Peerless Genius System

Chapter 211 Fire

Sholo glanced slightly at the silver-haired young man: “Obstructing official duties is also a crime, tell your people to back off! ”

“Grunting ~”

At gunpoint, the silver-haired young man couldn't help but swallow a hard sip of saliva and sweat like a waterfall, but he quickly calmed down. In his impression, the JC he had met had never fired a gun. He was holding a gun there to scare people blindly and couldn't even put his finger on the trigger.

With that in mind, his face seemed dazed, and it was a wonderful opportunity to stand up under his hand, and he said to Sholo, “Taking a gun is bullshit? Shoot me if you can. Do you fucking shoot me? ”

“Stupid cop, pull the gun if he can't move. ”

“Scaring people is no different. ”

“Shoot if you can, you stupid bastard! ”

Everyone else laughed with ridicule, and someone blew a big bubble with chewing bubble gum, completely without seeing Sholo as a cop.

Sholo smiled slightly and pulled the trigger down without hesitation against the thighs of the silver-haired young man.

“Bang ~”

With the thrill of a gunshot, the silver-haired young man was shot out of a blood hole in his thigh, the blood bled out, and he lay in pain screaming and screaming, too painful. In addition to punching through his thigh, the gun was broken by a powerful bullet in his leg bone.


Everyone's expression at the place solidified, then sucked in the cool air, how could I not expect Sholo to actually shoot, said shoot, this guy is really JC?

Sholo's cold eyes swept away the others: “Soon after I joined JC, I don't know who you are, and I don't want to know who you are, I dare to obstruct my official duties, I want you all in detention, move away! ”

The last scolding shocked the gangster peripheral brothers all trembled, unconsciously cleared the way, in addition to being afraid of Sholoh's momentum, more than that. Sholoh was a newcomer, no wonder the fuck he shot, this is a newcomer, dare to be the head bird will definitely be shot like their brother.

“Wang Lihu, put this silver-haired guy in cuffs and bring him back to the house.” Sholo shouted at Wang Lihu.


Wang Lihu answered aloud.

“It's been a long time since I've felt so comfortable following my head. ”

He spoke to Liu Iron Pot and Ye Qiu, and immediately went up and took out the handcuffs and handcuffed the young man with silver hair.

Silver-haired youth was shot, painfully endured. After being handcuffed by Wang Lihu, he stared angrily at Sholo in order not to lose his virtue and face in front of his brother. He scolded: "I remember your number. You wait, I will cut off your whole family! ”

And then the intact right foot kicked hard at Sholo.

Swear to God, he just made such a move, never really thought to kick Sholo, just to make himself look fierce and not afraid of JC at all, that's all, but Sholo hit him in the thigh again with no sign.

“Bang ~”

The flaming bullet pierced the thighs of the silver-haired young man and appeared in another bloody cave. Severe pain caused the silver-haired young man to tear his heart out and scream.

Two shots directly scrapped the legs of the silver-haired youth and completely deterred everyone.

Everyone felt the harshness of Sholoh. No one dared look at Sholoh with disdain at this moment. This is not even a JC. It is harder than their H society.

The silver-haired young man raised his head and looked at Sholo with fear: "I… I have been handcuffed, you… you…”

He meant that he had been ambushed and why he had to be shot, which was simply not in line with the JC shooting rules.

Sholo raised his eyebrows and said innocently: “I'm sorry, I'm new here. I can't help but notice that the gun is going off. If you make any more aggressive moves, I think there's still the possibility of going off! ”


Fuck you!

Silver-haired youth wanted to cry and shout, but he didn't dare. Though Sholo smiled, he knew that unlike other JCs, the man in front of him shot him without taboo. He even believed Sholo dared to shoot him.

Sholo turned around and looked at the woman in green, and he looked at her and shook the woman in green.

“Ma'am, can you come back with me honestly? ”

How dare a woman in green say a ‘no’ word? “I... I will definitely ask my lawyer to sue you...”

“Go ahead, it's your power! ”

Sholo smiled slightly and asked Liu Tie Pan and Ye Qiu to come over and bring this woman back to the house.

Before he left, he rushed over 30 Dragon Gang peripheral brothers present and said: "Yes, my name is Sholo. Tell Cold Face. Yes, it should be Cold Face. Tell him I'll be arresting him soon. If there's anything left to be done, hurry. ”

And then he didn't come back out of the mall.

More than 30 Dragon Gang peripheral children are stunned on the spot, who is the cold side, that is their Dragon Gang protection law, dare to call them the name of their protection law, what exactly is this guy from?

Woman in yellow glorifies herself as a weak party, otherwise it must be someone on her side who is shot. Of course, she does not know the resentment between Sholo and the Dragon Gang. If she knew, she would not think so. Whether she is weak or powerful, Sholo will target the Dragon Gang.

“Interesting JC, just don't know how long can it be?” She mumbled at the back of Sholo's departure.



“It's broken, it's broken. Sholo stabbed us in the basket! ”

After learning about Sholo's shooting at the department store, the instructor rushed into the director's office like an ant on a hot pot.

“Calm down, I already know what's going on, it's not that serious. The state has a clear rule that guards, guards, subjects of alert, targets, or themselves can shoot drops when they are under imminent threat of violent attack, sabotage, or violent attack or sabotage. Sholo fired three shots.

The first is to stop the shooting, the second is to protect your own personal safety, the third is to protect your own personal safety, the three shootings are reasonable, what a basket, just write a detailed report on it. ”

Feng Yuqi sat in her seat with a cup of hot tea and drank it slowly. She was quite calm and comfortable.

“You must continue to favour him and keep him so ridiculous that you can match what we have given him. ”

Instructors can't calm down. In his eyes, Sholo is not qualified to work for JC at all. Behavior and behavior are no longer in the realm of pricks, but are as powerful, overbearing, and harsh as H society. "I suggest that we suspend him from his position if he is to be disqualified. Otherwise, we cannot explain. ”

“Explain? Tell me what? ”

“A bunch of lawyers blocked what we gave them. They asked me to go out with you to say something. They bite Sholo and shoot him. The lawyers sent letters and letters. If they can't block their mouths, the district bureau will have to find someone to carry the blame. Besides the bad luck of Sholo, you and I can't blame him.” The instructor said.