Peerless Genius System

Chapter 197: All Mine

Sholo reported to the training camp, informing Wang and Feng Zixiao that Gu Qian Xue was with him and then took Gu Qian Xue to a hot pot store.

The little girl ordered all the meat, she didn't even look at the green vegetables on the menu, which made Sholo think they still had a common hobby, after all, they liked meat.

After cooking a plate of meat rolls, Guqian Xue started without even saying hello, and then blinked her moving eyes and asked Sholo, "What kind of meat is this? ”

“Lamb rolls.” Sholoway.

“It's not lamb, I've eaten it in the mountains, it's not like that.” Gu Qian Xue said more seriously.

Sholo raised his eyebrows and thought: There are so many meat rolls in the hot pot store, saying that it's pork and sheep meat. In fact, ghosts know what meat is, they can eat it anyway.

Turn the subject off: "By the way, why didn't you go back to camp after I lied to you? ”

Gu Qian Xue did not respond immediately. He lowered his head and rolled his face into his mouth with a fork. He did not lift his head until a half day later. “I can't remember the way back. ”

It turns out he's really a roadster!

Sholo sighed. How can he be an auxiliary police officer? He had doubts about Gu Qian Xue.

"" You can call your sister. ”

“No, she'll take me back if she finds out I'm here as an auxiliary. ”

“If your sister can't, then you can go to JC and just tell them you're in a training camp and they'll definitely take you back.” Sholoway.

Hearing this, Gu Qian Lin raised her head and glanced at him slightly. There seemed to be a bit of disdain in her moving eyes: “We are JC. ”

Sholo had no words, the auxiliary police were indeed JC, which meant nothing wrong.

After such a brief conversation, Gu Qian Xue continued to bury herself to eat. She was so hungry, as if she didn't have any baggage for a beautiful woman, eating meat with a big mouthful, drinking water with a big mouthful, and being quite a woman.

Though she had dinner, Sholo could see her appetite was so good that she couldn't help but have an appetite. Pick up the chopsticks and grab a slice of beef from the hot pot.

As a result, Guqian Snow grabbed the beef with chopsticks just halfway into the air and sent it to her own little mouthful full of grease to chew it up.

Staring at Sholo: "It's all mine, don't eat it! ”

Hey. Hey.

Sholo wrinkled his eyebrows deeply, thinking that your little girl went too far. I bought you a hot pot. You took over all of it, but I couldn't even eat a piece of meat. Is there any reason?

Ignore her and keep holding the chopsticks in the hot pot.

And at a moment when he clamped it, the chopsticks in Guqian Snow's hand poured again like a snake prey. Sholo was already ready to go back and hide, leaving Guqian Snow's chopsticks empty, Guqian Snow Frown slightly, wrist flipped, chopsticks attacked the meat again.

The two of them came and went, like the chopsticks fighting plot that often appeared in the Martial Arts TV drama, one attack and one defense, one in and one out. Sometimes the beef would be in the air. The chopsticks of the two of them were strangled as if they were alive. When the beef fell, they were caught by a pair of chopsticks again.

The scene is spectacular!

Many guests and waiters looked this way.

“Look, Chopsticks Wars! ”

“It's amazing and exciting. It turns out the scenes on Wu-Man TV are not all bullshit. ”

“Is this a hot pot shop entertainment show? ”

The whole hotpot store burst into a thunderous applause when the beef was once again stolen by Guqian Snow and eaten into her mouth.


And the cheer goes along with it.

Guqian glanced at Sholo and said rudely: "You can't rob me, don't waste your time! ”


Sholo grew up so big, and for the first time he was threatened like this, he was not angry: “Don't think you just won, there are so many people watching, I just don't want to see you like this. ”

Gu Qian Xue ignored him and continued to bury his head to eat meat. The steam from the hot pot poured on her face. Her otherwise reddish cheeks became red.



An hour and a half later, they left the hot pot store.

Sholo could not cry, because the little girl's appetite was much bigger than that of the average girl. A hot pot, he ate more than 300 yuan hard. He had not eaten a bite of meat except for a bite of tea, which was eaten by Gu Qian Xue alone.

“You used to eat so much in Tianshan?” Sholo asked curiously.

“Master said that if you practice martial arts, you must be able to eat it. ”

Gu Qian Xue replied that after eating a meal of Sholo, she was not so cold with Sholo.

“What do you eat in the mountains? ”


Guqian Xue thought about it, adding, "Snow venison, there are many snow deer on Tianshan. ”

“I heard you've been in Tianshan for 10 years. Have you ever been to school?” Sholo asked.

Gu Qian Xue looked ahead and smashed his mouth: “There is a school in the city at the foot of Tianshan Mountain. ”

All right!

Sholo thought it was a little awkward for the two of them to talk. The little girl wouldn't ask questions. He was all alone in asking questions. Then she immediately answered the question and died. If she wanted to continue the conversation, she had to change the subject, which would make it difficult for him to continue.

At the same time, he couldn't help but exclaim that he thought he was quite incapable of chatting anymore. I didn't expect to meet someone who couldn't chat more than him, and it was as cold as snow.



I finally got back to the training camp.

Wang Wang was angry and shouted at the two people: “I really think the training camp is my own home, I can go out whenever I want, I can go back whenever I want, you know, you two are the worst auxiliary police I've ever brought, Mom, pull a pussy, punish you to run 10 laps, no, run 20 laps, you can't sleep until you run! ”

The punishment was supposed to be 10 laps, but all of a sudden it occurred to me that Sholo and Guqianxue were strong men. Ten laps was too light, and they doubled up.

The two of them didn't say anything and ran straight along the track.

They were fast, they maintained the speed of the normal human hundred meters race, and the king and the wind were surprised that the chin was about to fall off, because it was enough to take 20 laps to get people tired and out, and Sholo and Gu Qian Xue took only 20 minutes to get it done.

One, two, three...

It was like playing around. There was no pressure at all. After running, he walked towards the dormitories without even saying hello to the king.

“Is my punishment too light?” The king took off his sunglasses and stared at Mune and stood there.

“It's not too light, it's these two guys that are so sick. ”

The wind swallowed the saliva, which was stronger than the soldiers they had retired from the SWAT team, and was heartily sighing.

Mom, pull the fuck up!

The King felt that his dignity as an instructor was being devastated, and he thought that he seemed to have to do something to re-establish his dignity.