Peerless Genius System

Chapter 186: Tooth for Tooth

In a room with a slightly dim light, the great ape pen lay still on the floor, bloodless, unable to die any more, cold and black, heavy, even angry, teeth-cutting rage.

Compared to them, the Cold Panther seemed calm, he had not returned from the fact that the great ape had been kicked to death by Sholoh, and there was an unspeakable palpitation in his mind when he remembered the fanatical and warlike look of Sholoh.

Dragon San-kyu sat on the master's chair with a tap cane in his right hand, two health balls in his left hand, a pair of old eyes scattered through the cold stars and glanced at Cold Panther: “Was he kicked to death by the rotten boy? ”

Cold Panther would love to answer no, but the truth is.

Nod your head: “Yes. ”

“What the fuck, that son of a bitch so evil? ”

Dragon Sankyu pinched his left hand, and the two health balls made of metal immediately dried and deformed, like two bunches of rubber clay squeezed together.

Cold Panther held onto his glasses and said: “We hit him with a big truck, even his car broke up, but he himself is fine, Master Long, I suspect he is also a master of martial arts, and his strength is not weak. ”

“Shit, even if he's not weak, he's bound to be devastated in that situation. The reason why he killed the ape so quickly is to deter you. If you hadn't been intimidated at the time, it would have been easy to kill him.” Dragon San-kyu pierced Sholo's mind at first glance.

Cold Panther was slightly stunned. If that's what Master Long said, didn't he miss a good chance to kill Sholo?

In a close reminiscence, he did discover that Sholo had a strong intent at the time, but his body was covered in blood, and his condition was obviously poor. Eighty or ninety percent of it was after a strong crossbow. With this in mind, he immediately knelt down on one knee: “Master Wang Long, forgive me! ”

“With all due respect, you pick a dozen powerful disciples and go to various hospitals for screening. The rotten boy must have been injured in the hospital. If you find him, you can unload him directly. ”

Dragon San-kyu crutched the ground with a crutch, "This is your chance to convert kung fu to sin, take good advantage! ”


Cold leopard nodded his head, his eyes hidden under his glasses blooming like a snake.



Sholo was wrapped in bandages all over his body. It was his fourth day in the hospital, and his wounds were healing faster and faster. His mercenary king's body was also very strong and his injuries were all healed when the double effect was superimposed.

Zhang Dashan stayed in the company without listening to his words. The day came to send warmth again. Just pushed the door of the ward, the whole person stunned. He saw an incredible image, lying on the hospital bed and wrapped into a mummy Sholoh, a crackling sound. With the sound of these sounds, the white bandages began to crack, as if a butterfly had evolved and was coming out of the cocoon.

When Sholo jumped from his bed and all the bandages on him spread like goose fur, Zhang Dashan sat on the floor frightened, and to him, there was nothing in the world that could be described with a "sleeping basket”, if there was one, two sentences.

Sholo stood on the bed, unhung, every inch of skin, white as a baby in a baptism with no scars, clear lines, like a carefully carved piece of art.

“I'll wipe your sister, will you stop pointing your dick at me! ”

Zhang Dashan regained his shocking emotions and stood up with a pat on his ass. Now he is almost immune to one of the horrible things that happened to Sholo. Don't say that his wounds healed for three or four days without leaving a slight scar, which is to shoot down the plane in the sky. He also found it acceptable and completely unable to measure his brother Sholo with common sense.

Sholo jumped out of bed without panic and took a suit out of the cupboard to deal with it first.

“Why are you here again? Didn't I tell you to hide in the company these days when I was dealing with the Dragon Gang? ”

“Your sister, I'm not so fond of my girlfriend, you're not happy in the blessing.” Zhang Dashan spit.

Sholo snapped his buttons together and glanced at him: "Have you ever had a girlfriend? ”

This instant stabbed Zhang Dashan's pain, his face rose red instantly: “Fuck you, where can you not open the pot, go ahead, I will never come again, just hide in the company to soak my subordinates, grass! ”

Gone in scolding.



At night, the bright neon lights turned Jiangcheng into a no-night city.

Cold Leopard was depressed. For the past four days, he had asked his men to inspect every hospital in Jiangcheng. He simply didn't find a patient named Sholo to live in, because he had no idea that the name registered to Sholo was Liu Tie Pan, and using Sholo's name to do so would naturally be inconclusive.

He was sitting in the car, restless as a drug addict, and when his men reported back to him that the hospital he had just checked didn't have Schollo, he had difficulty controlling it, punching the windows and blowing them to pieces.

At this point, the phone rang and was a strange number.

He held his glasses, forced them to calm down, picked up his phone and answered: “Who is it? ”

“I'm Sholo!” At the other end of the phone, a cold voice sounded.

Cold Leopard sat down immediately: "Where did you get my contact information? ”

“Doesn't matter. You've been looking for me. Don't you want to know where I am?” Sholo Cold Channel.

“Where are you? ”

“Look up. ”

Cold Panther's unconscious head looked up, his pupils zoomed in, through the panoramic skylight, and he saw a car rolling out of the top of that dozen storeys, then slowly crashed, faster and worse.

“Damn it! ”

Suddenly a cold sweat appeared on his body, the breath of death poured out, the cold leopard was frightened white, after the reaction, he was about to rush out the first time, but it was too late, just when his hand touched the handle of the door, the car from a dozen stories high fell on his roof with the thunderous rolling force.

“Boom ~”

Just one loud noise, like a meteor crash, a landslide, a black car with a dry deformation, all four tires flashing, a wave of air swinging around the center of the black car, creating a terrible threat.

The cold leopard inside was instantly squeezed into a beach of chyme, and the blood dripped down the crack of the door to the ground.

The members of the Dragon Gang around them saw this scene all silly, a frightened and horrified look, then called Dragon Sankyu, and the vocal convergence reported: “Master Dragon, Cold Care Law... Cold Care Law Dead... Dead...”

Meanwhile, Sholo on the roof clapped the dust on his hand and turned away as if he had done something insignificant.

Teeth for teeth, blood for blood!