Peerless Genius System

Chapter 187: He's My Brother Shawneh

On the evening of the fifth day, Sholo received a telephone call from the Li Ren Village police station in the Guangming District, informing him to arrive at the Guangming District Bureau at 8: 00 a.m. the following morning and participate in medical examinations and training with other recruited auxiliary policemen. The special training lasted half a month and was militarized for half a month. The food and clothing houses were held at the training base of the station, isolating all exchanges with the outside world.

You're such a pain in the ass!

Sholo frowned. He thought he could take over after his physical examination. He seemed to think too much.

But there is no way to deal with the Dragon Gang. It will not kill all the members. That will only become the number one target of ZF in China. He is going to completely destroy the Dragon Gang industry.

Nothing to say for one night...

After getting up at 5: 00 a.m. and finishing up a few sets of clothes, Sholo stepped onto the trip to the Light Division.

It was already seven o'clock when he arrived at the Light Division and walked into the station after breakfast at a stall on the side of the road. In the police compound, Schollo saw a lot of preparatory auxiliary police officers, both male and female, attending medical examinations and special training as he did, in the order of twenty persons, who then signed and handed over their correspondence and personal effects.

Two JCs in police uniform stood on the steps, looked at the watches from time to time, and looked at the number of arrivals.

“How many more haven't arrived? ”

“One more to go. ”

"Almost 8: 00? ”

“Well, soon. ”

“After eight o'clock, the one who did not arrive was excluded, without even the most basic notion of time, and such a person was not fit to be included in the auxiliary police force. ”

The two of them spoke seriously. Everyone heard clearly and expressed sympathy for that wretched bastard. So many procedures had come before them. If they were to be disqualified as auxiliary police because they were late, they would surely regret that their intestines were blue.

“Dude, where are you from? What's your name? ”

“Beauty, are you guys together? Let's get to know each other. We'll be colleagues in the future. ”


This is an opportunity for outgoing people to become active and get to know each other from the beginning.

“Cough... Okay, time's up, stand in two columns, with me...”

When he arrived at 8: 00, JC, a middle-aged man in the face of Guo Zi, coughed up and shouted, but was interrupted by a big voice like a duck.

“Wait, here's another one! ”

A round-headed, medium-sized, fleshy man with big ears rushed in through the door of the police station, wearing a large white shirt with big ankle jeans underneath him, panting and sweating on his face.

Liu Tie Pan?!

Xiao Luo stunned, this man Hehe was the Liu Tie Pan who took him to the hospital a few days ago. Looks like Jiangcheng is really small, so the two of them will see each other again soon. He also planned to connect to find Liu Tie Pan, thank you very much, now it doesn't seem necessary.

“You are?”

Guo Zi face JC measured him up and down and asked.

Liu Tie Pan saluted him: “Report Officer, my name is Liu Tie Pan, I am a reserve auxiliary police officer who came to attend medical examination and special training. ”

“Is he really here to recruit an auxiliary police officer? ”

Guo Zi face JC pointed to Liu Tie Pan, the fox looked suspiciously at another JC.

The man took a close look at the roster and nodded: “There is indeed a man. ”

After taking out Liu Tie Pot's resume alone and handing it to Guo Zi Face JC, Guo Zi Face JC made a comparison between the photo on his resume and the real person, he immediately frowned: “Don't you look like yourself? ”

“No, I can't. Well, that's because I'm not laughing. I'm laughing just like in the picture. ”

Liu Tie Pan immediately laughed, his eyes squeezed into two stitches, like a Melev.

“But that's not right either. The people in the picture are not as mature as you.” The State Face JC still doesn't believe.

Liu Tie Pan hastily explained: “I do look a little rushed, but my information is real, especially the photograph, 200 percent of it is me, just before putting it on, I gave myself a beauty, ground my skin, and added a little peach red to make me look more in line with my real age. ”

“Pfft ~”

A girl couldn't help laughing anymore: "Uncle, are you sure you're here to be a police auxiliary, not a joke? ”

The phrase made people laugh and laugh.

Liu Tie pan was anxious, he was treated like this every time. This always bothered him. He pulled out his ID card and said to the big guy: “I'm only twenty-two years old, I'm not an uncle, I'm just a little meat. ”

Everyone laughed even more. Even JC, who had a serious face, couldn't help laughing. After that, he immediately restored calm and shouted to everyone: “Okay, don't laugh. In the future, you are all colleagues. It is not a noble thing to laugh at your colleagues. ”

Liu Tie Pan moved and cried. He thought, "You are the servant of the people, you know the truth!"

“Liu Tie Pan, come in!” State Face JC shouted at him.


Liu Tie Pan reached the end of the first row.

This just stood still, shocked, and pulled Sholo's arm in front of him: "Brother, why are you here? No. How did you get out so soon? The other day, it was wrapped up as a mummy. ”

“Do you know about my brother's hospitalization?” Sholo turned to pretend to be surprised to ask.

“Your brother?” Liu Tie Pan is all wrapped up, thinking: Isn't this the same person?

“Yes, it's my brother Shaughnessy. I'm his brother Shaughnessy.” Sholo smiled slightly.

Liu Tie Pan shook his head unequivocally: “No, the last time JC asked him, he called himself Sholo, not Shawneh. ”

Sholo sighed, pointing to his head, whispering: “In a car accident, this place was confused, and his name and mine were silly and unclear. ”

So that's it!

Liu Tie Pot nodded suddenly enlightened, turning out to be the brothers, which explains why they looked so alike, and then asked: "Is your brother okay? ”

“It's all right. It's all right. You should be able to recover in less than two months after you transfer to hospitals in other cities.” Sholoway.

“That's good. That's good.” Liu Tie Pan relieved his breath.

Sholo reached out and said, "Brother Pot, my name is Sholo, I'm twenty years old. ”

This Liu iron pot looks like a middle-aged uncle. He really can't call his name straight. Besides, this guy saved his life and asked him to say 'Pot Brother' as he deserved, but he specifically emphasized that he was 20 years old, saving Liu iron pot from being tender in front of him.

“Hello, hello.” Liu Tie Pan laughed.

“By the way, Brother Pan, how did you know my brother was in the hospital in a car accident? You know my brother?” Sholo asked.

“Because it's me...”

Liu Tie Pan was about to tell the truth, but his voice stopped, because he thought of a phrase ‘do good things without leaving a name’, so he made a look like a tall man, “Buddha said, don't say, don't say, hey...”

Sholo almost couldn't help laughing out, the amount was so, but he also couldn't help but shrug his shoulders.