Peerless Genius System

Chapter 190 Powerful

Scared to piss your pants?

Despite the utmost cynicism, these reserve auxiliary policemen could not come up with anything to refute, but a reddish face lowered his head.

“I'll do it!”

A faint and pleasant voice sounded.

Everyone looked for fame. Guqian's long hair floated. Under the light of the fitness room, her long body seemed to have a soft luminosity. She walked to the ring stage in a light step. Her beautiful face did not apply a little powder, but was as red and shiny as a peach. Through a girl's unique spiritual beauty.

There was a glimmer of anticipation in the face of Wang, although he was taking a fighting class, but he also wanted to make sure that Guqian Xue's power was too low. In addition to Guqian Xue, one of the learners he wanted to know was Shaolo, who, through these days of observation, seemed to be deliberately hiding his strength.

That makes him even more curious about Sholo!

And it is true that Sholo wanted to mix only one auxiliary police position, so he tried not to stand out in the training camp, only to have a safe and secure special training period, and everything was guided by a low profile.

At this time, Guqian snow gently stepped on the ground, jumped over the rope like a spiritual swallow and came to the ring stage. The motion flowed naturally and landed silently.

“How do I feel she can beat the wind instructor! ”

“I have this instinct, too, to see her jump to the ring and know she's extraordinary. ”

“Yeah, it's like the kind of master who practiced light work in a TV show. ”

The people's reserve auxiliary policemen didn't dare to look at the ring stage for a moment, and always felt that Gu Qian Xue could bring them surprises and surprises.

“She and her sister Gu Qian Lin are beautiful embryos, a pair of flowers.” Liu Tie Pan wants to go the wrong way.

“Her sister is Gu Qian Lin?” Sholo was amazed.

Liu Tie Pan blinked: “Yes, her sister is Captain Gu Qian Lin of Jiangcheng headquarters. Everyone already knew about this. You won't be connecting to the Internet now? ”

Sholo couldn't stop crying. After coming to the training camp, he didn't listen to anything outside the window. Now it's really the first time he knows that the girl on this stage is Gu Qian Lin's sister. Take a closer look, don't say that she does look a little like Gu Qian Lin, but she has more than Gu Qian Lin in a cold and less innocent way.

“Wherever you go, you can relate to Gu Qian Lin. Is JC a star of her own? ”

Sholo shook his head and felt helpless.

Gu Qian Lin always stared at him and made him sick, so the last time he used the Dragon Gang in Yellow Sky Vegas, Gu Qian Lin was taught a lesson. He should be raising himself now and not bothering him for a short time. But how could he not expect that Gu Qian Lin was gone and suddenly another sister, Gu Qian Xue, was also an auxiliary police officer like him, which is too coincidental!

A light drink on the ring stage, Guqian Xuena's delicate body activated, silent and proactive towards the wind, then leaped into the air, gorgeous turning 180 degrees, crossing a distance of a meter or two, seemingly thin right foot wrapped a strong and horizontal force swept out.

Fengzi's gaze condensed, he went through a hundred wars, and at this time he felt a lot of pressure, his sides clapping his hands toward the wind's long legs.

“Boom ~”

A limb collision, a dull explosion, Guqian Xuena's seemingly thin long legs burst into a stiff attack force, crushing the wind to the back of the rope.

She beat the wind instructor off her feet!?

Intervention preparedness alarm was shocked, how could I not have expected the seemingly weak Guqian snow to explode so strongly.

JC, who exercises around her body, is also shocked.

The king was slightly stunned, and a curly smile appeared in the corner of his mouth: "It's kind of funny! ”

The wind on the ring threw its arm so hard to eliminate the feeling of numbness, he dared not have a tiny look in his eyes: “You are a lonely old man's apprentice, you have good hands, come again! ”

His face revealed excitement, leaning down, such as a spring-forward bounce of compression to the limit, a windmill flickering back with one foot, swinging his toes, whistling down and hitting him hard.

Guqian Xuehui frowned slightly, waved his hands and greeted the windy kick.


Powerful versus bombing, fierce force swept to both sides, Guqian Xue and Feng Zixiao backed two or three steps, then the two came up again, Guqian Xue with his palm, Feng Zixiao holding the iron fist, fist versus bombing, a stirring strong wind poured on the ring stage, each trick tiger breeze.

“They're all intellectuals! ”

Sholo was slightly surprised. If he hadn't exchanged the Sutra, he would never have seen the battle between Guqian Xue and Feng Zixiao use his internal strength. Even a district bureau training camp instructor is a master of internal strength. It seems that China still has countless top secret names.

Others were stunned. The wind was strong. They had just gone up and taught themselves. That was a combat machine that seemed to have 10,000 kilograms of power in every punch and every foot. Now, Gu Qian Xue, a reserve auxiliary policeman with the same period, actually had the strength to fight it, which was unthinkable.

“Boom! Boom!”

Gu Qian Xue and Feng Zixiao bombed a dozen moves in a very short time, the stiff wind was whistling, and the whole ring seemed to be trembling.

As Gu Qian snow drank loudly, the momentum festival climbed on her. A lot of pressure swung away from her, making everyone present suddenly have to stand still. The wind of the original attack suddenly had to be defended. Gu Qian snow's attacks were as dense as rain, palm shadows and leg shadows staggered, making people confused.

Unblocked by the wind, she hit her chest with one hand.

Just listening to the "boom”, he was like a car crashing into him, the whole person flew out backwards, if there was no protective rope blocking him, he would fly out of the ring. At the same time, Guqian snow did not stop at all, twisting wildly, such as a prey leopard rushing up, long right leg sweeping out, directly into the windy temple.

Rapid, fierce, invincible!

When the wind calmed down, Gu Qian Xue's right foot suddenly stopped on his left side of his head, less than ten centimeters from him. That terrible force turned into a raging wind surface, and he subconsciously struck a cold tremor.

“Am I supposed to win this? ”

Guqian asked lightly, his cheeks were cold and pure.

Feng Zixiao really felt ashamed and disgraced. Gu Qian Xue was extraordinary. He was already mentally prepared, but how can he be extraordinary but only a little girl? Can he still beat him? In the end, he really beat him.

With so many people present, not only the trainees, but also the young JCs, saw how ugly his face looked at a time.

“Pfft, pfft, pfft, pfft.”

The king clapped his hands and smiled at Guqian with a smile on his face. “That's good, you won. You can relax for a day. ”

Gu Qian Xue retracted her long legs, jumped off the ring easily, and then, without saying anything, packed her things, she really went to rest.