Peerless Genius System

Chapter 188 Guqianxue

After the medical examination, Sholoh's men were sent to the training base of the Light Zone Bureau, located at the foot of a remote hill in the Light Zone, which, although JC used to improve its strength, looked like a military camp.

“Wow, that's cool. Look, there's a range! ”

“Yeah, there's a training facility for crossing barriers, which is so cool. ”

“It will cost at least tens of millions to build this training ground. ”

As soon as these preparatory auxiliary police attending the special training entered the training camp, they were filled with curiosity about what was going on here, dirt, sandpits, rungrounds, etc., which made them feel hot and bloody, and the training footage of the special forces in the TV show appeared in their minds, so bloody exciting, so much to look forward to.

“I feel like I need to take off a layer of skin here. ”

Liu iron pot whispered, he was the only one who was negative about it.



The collective dormitories of the camp were replaced with uniforms and assembled on the training grounds.

At this time, two men in black vests, camouflage pants and black army boots were already standing there, two men tall and powerful, over a metre and eight tall, dark-skinned, eye-lit, not angry and arrogant, one of them wearing sunglasses, extremely cold.

The man wearing sunglasses held a toothpick in his mouth and stood with his hands behind his back. He said to the humans: "Introduce yourself, my name is Yan, and from today onwards I will be your instructor, responsible for your special training for 15 days. ”

King Yan?

Everyone turns to each other and is curious about the name of the instructor.

“Shut up! ”

Wang Li sipped, “Before you speak, call for a report. You can only speak with my permission. Do you hear me? ”

“I hear you! ”

Everyone answered with one voice.

“Answer me later only with 'yes’ and ‘no’, I do not want to hear other voices.” The voice of the King of Tsubaki has a majestic vibe.

“Yes, sir!” Everyone answered with one voice.

“Well, I think we're going to have a great life. ”

Wang Wang stared at everyone, seriously ruthless, rejecting people thousands of miles away, “Deputy instructor? ”


Another man stepped forward, his head raised and his chest answered with an air pressed from Dantian.

“Let them move their bones.” Wang Wang Dao.


The deputy instructor turned around and looked at the crowd, "All of you, turn right, run, run around the training field, don't stop! ”

Everybody obeys orders, turns around and runs.

After they ran away, the king shook his head: “The requirements of the auxiliary police are really getting lower and lower. Look at these. They are all crooked dates. None of them are from the army. Without iron discipline, just some flat-headed people. For them, hasty training for half a month can be competent for maintaining public order? Isn't that funny? ”

The deputy instructor was helpless: “Now that there is a shortage of police officers who can be mobilized in all police stations, coupled with the continuous development and construction of the periphery of Jiangcheng, the larger the urban area, the more police force is naturally needed, and the above is also forced to recruit talent from society. ”

“Even to recruit talent is not such a trick. The requirements of auxiliary police are too low. It directly lowers the overall qualifications of the auxiliary police force. Cases of law enforcement misconduct can easily occur. Haven't there been enough lessons learned in recent years?” The King is very dissatisfied with the above practice.

Fengzi sighed: “Yes, but...” I took a woman's resume out of the information kit and handed it over to the king, "Others I don't know, this girl is absolutely qualified in all aspects! ”

“Gu Qian Xue?” The king looked at the name on his resume.

Feng Zixiao nodded, explaining: “She is the sister of Gu Qian Lin, captain of Jiangcheng General District, influenced by her sister, she is also willing to be a people's JC. Unlike her sister, she became the apprentice of the lonely elderly in Tianshan when she was 10 years old. After going down the mountain, she followed her sister Gu Qianlin frequently to and from the large training field. She was first-rate and wore 100 steps of Yang without words. ”

“Listen to you, I don't feel like the police have picked up the treasure. ”

“I did find the treasure, and her future achievements in the police force will definitely be higher than her sister's. ”

With a smile on his face, he looked away and landed on the simple and elegant girl who ran in front of the team.

The divine cold, a beautiful face filled with a refreshing, pale skin, long body, cold delicate face, a beautiful and deep pair of eyes, although wearing a trained camouflage suit like everyone else, but that extraordinary temperament kept her away from the crowd, like a white swan in a dirt duck, only visible and not desecrating.



“How long is this going to take? My legs are almost broken. ”

“Yeah, yeah, this is such intensive training, it keeps people from living. ”

“It turns out that TV shows are full of lies. I can't help but get rid of what's hot and what's exciting and run on. ”

After five laps of running, the freshness and anticipation of these people suddenly disappeared. Everyone called it bitterness. His eyes stared at the wind. At this moment, how much he wished he could stop shouting.

Of course, Sholo didn't feel any discomfort. For the sake of not paying much attention, he had been following Liu Tie Pan around, and Liu Tie Pan, at this time, was tired like a panting fortune, his tongue was stretched out, his mouth gasped, he couldn't even speak.

“Run, run, look at your virtues, even a girl can run in front of you, don't you big fathers feel ashamed? Run faster, don't stop, who dares to stop, immediately disqualify as an auxiliary police officer!” The King shouted and hurried.

Rumor has it that it is a girl who runs in front of her, and many men with masculinity bite their teeth and yell more than her.

But whenever she was about to surpass her, she was always able to accelerate in time, pull the distance again, tried a few times, everyone was discouraged, had to give up, and at the same time she was wondering abnormally wondering: who was this girl? Why are you so fit?

Sholo was also slightly surprised. After careful observation, she found that her breathing was very steady and she ran five or six laps. She only had a lap of slight sweat on her body. She did not sweat like the others and soaked her training clothes.

“Looks like you've practiced, and you're not too weak!” Sholo said something in his heart.

“No... I can't... I can't run...”

Liu Tie Pan's lips were white and the speed slowly decreased, which was a sign of rapid weakness.

Without saying anything, Sholo lifted him up and ran with him: "Brother Pan, stay a little longer, staying up late is bad for your health. ”

When he first saw Liu Iron Pot, Sholo saw that this guy's body was so empty, his face looked so old, probably because he often stayed up late, he couldn't see during normal times, this special training body was all exposed, like now, all the other girls can bite their teeth and insist, but he can't insist.