on its side, sounding like an alarm screaming, making it look even more dazzling in this empty street!

The big truck had stopped by then, and two doors had opened, a big, yellow-haired ape and a cold leopard with glasses jumped out of the car.

The monkey glanced at the cold leopard and smiled with a smile on his face: “Is the boy supposed to be dead? ”

“Death is not far from death.” Cold leopard habits help the glasses coldly, "he said.

“Whether he's dead or not, I'll give him another knife! ”

The monkey grinned brutally, pulling a dagger out of his waist and walking towards the wrecked corolla.

At this point, the broken corolla made a loud noise, and the door on the right flew out of the car with a huge force. The body was broken by broken glass scum, bleeding everywhere, Sholo, his hands picked up the window and climbed out of it, then gently jumped to the ground.

“Oh, you're still alive! ”

The ape's face showed a shock and then smiled excitedly. "This is just the right way to relax your muscles and bones. Hey...”

The cold leopard in the distance noticed a slight anomaly and shouted a warning: "Don't lighten the enemy! ”

“Rest assured, the boy has been hit so hard to even stand, killing him is as easy as slapping him.” The great ape laughed coldly.

Sholo is in a really bad state, with wounds all over him, the impact of the big truck is too great, the instantaneous destruction is terrible, if he hadn't exchanged the susceptible scriptures and his inner strength had protected his heart in the first place, he could have just given his life here.

At this moment, the inner forces run wildly, and the mortal intent to kill emerges as if it were a tide.

He was like an animal, staring dead at the ape, saying, "You —— have to —— die! ”

Anger occupies the whole god.

“Motherfucker, is that what you're talking about? ”

The big monkey's feet, already tightened all over his body, cleverly and fiercely stamped the ground. His body burst out like a shell towards Sholoh. The dagger in his hand drew a shady trajectory, such as a long rainbow in the sky. The sharp tip of the knife stabbed Sholoh's neck in a fierce manner, with a murderous intent.

But before he stabbed him, Sholo's left hand appeared as if it were empty, like a steel plier to death, restraining his knife wrist, accompanied by a roaring roar, Sholo's right fist like a moving hammer, like a rushing forward burst, a solid blow to the ape's chest.


The power of terror spreads wildly around the intersection, instantly sweeping over most of his body.

“Pfft ~”

The chest and abdomen swept like a river, a bite of blood erupted backwards, the ape flew directly off the ground, and his body fell uncontrollably towards the rear.

But the monkey was also strong and transverse. He turned his center of gravity in the air and eventually landed steadily on one knee. After landing, he came out with a thick mouthful of blood. Severe pain appeared in his chest. He looked down and couldn't help but stare at his eyes. Several ribs broke, his chest collapsed into it. The infiltrated blood stained the clothes in front of his chest, and the blood dried between his chests. He could also see his heart beating vividly.

The ape was terrified. He practiced kung fu and had internal strength to protect him. However, he was broken several ribs with one punch. The whole chest was dented. How is this possible?!

“Monkey, watch out!” The cold leopard shouted.

Rumor has it, the ape raised its head, only Sholo's body suddenly burst up, his feet dotted the ground, flipped over, directly crossed a distance of more than a dozen meters to come to him, the forward body suddenly stopped, the left foot as the axis, the body strength spinning, all the power poured on the shaken right foot, straight to his chin attack to kill.

Rapid, fierce, leave no room!

“Buzz ~”

When Sholo kicked him in the chin, the ape felt his whole brain instantly shaken into paste slurry, buzzing, even a scream could be fired in the future, unconscious, his body like a shell flew out, and he fell heavily 20 to 30 meters away.

Oral and nasal bleeding, chin cracking, left eye dropped out of the orbit by this powerful influence, glued a little bit of blood filament rolled to one side, completely devoid of a human figure, looks terrible.


Cold leopard took a sip of cool air and looked horrified, from Sholo to the monkey's fall, but in four or five breaths, he didn't even have a chance to help.

“Your turn! ”

The faint voice had no emotion, as if it were from Hell Nine, and Schollo's face was bleeding and his clothes were shattered, but he was spreading a fierce sense of war, and his fanatical eyes seemed a little stubborn with the backing of this battle.

Cold leopard punched a cold tremor all over his body, he understood that it was a complete monster, could not be regarded as common sense, hit by a big truck had such a powerful fighting power.

He did not respond, pondered for a moment, then turned to carry the ape's corpse and quickly left.

Sholo gasped and watched him leave until he disappeared into sight, and he could no longer support himself. His eyes closed and the whole person fell on the floor like a piece of mud.

Even in the sutra, he was badly injured when he was hit by a big truck that accelerated to more than 90 miles. The five dirty hearts and heart pulse were protected by autonomous internal forces, but the trauma on his body was serious enough, and many glass debris died like a parasite embedded in his flesh.



After not knowing how long, Sholo regained consciousness, opened his eyes, found himself in the hospital, wanted to move, and as a result, all limbs had a feeling of being tied up. This led him to find himself wrapped around a bandage, and the white bandage wrapped him around like a mummy.

At this time, a man with a slightly fat body and a round face walked in with a bowl of hot wax and saw Sholo wake up in bed and move freely. He was scared to put the wax down and run up to soothe him: “Brother, don't move, more than a hundred pieces of glass debris have been removed from you. The doctor can easily stitch the wound up for you. If you move, it will collapse easily, and then you will suffer again. ”

“Who are you?” Sholo asked.


The round-headed man froze, then grinned, “I'm * * ah, look at you fainting on the road, nobody dares to save you, I dare to call 120 to take you to the hospital, and I take care of you all day and night, I'm not * * * who is * *. ”