Peerless Genius System

Chapter 215: Shooting Without Any hesitation

The blood flowing from the man's head fell along the corner of the table, dropping drops on the floor.

Looking at this image, twenty or thirty men lying on the ground, taught by Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu, face suddenly changed, inside the heart muttering: Are these four really JC? When did JC get so tough?

Sholo's eyes condensed and his tone frozen, looking at the man who was holding his head in front of him: “Again, where's Feng Zhiqiang? ”

Where does a man dare to cross again? He feels like he has encountered a fake JC. He has no mercy and brutality in his hands. He looks at Sholo in horror: “He is... he is...”

“What can I do for you? ”

A humorous voice came from afar.

Sholo's four men looked up and a large group of fierce men slowly came from both sides of the street, with a very bad face, headed by a fat man in a white cloth and a gold chain, fat man with a cigarette in his hand, a big smoker, the teeth in his mouth smoked yellow hair black.

They walked over like two human walls, squeezing the Huarong commercial street out of water, forming a strong sense of oppression.

Liu Tie Pan's face changed dramatically, meaning that Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu also had a slight appearance.

The man who was caught in the head by Sholo seemed to have found Division, excited and yelled at Fatty: “Boss, these dead cops are coming to smash our scene and beat up all our brothers, you have to decide for us! ”

Sholo kicked the man to the ground, stood up and faced the fat man in the white cloth: “Are you Feng Zhiqiang? ”

“Exactly despicable. ”

Fatty answered, smoking a cigarette.

“You are suspected of coercing a woman into prostitution, brutally killing a woman who disobeys your authority, and raping a woman. I am arresting you in accordance with the law. This is an arrest warrant. Please come with me!” Sholo walked the procedure to inform Feng Zhiqiang of the arrest warrant.

“Riren Station? ”

Feng Zhiqiang glanced at the payment of the arrest warrant and smiled without panic. "You little police station don't handle some civil disputes, but you come to my place to do things. Should I say that you don't know or have no brains? By the way, you're the Officer Shaw who caught my wife.” Smiles converge, eyes become fierce, "release her immediately, or you and your friends will die! ”

Sholo smiled: “I hate people threatening me the most. ”

“What can I do if I threaten you? No one has ever dared jump in front of our Dragon Gang in this part of Jiangcheng. You will be the first and the last.” Feng Zhiqiang smiled.

Say it, throw the cigarette in your hand on the ground, then use your feet to stamp it out, turn around to the crowd, wave your hands, and say coldly: "Cut them to death! ”

A large group of people received orders and shouted and drank like a tide.

“Bang ~”

Sholo fired a shot at the sky, the sound of the tremor eardrum was a huge deterrent, * * the Dragon Gang brother stopped hard.

“You are all under arrest, and now you have the right to remain silent, but every word you say will be used as evidence in court! ”

Feng Zhiqiang returned to God from the deterrence of the gunshots and shouted: “Things with brain damage, you think this is a big play, just the four of you, you want to catch more than one of us * *? ”

Sholo nodded seriously: "I'm JC, you're H society, grabbing you is biblical and earthly.”

Looking at him seriously, * * the dragon gang brothers were about to laugh out loud with their bellies in their arms. How ignorant and arrogant a sheep said he was going to catch a bunch of wolves!

Feng Zhiqiang was also amused: “Officer, I'd like to see you catch us, go, kill them! ”

A brilliant man grabbed a knife and rushed up towards Sholo with a smile.

Wang Lihu and Ye Qiu were preparing to do it and a thrilling gunshot sounded.

“Bang ~”

Sholo pulled the trigger without hesitation and shot him in the head.

The cuckoo man shook his body and fell down without even a scream.

Feng Zhiqiang and the other big man's smile stagnated instantly. Although he heard of Sholo dare to shoot indiscriminately, he didn't hear of Sholo dare to kill randomly. One shot in the eyebrow, even if the Dalo Immortal came, he would not be saved.

“You better stop forcing me to throw away my weapon and come back with me.” Sholo shook his pistol and said.

“It's a felony when JC shoots randomly and kills people.” Feng Zhiqiang's cold voice.

"You attacked the police, and I had the right to shoot to make sure I was safe. ”

Wang Lihu, Ye Qiu and Liu Tie Pot fought a chill, with the strength of their head Sholo, just now the big man cut the knife to definitely fall down, it would not threaten Sholo's personal safety at all, Sholo shot was determined to kill and desist.

“Really? But you should know that you only have nine bullets in this Ids_pjsd002, you just used two bullets, you have seven bullets left, you have seven bullets left. How do you deal with my 200 +?” Feng Zhiqiang can be the head of the house. Naturally, he has had the courage and insight. It would be ironic if more than 200 people were frightened by a broken gun.

He worked hard to inspire his own morale: "Brothers, go, avenge the old man's death! ”

Four men are just getting ready to do it...

“Boom, boom, boom, boom."

Sholo lifted his hand, pulled the trigger, and four bullets fired quickly.


Four people fell down screaming, one more bullet hole in their eyebrows, and the blood bled out.

The more than two hundred men who were supposed to strike back at Sholo again retracted their footsteps, and the wars just now dissipated intangibly and stood still.

Feng Zhiqiang's face also changed dramatically. He subconsciously hid behind several of his men. His right hand touched the gun behind his back, which was his killer.

“You've got three bullets left. How can you survive after these three bullets? If you can survive, you can only deal with the three of us. ”

He started playing psychological warfare, trying to psychologically defeat Sholo's intentions, but also cursing in his heart: where the hell did this bastard come from, let alone shoot so hard, killing five of them without even blinking his eyes.

“I can only deal with the three of you, but for the first three, the mortality rate is 100 percent. Who among you would be willing to be the three who must die?” Sholo grinned with disdain.

As soon as this comes out, * * the look of the multi-player becomes complicated, trying to chop Sholo to death, but not wanting to get shot in the head, after all, life is only once, very expensive for everyone.