Peerless Genius System

Chapter 200 One Hundred Rings

Wang dismantled a pistol into parts and then looked at Sholo: “A gun is a basic feat. If you can put this gun together, I will admit that you are qualified to shoot with one hand. ”


As soon as the intervention preparation auxiliary guards opened their eyes, they were all recruited by the society, little knowledge of the guns, and never touched the real guns with their own hands, a toy gun was okay, the group put the real guns together, that is, it was an international joke, absolutely impossible to complete.

“Is there a time limit?” Sholo asked.

Hearing him say that, the crowd suddenly lost color and thought, "This guy really wants to challenge a gun set? Too big of a heart!

Ma Zhiqiang said, “Sholo, what are you messing with? Hurry up and admit your mistake to Instructor Yan. Don't be embarrassed. This is a real gun. You think it's a toy gun for a child. How can you just put it together? ”

“Will you stop talking! ”

It was Gu Qian Xue who spoke. Every word this horse said was very uncomfortable for her to hear. She even stung her eyebrows.

Gu Qian Xue's powerful for a while everyone saw it. Although it was a great beauty, it was no less dignified than King Huan, and Ma opened his mouth and shut up.

“Do you really want to challenge?” Xiaowang asked Sholo slightly with his eyes.

“It's a real challenge. ”

Sholo nodded, and he had no choice but not to be kicked in the ass by the King.

“Okay, start now, there's no time limit, I won't hold you accountable for single-handedly shooting as long as you can put the gun together. ”

Wang Wang's face was full of disgrace. He had repeatedly verified that Sholo was a descendant of a rural family in the West Province. He was probably handed over by a hidden tall man, but he had absolutely no knowledge of guns. Two hundred percent could not reassemble the pistol.

Needless to say, Sholo copied the parts of the split gun with both hands and assembled them manually, barrels, guns, cartridges… these parts were formed together at a fast speed.

The King's pupil was enlarged because he discovered that Sholo had perfectly assembled himself in his hands with three parts at once in the process of forming a gun. If it were him, the conventional method would be three steps, that is, one step for Sholo would be equivalent to three steps for him.

“Phew ~”

It hasn't reacted very well yet. The last part magazine comes in a gorgeous and smooth combination. A complete pistol is placed on the panel in front of you. The total time taken is not more than 10 seconds. The whole movement is like clouds of water, and you can't keep up with your eyes.

As soon as the intervention of the auxiliary police is stupid, the brains are all stubborn, ju... How is this possible?

Horse's face was hot and hot, and it felt like a slap hit him hard in the face.

“Incredible! ”

I can't believe Sholo really knows how to set a gun, and the speed is so amazing.

Even more dazed, he said, "It's really Mom who pulled the shit out of me. This kid is actually set up."

“What did you do before?” He looked at Sholoh and asked.

“My profile should have made it clear that being a paramilitary policeman is a stabilization attempt.” Sholo's faint way.

Unemployed Traveller?

The King was sceptical about his identity.

“Sholo, I'm gonna race you to a gun set.” Gu Qian Xue said suddenly.

She was willing to take first, and Schollo was undoubtedly her resistance to achieving that goal.

Sholo glanced at her and said with great focus: "This is not the test for special training grades. ”

He had long understood Gu Qian Xue's mind. He must have wanted to be the first Lord in all aspects.

Gu Qian Xue thought about it and thought it was right, and said, “Then we're better than shooting. ”

“Don't be ridiculous! ”

Sholo categorically refused, and he wasn't messing with the little girl.

And then the King of Qiu got involved: "Sholo, I want you to shoot Guqian Shelby, that's an order! ”

Sholo really wants to curse at this moment.

He was a trainer and gave orders, and he had to obey.



“Ten shots each, the more rings the winner. ”

The King announced the rules of the contest, “Besides, since this is a competition, of course there must be rewards and punishments, the prize is fine, the losing party, the public toilet in the dormitory, is responsible for cleaning for a week! ”

He did everything he could to bruise Sholo so badly.

Feng Zixiao whispered in his ear: “It's been less than a week since the special training ended. ”

“Then sweep until the end of the special training.” Wang Wang Dao.

This incentive and punishment makes Sholoh even more unbearable than he wants to discharge water, as he cannot stand the punishment of toilet cleaning.

“The king is clearly trying to sanction Sholoh.” Liu Tie Pan sighed and expressed deep sympathy for Sholo.

Gu Qian Xue walked to the shooting area, picked up a Type 92 pistol and fired directly at ten targets 30 meters away. “Bang Bang Bang” fired 10 shots in a row. The action was clean, without dragging mud and water, and with internal support, she was completely single-handed and did not need to hold a gun at all.

After Feng Zixiao checked the target, he opened his eyes in shock, even though he was already mentally prepared.

“A hundred rings in total! ”

When this result is announced, the whole scene stops, and a hundred rings is the concept, which is that every bullet hits the target and gets ten rings of results, and they look at Guqian Xue, and they really are heartbroken.

Even the king couldn't help but wipe the sweat, hundred steps wearing Yang is certainly not exaggerated, this ancient Qian Xue has this strength.

Guqian Xueling's moving eyes blinked and glanced at Sholoh: “It's your turn. ”

This is worse than a ghost!

Liu Tie Pan cried bitterly for Sholo in his heart. Each gun has ten rings. Gu Qian Xue has stood undefeated, okay?

And so did the others. Ma Jianqi became active again: “Sholo, you better admit you lost, there's no need...”

The sound stopped, as Sholo raised his gun at this moment and the dark gunpoint pointed at him, killing him.

“Sholo, what are you doing? ”

“Mom, pull the fuck up and put the gun down! ”

The king and the wind were frightened and sweaty. If there was an accident in the training camp, they would not be able to eat and walk.

Sholo smiled coldly like a demon, then turned the gun and fired ten shots straight ahead at the resettled target. Like Gu Qian Xue, it was a one-handed operation, but it was more powerful than Gu Qian Xue's.

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

After ten shots, pull the safety of the pistol and put it down smoothly.

“Wind instructor, report your grades.” Sholo's faint way.

Fengzi ran over to check the gun target with a hint of anxiety. This was impressive. He almost didn't stare out his eyeballs, because every shot of Sholo was also hit in the heart, and none of the shots were missed.

“Sholo's achievements… Sholo's achievements…”

“Where's your repeater? Report your grades!” The King was impatient.

“Sholo's achievement is also a hundred rings.” Feng Zixiao finally said it in a sigh.

- What? - What?

A hundred rings, too?

The King thought his ears were hallucinating, Guqianxue could have a hundred rings of grades, but what happened to Sholo, a guy from a normal family from the West Province, how could he have shot ten rings?

It wasn't just him, but the intervention police suspected that something was wrong with his ear.

“Wind, are you mistaken?” Asked Wang.

“I checked again that Schollo's grades were indeed a hundred rings, and every shot was unbiased on the target, without mistake.” The wind is pretty sure.

At this moment, only the wind sounded in the ear, and everyone looked at Sholoh like a monster.